7 Steamy Sex Fantasies

by Former author

November 1, 2021


Romantic Cottage Getaway- You and your significant other (S.O.) rented a cottage on a lake for a romantic weekend getaway. After arriving and putting everything away, the both of you hop in the shower for some wet fun. Afterwards you cuddle under the blankets in the cozy master bedroom. You wake up the next morning to a breakfast tray of eggs, bacon, toast, yogurt, fruits, coffee, that S.O. brought. You smile and thank them then take a scoop of yogurt on your finger and slowly bring it to your mouth which closes around your finger as you stare at them. The breakfast tray is cold by the time you actually get to it;) but it’s already been a great morning and you couldn’t be happier.

After scrolling through the internet looking for fun things to do in the nearby town, S.O. comes back in sweaty from their afternoon run. The white undershirt clings to their chest showing their sculpted tan body, and even though you have yet to go outside you’re starting to feel wet yourself. The clothes come off and the kitchen table sees some action. You tour through town seeing the sights and end up on the beach where the two of you relax and play in the water splashing and swimming together. Later that night you take a shower, by yourself, but walk into the bedroom to see a candle lit paradise. The bed is covered with rose petals and a vast array of massage oils stand attentively on the night table while the slightest hint of lavender wafts through the air. You walk towards S.O. as you drop the towel around you…Orgy / Threesome – Believe it or not, more and more people are not only interested by but participating in sexual encounters with multiple partners. Imagine this, you’re out on a Friday night with some friends at a local bar, and as the night goes on, all three of you become steadily more intoxicated and with that, the “I love you” phase. Everyone is feeling good then it happens. One of them leans in and goes for a kiss, but not just a friendly peck on the cheek but a deep intimate lip lock. It ends but both of you are reluctant to move away, and the whole time your other friend across the table is watching with wide eyes. Then in a drunken stupor they say, “well I want some action” and before you’ve fully processed everything, you say, “We can go back to my place and hang out.” On the walk back, your friends are closer than ever, partially due to the alcohol and the slow blurring of your seemingly not-so-platonic friendship. You stumble inside with them, one grabs your butt while the other goes in for a kiss, but this time you go all-in. The next thing you know, everyone is naked on the bed and everything feels so good. The best part is, the next morning isn’t even awkward.

Or picture this, it’s a quiet Saturday night when you get a text from a good friend of yours saying “Hey, I’m going to a party tonight and wanted to know if you’d like to come.” You tag along because it’s at a friend of a friend’s house you’ve met a couple times, and there’s not much else going on. Everybody there is pretty nice, it’s mostly casual conversations and drinks with friends. After hanging out and socializing for an hour or so, the host announces they’ll be starting a game of strip poker. Your friend pulls you over saying it’ll be fun, and you’re not opposed to it so you join in. “Ok everybody” your host says, “If you lose a hand, you lose an article of clothing. If you run out of chips and still have clothes on, you strip naked. Ok?” Everyone nods in agreement and the game begins. There’s a pretty even distribution of guys and girls, maybe 60/40. The beginning is slow as people just take off hats or jackets, but you notice the smiles growing on everyone’s face. A couple rounds later and everyone is half naked from the waist up. That’s when the eyes start wandering. People start getting cleaned out, and each time their stripping is like its own show, as if the whole world stops watches. Girls start touching guy’s abs, and guys run their finger’s along girl’s thighs & arms. The game slowly devolves to everyone making out, and in a room of naked slightly drunk people, it only gets more fun from there 😉 it becomes a moshpit of pleasure and sexual energy as limbs fly, moans fill the room, and no one stays with the same partner for very long. Needless to say, you had a great night.Now not every threesome or orgy includes alcohol, but it can easily be a contributing factor.A BDSM Rendezvous – You and your spouse have enjoyed light bondage play and used a blindfold once or twice, but that’s pretty much the extent of your BDSM experience. After one especially boring session your spouses expresses that they’d like to experiment a little more. You agree because you’re more curious too, but just a little hesitant to mention it. You come home from work the next day and find your spouse to be nowhere. Not the first floor, the bedroom, the backyard, not anywhere. Then you go down to the basement. There’s a warm glow at the bottom as you go down the stairs, but not a single sound. You make it to the bottom, turn your head to the right and there they are all clad in black. Next to her is a table with paddles, whips, chains, leashes, and you don’t even know what else with all the nubs and nobs, pokers and pinchers. “Ready for a little playtime?”They gesture to you with one finger. “Come here my darling…”

Later that night, the both of you collapse on your bed and lie there talking about the unbelievable experience from earlier. You see their eyes are completely closed but they keep talking to you as they cuddle up. “I haven’t been that excited in a long time.” They let out a big yawn and say “I was so stimulated and it all felt so good. Especially when you pulled my hair while I was riding you, or handcuffed to the bedpost while you gagged and spanked me for the first time. I never knew I liked nipple clamps that much” their voice trails off and you brush the hair out of their face and plant a forehead kiss. Then they speak up “I don’t want to admit it, but I actually really enjoyed the anal.”The Best Night- Maybe you moved to a new city for your dream job and it’s your first Friday night there so you go out to make some friends and meet people. You walk into a random bar in the downtown area. They have live music and you can barely hear yourself think. The dance floor is between you and the bar so you start dancing your way over when someone grabs your hand and pulls you over to them. After recurring from the vertigo you find yourself kissing someone amazingly attractive, completely out of your league. So you hold them close as your fingers race over their body, through their hair, and even give them a good butt squeeze. You smell strawberries as your lips disengage, and then “Wait,” hiccup “you’re not Jeremy!” They stumble away screaming “Jeremy! Jeremy, I’m so sorry!” Soon them and their cries are lost in the hot sweaty mob of the night.You finally make it to bar, and order a drink. “You look pretty beat up” says the person next to you. That’s when you look into the mirror on the wall and see your hair all messed up, your shirt has a couple new holes in it, and you actually have a bruise on your chin. How did that get there? “Excuse me, are you ok” the same voice says. “Oh yeah, I’m fine thanks. It was just a hassle getting through the crowd.” You look over at your new found friend and see they’re dressed to the nines, slim, toned, with a gorgeous smile to boot. They may very well be a greek god in disguise. They catch you staring and say “Do you want to go somewhere quieter?” You nod as you sip your drink. They take you to the upstairs balcony where you see everyone dancing below. They set their whiskey on table next to your beer and say “So… Are you knew in town?””Yeah, how can you tell?””You just look like you’ve never been here before, and it’s the most popular place in town.””Guilty.””Well how do you like it so far?” The conversation went on hours and hours. A strong fluid conversation constantly back and forth filled with laughs and jokes, stories and genuine bliss. Soon enough the workers start cleaning up, the lights went on and people were being herded out. You say, “We should probably get going” and you gather your things: phone, wallet, wits, etc. Then a young man no older than maybe twenty runs up to your new found friend and says, “Hey boss, it was a great night. Tons of tips, no accidents, and the drinks kept flowing.” They say “Thanks Anthony, we can finish up cleaning in the morning. You’re good to go, but if you could please bring me a bottle of champagne before you leave I’d appreciate.” He nods and sprints off returning shortly was a fine bottle of bubbly. “Care to join me for a drink?”The two of you walk into the back hallway and enter an elevator. Next to all the floor numbers is simply an up arrow which they press. They turn to you and say “What brings you to the big city?” You spit out “Work. I’m in marketing.” He smiles and says “oh that’s cool.” The elevator doors open and you feast your eyes on what’s only ever in the movies. Glass windows wrap around the whole place giving you a 360 view of the city. Your jaw drops as you collapse on a couch and stare out into the starry night. Your friend brings you a full champagne glass and says “Cheers?” after a quiet clank you say “So you own that bar?” They look out into the city and say “And this building. You know what I like about you?” They’re now looking back down into their champagne glass and you’re too blown away to respond. “You’re a real person. You didn’t try to seduce me from the beginning or play hard to get. You just talked to me like I was any guy off the street. That doesn’t happen very often.” The gears start turning and you process everything a bit easier. “Well, you’re easy to talk to, and you have an amazing smile.””Why thank you.” They set their glass down, and so do you just to follow their action. When you look back, they dive in for a kiss, but it’s gentle like kissing a feather. “Wow, you’re also a great kisser” you say as you go back in for a second kiss. They whisper, “I’m good at more than just kissing.” Their fingers maneuver you down to your underwear and the next moment you’re on their bed, and that’s when the real fun starts…

Your Pick of the Roleplay – Assuming a different persona can always spice things up. It can be a great way to have a unique sexual experience whether you want to be a naughty maid, nurse, bad school girl, or even the farmer’s daughter, there’s something out there for you. Playing out one of these fantasies can add a whole new layer of passion and pleasure to the whole experience and not just the intercourse, because everyone likes a good dose of foreplay. Don’t forget to cultivate that flirty energy beforehand for an even more powerful sexual adventure.Sex in the Water – You’re young and in love again. It’s summer time and you go for a midnight walk with the love of your life. The moonlight on the water is enchanting enough to make the two of you go down and sit holding each other for a while just talking about your dreams, the future, how great the weekend has been so far and all the adventures of tomorrow. The rhythmic sound of waves hitting the shore is comforting and pleasant. Then, completely out of the blew your significant other jumps up and says “Let’s go for a dive!” They start stripping and you join them in a heartbeat. They run towards the water jumping in naked and you sprint in after them. It feels just like bath water. You toss each other around laughing and screaming for joy. You two calm down, but it’s short lived. They bite their lower lip and go in for a kiss, the passionate wrap my legs around you kind. You return the favor and without anything else to take off, the love making begins with them grinding against you whispering your name right under a starry sky.

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