Vibrators During Sex

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


1. Feel the vibes in unique areas.

Not only are sex toys not simply for solo use, but they are also not simply for stimulation of the genitals. One of our favorite suggestions for using vibrators during sex is to use them against the nipples – yours or those of your partner! Kick it off with a slow setting, then draw gentle circles on the nipples. If you’re feeling up to it, steadily increase the speed until your partner is practically orgasming from nipple stimulation alone.But maybe neither of you are into nipple play. That’s totally cool. Another underrated form of foreplay is to use a vibrator on each other while you’re both still wearing underwear. If either of you are entirely new to vibration stimulation – and let’s face it, most men probably are – this is an excellent way to determine if vibrators during sex are something you both want to explore more deeply. Slowly drag the toy up and down his shaft through his underwear, and he can do the same to her clitoris and the surrounding sweet spots.

2. Go the distance — long distance, that is.

Long-distance doesn’t have to mean across the country — in this case, it can mean across the room! That’s the beauty and power of remote control sex. Our favorite way to play with remote controlled toys is for one partner to be in control while the other partner is wearing the vibrator internally.Couples toys like the We-Vibe Sync are specifically designed to be used as vibrators during sex, with powerful clitoral and G-spot stimulation for her and shared vibrations for both. He can start off standing across the room with the remote control in his hand, speeding up and slowing down the tempo, then leisurely make his way over to her for the shared sensations felt during penetration.

3. Up your oral sex game.

Going down on each other is already fun enough as it is, but using a vibrator during oral is an amazing way to make it even more fun all while building your erotic repertoire. If your recipient is a male, press a petite but powerful toy like the Tango Bullet against your cheek so he can feel an entirely new sort of vibration. If the recipient is a woman, trace circles with your tongue and then follow them with the bullet for extra intensity. Then there are toys like the Tongue Dinger, a vibrator that is specifically designed to be used during oral. The ring fits on any tongue and the powerful motor is more than enough to send the recipient of this special round of oral sex into total ecstasy.Vibrators during sex can be just the trick to light a fresh spark within your sex life! Spice it up even more with sex toys for her, sex toys for him, and erotic lingerie, always available discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you.

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