Sin in Style: Dark & Kinky Lingerie for a Devilish Evening

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


If lingerie was born to do anything, it’s make you look hot af. There’s of course a time and place to play sensual, innocent or girly to create steam heat in the bedroom, but in our next blog of fashion must-haves, that time is not now.

This Lover’s Lane-curated list is made to be worn with your f*ck-me pumps – or maybe your f*ck-me-and-you’ll-be-punished bad bitch black boots. We handpicked a collection of strappy, scantily-clad, drop-dead-sexy intimate wear for the goth girls, the amateur- & Pro-Dommes alike, and all other women who are undeniably in charge.

Suit up to be on top with these gorgeous, kinky and dark pieces to add to your black lingerie treasure trove.

Fit to be Tied

Some people gravitate towards always being submissive, but it’s more fun to switch it up from time to time.  Turn the tables on bondage and bring your dominant side to these BDSM-friendly outfits:

Who says being bound has to be submissive? The Faux Leather Halter Dress is a hot little number that includes a matching thong, O-ring choker, and wrist restraints. Wear it in the bedroom for whichever role your dark & dirty scene may call for.  Does this woman look like she isn’t in control? Yeah, we didn’t think so!

Nothing says bondage gear has to be black!  The Frisky Miss Behaved Chest Harness is the perfect accessory to cute-ify and kink-ify your existing lingerie collection, and maybe even grace your evening wear if you’re that kind of freaky. Strap this bold statement piece over a transparent top or fishnet dress when you’re ready to head to the goth club.

This next piece is nothing if not all-out raunchy – in a super hot way, obviously. The Teddy Turtle Neck with Chains leaves just that – nothing at all, baby – to the imagination. It’s so decidedly dirty, composed of string-thin straps that sexily criss-cross your curves and a pair of chains that decorate the neck and wrists.  And who’s to say you shouldn’t chain up your lover in those cuffs when they’ve been naughty?

Classic Queen

The 1980s basically invented gothic fashion, and retro fashions from the 80s and 90s are coming back in a big way. It’s no surprise that we’re gushing over these shiny, old-school pop-goth looks:

Our Vinyl Bodysuit with Gold Chain is fit for an 80s babe. This high-cut one-piece is accented with slender, gold-tinted chains that are simultaneously sexy and caress your erogenous zones when you sway.  Pair it with some strappy stilettos and a crystal-studded crop for a take-charge look befitting the bedroom badass you are.

Baywatch called. They want their Hollywood babe back. Set in pink vinyl, the Vinyl High Leg Teddy gives off serious Pam Anderson vibes, especially the high-waisted thong back. Accessorize with fishnet stockings and accents of black, like a collar necklace, silky gloves or thigh-high, high-heeled boots, for an extra layer of kinky, spooky girl fashion.

Dress up like a 90s noir villain in this next work of mesh and vinyl art. The Vinyl Strappy Bodysuit recalls the power and lust of original movie bad girls like Catwoman or Poison Ivy. For the daring, pair it over a black bra and under a pair of jeans or slick, shiny leggings for a devilish evening look.  A lacy black mask adds to the intrigue and leaves no doubt about who’s the queen of your castle.

Animal Instincts

Dip your toes into dress-up role play with these naughty cat-inspired outfits and accessories,  and some classic leopard print back in black:

Why are women in cat costumes so freakin’ hot? We’re not sure of the psychology either, but the Strapped Leash Bodysuit With Cat Ears has us feeling some kind of way about kinky kitty role play. The Dom Cat Fishnet Teddy is an even bossier cat-esque look with a stunning, dark and stylishly designed vinyl body suit, complete with a cat ear head harness. Crack that whip and make your lover purr with delight!

Sure, black is sultry, but why buck tradition?  Classic leopard print colors meet strappy, sensual details in the Nigh Time Leopard costume, perfect for your next wild roleplay adventure. The Leopard Crotchless Teddy with Cuff Restraints is another kinky way to stay on the prowl.  Your partner won’t be able to resist your animal attraction in either of these fashionable ‘fits.    

Subtle animal print is back in style, and the Leopard Print Teddy blends the vintage sex appeal of leopard print with an 80s-style, skin-tight teddy. Or get up-skirt kinky with the Leopard Lace Mini Dress and Leopard Lace Mini Dress in Plus Sizes, a just-as-haute (and hot) design in see-through leopard print with sexy net cutouts.  It comes in black for your darker desires, or neon blue for when you’re feeling bright and brazen.

Bond Girl Bad

Unleash your inner sinister spy or kinky superhero with these bold, dark looks.  They’ll provide endless creative role-play possibilities, and allow you to make a powerful entrance your partner can’t resist:

Go bare like a Bond girl (fake Russian accent and all) in the Mesh Halter Bodysuit. If you haven’t yet found your outfit for the day you dodge bullets while driving speedboats to save the world, this 2-piece, super strappy bikini might be it. It’s dominant, well-designed and jaw-dropping, just like you. Don’t forget to add some slinky black gloves and a kinky crop to remind those bad guys who is in charge.

Every super heroine (or sexy af super villain) needs a curve-enhancing uniform. The Zipfront Reptile Jumpsuit is fit for a woman heading into battle (or a night of throw-down sex). There’s no way you can’t look like a confident super woman in this bright red, full-body suit. If you’re more of a dress diva, the PVC Mini Dress w/ black two-way zipper will also fit your dress code for espionage.  Both will allow you to tease & tantalize your willing bad guy or girl in the bedroom with a slow, unzip striptease.

Whichever bad bitch is wearing the Lace Me Up Wetlook Mini Dress is most definitely the undercover spy with a secret underground lair. Ultra skin-hugging fabric meets bust-enhancing, strappy laces that’ll take you from the secret mission to the BDSM club, no questions asked. Don’t forget about some dark and sexy Wet-Look Power Shorts and a matching shirt for your handsome bad guy or secret sidekick.  

Whether you’re dressing up to go all in on a BDSM scene, or just wanting to take an evening of mostly vanilla sex to the darker side of sexy, you can’t go wrong with the many devilish & kinky looks featured here.  Find the fashions your dark little heart desires at a Lover’s Lane store near you, and even MORE options in the fetishwear category on…that’s where we hide all the really good (bad?) stuff!    

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