Mutual Masturbation

by Former author

November 1, 2021


Why should you try mutual masturbation? Let us count the ways!

1. Watching your partner get off is hot.

This might just be our favorite reason, but then, shouldn’t it be? While everyone has their own unique turn-ons and turn-offs, this one surely falls on the turn-on list for many, whether they actually have realized it or not! After all, that’s why we watch erotic videos; our imaginations can only do so much. During mutual masturbation, the eroticism of voyeuristically watching your partner can heighten the experience.

2. You can learn new sex skills from watching how your partner masturbates.

After all, no one knows your body better than you do; that’s one of the reasons we advocate a healthy appreciation of masturbation for everyone. It follows, then, that when you can get yourself off, getting off with someone else becomes that much more satisfying. And when you know how your partner gets him or herself off, you can take those skills for a test drive.

3. It’s a different kind of intimacy.

It goes without saying that masturbation is still largely viewed as a solo act. Even if you’ve been together for years, it’s possible that the thought of mutual masturbation has never entered your mind. The private nature of masturbation is what makes it so intimate; when you share this side of yourself with your partner, it cannot help but deepen your connection, sexually and emotionally.

4. You’re feeling exceptionally lazy.

Call us crazy, but sometimes sex is hard work – all that thrusting and positioning! With mutual masturbation, you can simply lie next to each other and go as slow (or as fast) as you like, enjoying the ride without having to work too hard for those orgasms. Mutual masturbation is also the perfect opportunity to bring some adult sex toys into the mix – we like the G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator and the Icicles No. 31 Curve, a beautifully hand-crafted glass dildo, for her; and the Mio Vibrating Cock Ring and Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator for him.

5. It’s one of the only sex acts that has absolutely no risk of STI transmission or pregnancy.

Whether or not in a long-term relationship, many women are on birth control, but no method of birth control is 100% effective all the time. Of course, no couple is going to trade full-on sex for mutual masturbation strictly to avoid pregnancy, but depending on the relationship and your style of love and affection, mutual masturbation might turn out to be more enjoyable than previously realized. This point is also worth considering with regard not just to the more serious STIs, but if you or your partner are contagiously under the weather and want to get under the sheets without spreading germs… it’s time for mutual masturbation!Sick of all the old ways to spice things up in the bedroom? Mutual masturbation could be just the sexual trick you needed to reignite the passion in your sex life. If you have any specific questions about mutual masturbation, other sex acts, or relationship woes, feel free to Ask Our Romance Specialist at any time at the top of the page or right here.As always, browse all the sex toys and more we have to offer for her and for him, discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you.

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