Forget the Vacation. Plan a Playcation!

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


Do you long for a romantic weekend, just the two of you; no cell phones, internet, oil changes, or errands? Wish you could head to your favorite Bed and Breakfast or that private cabin in the woods but you just can’t get out of town? How about planning a sexy weekend playcation at home? It’s like a stay-cation, only sexier!

Instead of eating dinner while watching a movie on the big screen, spend the weekend hours playing with each other and reconnecting. You might even rediscover the playful side you shared when you were first together. Try some of the tips and tricks below for making your hot at-home couple’s retreat just as memorable as any trip out of town would be!

Setting the Stage

With a bit of creativity and planning, you can make your bedroom look like a new and enchanting place. By using items like a vintage lace tablecloth for a bed covering, the animal print pillows from the couch, or even furniture from the guest room, you can create your own dream escape.  

Grab a Quick Bite

Don’t let kitchen duty take you away from your time together. Pick up something catered, like lobster tails you can just pop into the oven for heating. Stock up on sexy & romantic foods like grapes, strawberries and champagne. Don’t forget the chocolate, or even better, the chocolate body paint – that way to treat your partner as dessert!  

Everything’s Better When Wet

Remember how you used to love playing in the tub for hours? Bring back that joy with adult bath-time toys! You can also try erotic shaving for two to start things off on a smooth note.  

Get in the Mood

The key to making the weekend fun is letting go of external stressors so you can both relax. To create a sexy memory that will stay with your partner long after the weekend is over, give each other a sensual massage.  

Play Dress Up

Stuff that ratty old t-shirt of his to the back of the closet and tempt him with sexy lingerie. Or how about sharing a role play fantasy, like a naughty nurse and her patient?  

Tantalizing Treats

Strip poker is fun, but your weekend playcation at home is the perfect time to up the ante. Have some naughty coupons on hand to add a very personal touch to your fun and games!  

Come Monday…

Take a little time in the morning to talk about what each of you enjoyed the most during your play time. Before you let the outside world back in, sneak a peek into your date books and start planning your next weekend playcation at home! Vibrators, erections rings, edible novelties…a weekend playcation at home is an excellent time to try new things! You never know what might become a new favorite!

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