Keepin’ it Cozy: The Best Lingerie for Comfort Lovers!

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


Who says comfort and sexiness can’t coexist? If restrictive corsets, head-to-toe lace numbers, or vinyl catsuits sound more itchy and cumbersome than sensual, we totally get it. Not everyone gets off on constricting their curves or squeezing into an impossibly tiny pair of strappy panties.

If soft and sensual is more your bedroom style, we’ve got a whole slew of lingerie ideas that blend sex appeal and snuggling. These lingerie and pajama sets are gorgeous enough to entice a lover and cozy enough to lull you into post-sex dream land.

Comfort is Queen with a Silky Pajama Set

Nothing calls out to your inner couch potato quite like a loose-fitting set of PJ pants or shorts and a tank top. The divinely purple Madison 2-Piece Pajama Set or the berry-red  Maya set, also available in plus-sizes, are the best of both worlds.

Imagine a lazy date night with movies, junk food, and pizza, but make it sexy…that’s exactly why we love these soft, satin duos that are equal parts cute-as-hell while also being undeniably comfortable.

Look Just-Showered Sexy in a Kimono Robe

Digging through your closet or underwear drawer post-shower is so unnecessary these days. Since you’re probably not going out anyway, just toss on a curve-framing robe and cuddle up with your sweetheart, commando-style!

The Charmeuse Kimono Robe or the Hazel Satin and Lace Kimono Robe are both loose-fitting but super skimpy. They’re basically the robe equivalent of a mini skirt. If you bend over just a little too far while setting up the laptop for Netflix night, your lover will catch a rather hard-on-inducing glimpse.

These gorgeous robes come in plus sizes, too!

Keep it Classy with a Classic Satin Chemise

Classic lingerie styles are making a comeback, and nothing says vintage hottie like the little black dress of the adult fashion world.

Pieces like the classic black Top Drawer Chemise or the punchy pink Greta Chemise look stunning on all body shapes and fit loosely for the ultimate in sensual comfort.

These flowing, satin slip-ons remind us of the modest beauty of our grandmothers’ era. Pair them with red lipstick and a pin-up girl hairdo to take your look to the next level.

Pair Playful and Cozy with a Romper or Teddy

Rompers and teddies are as adorable and sexy as their names suggest. They’re also super comfortable and provide a bit more peek-a-boo for partners seeking an eyeful of your hot bod. They’re perfect for an at-home date night, or any night at all!

The Radiate Confidence Romper is lacy and see-through, but thanks to its t-shirt style top and loose, v-neck cut, it’s much more cozy than your average little lace number.

The Sexy Satin Teddy drapes your feminine curves in super-soft fabric while letting it all hang out down below. This one-piece work of sensual fashion is crotchless and hugs your gorgeous booty without a too-tight fit.

Plus-sizes babes will adore the Nicolette Teddy, a body-embracing vision in loose-fitting lace, satin and velour, or the extra girly, peachy pink Elegant Romper.

Go Big and Bold with a Flowing Gown

Outside of the bedroom, gowns are known for turning heads and dropping jaws, but us fancy-ass ladies know better than to assume we’ll be comfortable and stunning at the same time. Inside the bedroom, however, gowns are quite the contrary!

Lingerie gowns, like the Jennifer Open-Front Gown or the Asia Gown, are literally everything you could ever want in a work of lingerie art. They’re equal parts comfortable to wear and bold, dramatic and sexy.

Long, flowing lingerie gowns bring out the best of every body shape with styles like the Radiate Confidence Plus-Size Gown and the Fiorella Gown.  Every night can be a special occasion when your drawer contains a few gorgeous go-to gowns, and you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty!

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