Read Between the Sheets

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


August 9th is Book Lovers Day, and what better way to celebrate than with books that can actually help you become a better lover?  Lover’s Lane stores and both have a huge selection of books that will provide you and your lover with endless hours of enlightenment, entertainment, and enjoyment (in bed!).  Many couples find it romantic and relaxing to read in bed together, regardless of the subject matter.  Many people, especially women, can become very turned on by reading erotic narratives, so turn ideas from that romance novel into your own erotic fantasy!  Better still?  check out the sex books below for more sex tips and tricks than you’ll know what do with…but you’ll sure have fun trying!  Turn off the technology and put away the devices for one day only, and dive between the sheets with a great new book…who knows what great secrets you might uncover?  Click the image below to be transported to our Books page on, where Sunday, August 9th only, all books ONLINE ONLY are 25% off, so increasing your sexual know-how really is a deal!  

Play For Position

Close your eyes and think about the hottest sex you’ve had in recent memory.  Now think about the time before that.  And the time before that.  If any (or all) of these times you’re imagining are you two lying there, grinding your genitals together in missionary position, it may be time to shake things up a bit!  One of the most popular categories of books we carry are all about sex positions.  Trying new positions for lovemaking keeps things fresh and new, will help you both discover new sensations and ways to orgasm, and keeps sex from getting boring.  Some give you a different position for every day of the year, like 365 Sex Moves (pictured left), Sex 365,   and Position of the Day from, which prides itself on being a little silly and maybe not all entirely possible…who doesn’t love a challenge though, right?  Daily Sex and Cosmo’s 365 Naughty Nights both offer a mix of positions and sex activities so you can mix things up all year long.  More position books, still, are based on the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text on sexuality and life fulfilment…think of it as yoga for your sex life.  Kama Sutra 365 and Cosmo’s Sexy Sutra will give you tons of ideas for recreating the erotic art, while the Pocket Kama Sutra Super Sex book is perfect for travel and makes a great quick reference as you and your lover explore the ancient techniques.  Looking for an even bigger compendium of sex positions?  Check out the Position Sex Bible, or learn some new twists on old faithful positions from Classic Sex Positions.  If you’re nervous about trying new positions for the first time, remember to not take yourselves too seriously…it’s okay to fall down, slip, and look goofy.  Just have fun with it and laugh a lot, and remember that practice makes perfect.  Just don’t hurt yourselves (stretching first can help!) and you’ll have plenty of great nights ahead.        

Improve your Oral Vocabulary

It’s fine & dandy to consider yourself the god or goddess of going down, but what if you could learn some tips and tricks to make your already great oral sex even better?  Most lovers LOVE receiving oral sex, so it’s fun to learn to be your best at performing it, too, as an act of giving that will leave your partner’s heart racing.  Check out Blow Each Other Away (pictured right), as a shareable couples’ guide to amazing oral sex, or there are guides all about pleasing guys or pleasing gals.  Read these books from Quiver to learn to give your woman Oral Sex She’ll Never Forget, and in return she can give you Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget .  Enhance your skills even more with The Ulitmate Guide to Fellatio, and you will truly be able to Blow Him Away.  Communication is key, so listen to what your partner likes as you’re performing oral sex on them…if they’re even able to speak between the intense pleasure and orgasms you’ll be giving them!      

The Knotty Librarian

Bondage play, S&M, fetish role play, BDSM…whatever you call it and whatever you’re into, the kinky stuff is intriguing to a lot of couples, but it can be tricky to get started if you’re not sure what you’re doing, or even what to call what you’re doing!  Written by experts in the field, instructional books about kink play are a convenient and discreet way to inform yourselves so all your naughty nights are safe, fun, and consensual…and much better than what you gleaned from 50 Shades of Gray.  Check out Cuffed, Tied, & Satisfied (pictured left), the Sexy Seductions and  Bondage Mini Book,  and Bondage Basics , which are all a great place for beginners to start.  If you’re already experienced, both dominant & submissive lovers can learn more tips and tricks to keep things exciting from Over 100 S&M Tips, and Naughty Knots will turn you into a smooth and sexy sailor and help you take your rope play up a notch.

The Bedroom = The Playroom

Another great way to keep things fresh and fun in your love life is playing with your lover through sexy and seductive games.  While there are commercially available card, dice, and board games made especially for lovers, some sex games simply require you and your partner, and maybe some basic props from home.  It can be hard to just dream up ideas for playful games that will turn to sex, though, so that’s where books like 201 Sex Games and Cosmo’s Little Big Book of Sex Games come in!  Embrace your inner child’s desire to play, and do it in imaginative new ways with your lover.  You can also make a rainy day into a great date day with some of our adult coloring books.  Pour yourselves some wine, put in a movie you’ve seen 100 times, and settle in with your colored pencils to color together…these are NOT your kindergartner’s coloring books, though!  Try the Sex Position Coloring Book: Playtime for Couples or the beautifully detailed My Sex Positions Coloring Book…then go put some of those new positions into practice!  Into comics?  Color your own #NSFW versions in the Totally Naughty Coloring Book.  Or find a spectacular swear word picture that embodies your lover and color it for them to frame.  The pages of the Swear Word Coloring Book tear out easily so they’re perfect for coloring to de-stress when you’re in a mood, then giving as gifts to friends who frequently share those moods!      

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