Play Together

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November 1, 2021


Role Play


Put on the new piece of lingerie or your favorite bra and panty set then take center stage! Let your lover undress you with their eyes while you strip yourself oh so slowly. Stripping can be a great way to arouse both you and them as you feel sexy and they can’t peel their eyes away from you! Here’s some pro tips: touch yourself, all over. Let your finger tips run across your whole body, from your hair to your lips, breasts, and you might even want to sink your hand down your pants. Be creative, if you’re stripping to music don’t hesitate to go against the beat and move freely. Don’t rush it, foreplay is all about building up the experience so take it slow and have fun.


Most people have dirty day dreams of having crazy hot sex with someone like a maid, a nurse, or even that cute country girl. Acting out these fantasies with your partner is an amazing way to build intimacy and really turn up the heat. A different build up to the main event sparks wild desire in both of you culminating in an explosion of erotic pleasure.


Even though fetish is a fantasy, it’s a massive umbrella term definitely big enough to have its own category including handcuffs/restraints, blindfolds, gags, masks, ticklers, temperature/wax play. All of these lusty tools of the trade are especially good at producing a wide variety of sensations to stimulate you in all the right places. A little know fact is that your entire body is a sex organ, not just what’s on your chest or below the belt. So feel good about you and treat yourself. You deserve it 😉

Dirty Talk

Talking dirty can add a powerful dimension of sexual intensity to the bedroom. Hearing each other say all the dirty things you think about and do can be incredibly arousing. Not everyone is as comfortable as everyone else with dirty talk, however. Just as with any other sexual activity, you can take dirty talk to different levels. From describing what you’ll do to one another with adult sex toys to how good you look in your sexiest erotic lingerie, here are some ideas to get you started on how to talk dirty.Expressing your dirty side in bed can be incredibly exhilarating, whether or not you’re always prim and proper in public. Dirty talk doesn’t necessarily have to be especially vulgar, either. Both lovers should be comfortable and arousing language will naturally follow. If something comes out silly, laugh it off and move on to the next naughty thought. Less can certainly be more, and simple statements often work just as well as complex ones. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

“I love what you do with your tongue.””You make me so horny.””I want you inside me.””How sexy do I look? How bad do you want me?””You are the hottest lover in the world.””Tell me everything you’ve always wanted to do to me.””I can’t wait to rip all your clothes off.””Give it to me hard.””I want you so bad.”Talking dirty is all about how you say it, too. Moaning and sighing can be equally powerful sexual tools when it comes to dirty talk. Tone is also everything: you can sound strident and demanding, gentle and sweet, or unsure and submissive. Those are some ideas for the how, but we also have ideas for the what. Some basic scenarios you can consider for how to talk dirty:Describe what is happening and what you are doing to one another.Describe how good it feels.Tell them what you’re going to do to them or what you want them to do to you.If you’re interested in role-play fantasies, start with dirty talk as you describe the situation. If it turns you on, you can take it further with erotic lingerie that doubles as a role-play outfit like the First Aid Flirt Roleplay Set.If you want to be a dirty talk sexpert, then check two of our other articles “Spice It Up: Sexting & Dirty Talk” & “How to Talk Dirty in Bed Sexy Words for Steamy Thoughts.”


Another way to get some ideas on how to talk dirty is through playing sexy games with one another. All the naughty things you’ll see and hear should be more than enough inspiration for some dirty talk. We recommend:

Sexy 6 – Foreplay Edition Dice GameSecret VII SexplicitTake It Off

Focus on the Outside

Few things in the world of foreplay are better than an amazing massage. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to touch their lover all over?Dirty talk is a great way to stimulate the mind and turn them on, but a full body with the right massage oils will really get ’em going. Intentional touching makes a world of difference, and being sure you know why and how to touch each body part instantly takes you from an amateur to a pro. Some good erogenous zones to start with are the breasts, clit, penis, lips, nape of the neck, lower back, and for some people the ears and feet are where the pleasure really begins.Kisses, all over, every inch of skin. This can be nearly orgasmic when done the right way.Tickling- (especially while restrained) Talk about sensation overload! Being tickled is one of those things that might sound awkward or like it doesn’t work, but then again you have to know how to do it right. Run the feather, or whatever tickler you’re using, along their abdomen and up into their chest. Tease their neck. Then go back down and focus on their pelvic area, hips, waist line, right around the genitals. They’ll be begging for more.Oral Sex – Great to start with or he foreplay right before the main event. There’s a variety of ways to give mind-blowing oral, so don’t feel like you have to stick to the same way all the time. Guys, make sure you’re actually in contact with the clitoris, it can be a little difficult to find, but if you know what you’re doing she’ll be moaning in no time. Girls, maybe you want to deep throat him and change it up a bit. There’s a great pro-blo spray for that or maybe you just need a good book.

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