Ho-Ho-OHHH! Holiday Fetish Role Play Fun

by Colleen G.

December 18, 2022


The holidays are all about traditions, which is why we think it’s time to break out of the wholesome, family mode for an evening or two. Christmas always focuses on ‘fun for the whole family,’ so send the kids to Grandma’s house, pop open a bottle of spiced winter wine, and take a kinky break before the gifting chaos begins.

We’ve put together an eclectic collection of kink and BDSM-related goods that are perfect for gifting your lover or opening together on a date night. You don’t have to be a consistent kinkster to get into these beginner-friendly accessories. There’s something for every experience level in this list of fetish, fun, and fantasy to heat up your holidays.

Lover’s Lane Submissive Bondage Basics Kit

If this is literally your first go at anything remotely kinky, let Lover’s Lane guide you with the Lover’s Lane 10-Piece Submissive Bondage Basics.

This kit is geared towards total beginners, so if you don’t even own a vibrator yet or feel anxious about BDSM gear, this satin bag of sexy stuff won’t scare you or a partner away.

The Submissive Bondage Basics kit has everything you need to just start to dip your toes into adult accessories, including: a rechargable bullet vibrator; bed restraint straps for wrists and ankles; a mouth gag and blindfolds; adjustable nipple clamps; cotton bondage rope; a small, soft whip; sex position dice; sexy crotchless panties; and a bonus mystery gift.

The Lover’s Lane Submissive Bondage Basics kit is ready for play right out of the box, and comes perfectly arranged in giftable packaging. All you need to do is throw on some wrapping paper and impatiently await Christmas morning!

Temptasia Safe Word Bondage Kit & Suitcase

If, on the other hand, kink play is a familiar friend in your bedroom, the holidays are a great excuse to upgrade your BDSM goods.

The Temptasia Safe Word Bondage Kit With Suitcase is one of those high-end presents your partner will never forget. Expertly arranged in a sturdy suitcase that’ll make Dommes squeal with delight, the Temptasia kit combines top-tier fetish accessories with fashionable touches.

This 8-piece set is fully crafted in vegan leather and arrives with: a luxury vegan leather suitcase; a set of adjustable wrist restraints; a set of adjustable ankle restraints; a blindfold; a breathable silicone ball gag; a paddle; a collar with chain lead; and a bullet vibrator.

Though the Temptasia kit certainly looks like serious, advanced kink gear, all the bow-adorned restraints are soft, flexible, and safe for BDSM beginners who prefer the finer things in life.

Funishment, The Game: A Kink, Consent, & Communication Card Game

Looking for something completely different in the kink category? Funishment, a sex card game, will show you the ropes of fetish play while explaining the basics of consent and communication as you and your partner try something new.

Funishment is a two player, date night game that guides partners through experimentation with common kinks while encouraging conversation as you go. The game even includes an X-rated expansion pack to keep you interested once you’ve tried (or vetoed) everything in the main card deck.

We especially love this game because it’s gender-neutral and works for all couples. Break it out over an evening of spiked eggnog under the Christmas tree lights.

Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Pump

Want to try something new that looks and feels super kinky, but is totally pleasurable and safe for vanilla folks and fetish beginners, too?

Vulva pumps, aka pussy pumps, slowly and gently suction around the entire vulva, drawing blood to the surface of the skin. If you’ve never tried a pump before, you might be surprised by the look of your private parts when they’re engorged with blood. But that just means those pumped-up lips and clitoris will be extra sensitive to every touch and thrust!

The Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Pump is an automatic, hands-free suction device with three different intensity levels. You can easily start and stop the pump to adjust the amount of suction, and it comes with 2 attachments to fit your perfectly-sized pussy.

Foxy Tail & Silicone Butt Plug

Donning a tail might just make you giggle, or it could totally turn you on in ways you never imagined. Either way, we don’t think your partner will be complaining when you saunter into the room with a furry fox tail wagging between your cheeks.

The Foxy Silicone Tail, which comes in vibrant dual-tone purple, basic black, and fuzzy furry gold, is topped with a very beginner-friendly, silicone butt plug. The tail fur can be easily spot-cleaned and even blow-dried to restore its volume and luster. You can use a little warm water and hand soap on the plug, too.

Slide it into your bum with some lube and then walk past your partner while wearing a mini skirt on your way to the mistletoe. What’s better for a cold winter’s night than a cozy woodland critter role play fantasy?

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