Love in the D: Detroit Destinations for Romance

by Christopher J.

October 30, 2022


When you’re in love, romance travels with you wherever you go. Whether you live in the Detroit suburb of Hamtramck or the Hawaiian city of Honolulu, the Motor City is a great and fun place to take that loved one in your life for a romantic night out or an intimate weekend getaway.

Famous for its automotive history and Motown music, you’ll discover an abundance of romantic places just waiting for you and your lover to enjoy engaging and exhilarating experiences. Stroll along the iconic River Walk, relax in your choice of delicious dining spots, take in an exciting professional sports event or cuddle up at an old-fashioned drive-in movie theater – Detroit date nights are something you will never forget and always cherish.

Native Detroiters will tell you, from its art deco architecture to its majestic views of Canada, it’s impossible to argue that Detroit isn’t a romantic city.

Below are six sizzling romantic spots and things to do chosen from Detroit’s countless opportunities to share a delightfully romantic interlude with your favorite partner!

1) Go fowling!

You may not even know what it is, but there’s no more classic Detroit couples activity than to go fowling. A fun hybrid of football and bowling, fowling is extremely popular in Detroit, and there’s no better city to try out this action-packed activity together.

The absolute ideal place to start is the Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck, where you will find 30 fowling lanes. There’s also a tantalizing choice of more than 150 types of beer waiting for you to select the right beverage to fuel you and your significant other throughout your Detroit date night.

It’s listed at the top of Visit Detroit’s Top 10, so check it out as a great way to loosen up your funny bones and muscles in Motown!

2) Explore Belle Isle together.

One of the city’s famed landmarks, Belle Isle is certainly one of the most romantic places in Detroit. Walk, drive, or ride over to this island and discover nearly 1,000 acres of lush greenery in the Detroit River that you can take your time to see and experience. The island is accessible by bridge.

Spend a day on Belle Isle strolling the paths, or exploring the gorgeous Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory. In the summer, you can rent kayaks and paddle boards, and in the winter, snow lends its beauty to beautiful vistas along the river.

“If Belle Isle is Detroit’s crown, then the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is its brightest emerald, full of brilliant green ferns, palms and cacti and plant life from all over the world,” says Visit Detroit. “The conservatory, opened in the center of the island on Aug. 18, 1904, the same day as its next door neighbor, the Belle Isle Aquarium.” Both would be great ways to spend a roamantic day on Belle Isle, taking in some sights and knowledge.

3) Be awed by the Detroit Institute of Arts.

If you love finding elite arts and cultural destinations, then you need to find your way to the Detroit Institute of Arts. “Considered to house one of the best art collections in the United States,” boasts Visit Detroit, “the museum showcases everything from mummies to modern art and African masks to Monets in its outstanding collection of over 65,000 works. Don’t miss the Center for African American Art, a gallery in the DIA that showcases 400 pieces, in various media, by African American artists.” Viewing and interpreting art together can lead to some intellectually stimulating and intimate conversations.

The time is right to tour the DIA’S “Van Gogh in America” exhibit now through January 22, 2023.

4) Order a Cuppa at Cairo Coffee.

We admit, we may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves by not informing you of this coffee-lovers mecca in Motown. But it just depends on how you travel. You might want to start there to check out its compelling coffee selections when you’re planning your daily itinerary or maybe as a cool place to take a break after the DIA or a little fowling.

Either way, Cairo Coffee is the place to come for a cozy and casual date,” advises Visit Detroit. “Make your way through Eastern Market, and settle in at this tiny café tucked away in the back of Savvy Chic boutique. Choose from a variety of specialty coffees (including traditional Arabic Qahwah), and maybe share a sweet and flaky baklava. Cairo Coffee also has its own lending library, so bring along a book to exchange. This is the perfect low-key date spot for two literature lovers or the coffee-obsessed.”

5.) Zip into Z Lot.

Now you’ll really think we’ve lost our lug nuts. We’re telling you not to miss the most romantic time you’ve ever spent in a parking garage. C’mon, this is the Motor City!

Fortunately, the Z Lot isn’t your average parking garage! Located on Library street, it stands as one of Detroit’s largest parking garages, with over a thousand spaces. “Take your date to the top floor,” Visit Detroit recommends, “and you’ll be treated to one of the best (and free!) views in Detroit. Time it right, and you’ll catch a sunset over the city’s skyline. Be sure to also spend some time admiring the parking garage itself – it’s covered in over 100 murals, which were commissioned by an array of international street artists. And if you want to keep the night rolling, just head out the parking garage doors – you’ll find yourself directly downtown for easy access to other fantastic (and more traditional) date spots.”

6.) Groove to the Musical Magic of The Motown Museum.

Did you really think we were going to let you leave Detroit without a journey into the hallowed halls of Hitsville, USA?!  No way! The newly expanded & remodeled Motown Museum and this historic home is a must-see day trip destination for the musically-inclined and historically inspired.

“This old Detroit home belies the greatness that was born here: the Motown Sound,” Visit Detroit simply states. “But one step inside Hitsville, USA, the original house where Berry Gordy lived and recorded the Motown hits, and you’ll catch the beat and spirit of this booming music era. Photos, costumes, artwork, music and other memorabilia take you back to simpler times.” Check out a Detroit diner afterwards to split a Boston Cooler, an ice cream float made with Detroit’s own Vernors Ginger Soda.

With so much to see in the city of Detroit and its many suburbs, locals and tourists can find plenty of ways to spark romance in the D. And since Lover’s Lane stores were founded in this area, stop into one on your way home to keep your magical day going long into the night. We would never steer you wrong in the Motor City!

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