Six Erotic Roleplay Ideas to Start Your Fantasy Engines

by Kristin T.

June 18, 2023


Sexual role play can be a fun and creative way to jump start your sex life. Even the most “vanilla” couples can dip their toes in the kinky waters by adding roleplay to their bedroom repertoire All it takes is a little imagination, and using it to heighten sexual pleasure, tap into your deepest fantasies, and play around with creativity, power dynamics, and self-expression. But how do you get into role play if you have no idea what to be or what to do?

Simply put, role play is just pretending to be someone you are not during a sexual encounter. It can be great as a way to let your guard down in the bedroom if that’s something you struggle with. If it’s not really you doing it, you can really cut loose! Role play scenarios can be as simple or as complex as you like, and can incorporate everything from costumes, backstories, music, and settings or just your imaginations and whatever you have handy in the moment.

There are some VERY common roleplay tropes. Many of these are inspired by porn, and there’s nothing wrong with watching porn together to generate ideas and to learn and share what each of you is into. Firefighter and woman he rescues, hot cop arresting & interrogating a hotter suspect, royalty & servant, and strangers who meet at the bar to take each other home for a one night stand are all common ones, but the options don’t end there. We’re here to give you a few more unique ideas you maybe haven’t thought of yet.

Don’t be afraid to get all gender-bendy and non-traditional with your role play. You may find it fun to be in a role you’re not usually in. While women often play the more seductive, submissive, sexy character in these role play scenarios, don’t be afraid to flip the script. These combos can work with any gender arrangements! Guys don’t always have to be the smokin’ firefighter rescuing the lady or the sexy CEO, and the damsel can be the demanding one instead of the one in distress!

Let’s Look Under That Hood

Jump start your role play with an automotive theme. There are many ways to do this, such as being a stranger helping someone (your lover) fix their broken down car on the side of the road. Don’t be afraid to have them really lean over in front of you to get a good look under the hood, and get nice and close to them as they do. Maybe you’re a seasoned mechanic training an apprentice, and have to get nice and close to guide their hands and body as you wrench around to fix a complicated car problem. Or play as a couple working fast and hard to keep things fast and loose in a racing pit, celebrating your driver’s win with a roll in the hay.

If you have a nice private garage and a car to tinker with, you can actually do it there, or make it comfier and use the bedroom. Nothing wrong with being a mattress mechanic! This one lends itself to plenty of handsy foreplay, standing sex positions, and even plenty of back door entry (if you like junk in your trunk). But just like an engine, don’t forget to lube it up good!

Fly the VERY Friendly Skies…

…with your very own sexy flight attendant. How hot would it be to have a sensual stewardess to cater to your every whim on a long flight? This probably used to be a much more common roleplay trope than it is now, back when joining the mile high club on long business flights was actually kinda common and something to brag about. But why not revive the trend? There’s still something hot about a forbidden rendezvous, especially with someone who is there to serve you but also has authority over you.

Incorporate the closest thing you have in your closet to a flight attendant’s uniform, or wear sexy lingerie reminiscent of one…you just need somewhere to pin your wings! A cute hat and scarf will top it off nicely. You can have props and a prepared speech if you want, making sure to warn your passengers about what is being served on the flight, as well as what types of behavior will be met with certain punishment.

Roleplay the flight, from boarding to landing…which doesn’t get to happen until you both reach orgasm. It can be as realistic or as raunchy & ridiculous as you want it to be. If you’re the flight attendant, offer to fluff his pillow, spread out a blanket for him, rub his feet, bring him a cocktail…the sky is quite literally the limit here. If you’re the pampered passenger, you can demand whatever you want, but remember that she can say no – rules are rules, after all! Flight attendants, don’t be afraid to put him in his place…you can even threaten to restrain him if he gets too unruly! This can be a fun roleplay for couples who want to experiment with different power and control dynamics. And while you don’t have to have sex in your smallest bathroom, it might be a fun touch!

Enthusiastic applicant

Speaking of landing, how about landing that job? This fantasy role play involves acting as a very eager-to-please applicant for a job – the sky is the limit on what that job may be – and the hiring manager. The interviewer can build tension by keeping the interviewee waiting in another room (maybe while teasing her with a panty vibe?). Then invite them in to begin the interview, and let the fun begin! Typical professional boundaries be damned…what’s off limits in this interview is only determined by your desires.

Whether you’re going for seductive secretary, pleasing personal assistant, top model, or private dancer (don’t forget the pole for a complete audition), incorporate whatever lines, moves, and sexual advances you think will be most pleasing to your boss. If you’re playing the boss, don’t be afraid to make your candidate work for it, whether it’s with a strip tease, oral favors, or just some great body worship to stroke your ego. Remember that in the eager applicant role, you’ll do whatever it takes (read: whatever they want) to show the hiring manager you are the best candidate. You really want this job, after all!

Let’s Do It Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

Animalistic role play has been around a long time, and may already be enjoyed by many couples who enjoy a predator/prey dynamic in their BDSM relationships. To be clear, we’re not talking about role playing as specific animals here, or Furry sex with elaborate animal costumes (not that there’s anything wrong with that if it’s what you’re into), but simply returning to our baser mammalian instincts and the desire to land a mate (or a meal) at all costs.

An animalistic, predator/prey role play scenario can be a great way to rev up your sex drive. The fight or flight system can be activated in the prey or the mate, and the predator or champion gets charged up with the thrill of the hunt. You can stalk your prey silently, hiding and sneaking, then pounce as soon as you get the opportunity. Or roar and beat your chest to show your desired mate how powerful and attractive you are. Once you’ve made the catch, the sex can begin. Make sure it incorporates plenty of clawing, scratching, nibbling, and rolling around. Snarling & growling are also permitted, but try to limit talking and just let your carnal desires take over. It will probably get very sweaty, but it’s natural, and that’s part of what makes it hot.

Full-Service French Maid/Naughty But Nice Nurse

Both of these fairly popular and traditional role play scenarios are great for couples who love to play with a care dynamic. Anyone who gets off on taking good care of their lover – or being taken care of – can have a lot of fun with this type of role play. These scenarios both lend themselves perfectly to spending a special weekend in bed when it’s just the two of you. Here are some ideas for how to make this played-out role play sexy again!

Of course, a cute and kinky outfit really sets this scene. Go for a full-on sexy maid or sexy nurse costume, or an even sexier maid or nurse lingerie set inspired by the role. Or, if you’re a kinky couple who prefers a hospital scene that’s more scary than care-y, go for the darker side with a Noir Nurse look. Choose whatever you prefer, but you probably won’t be wearing it for long! If you If you want to get more involved with your anatomical examinations, don a lab coat and play a doctor role as another fun twist on the nurse trope.

Dress up to suit your role and work hard to cater to your lover with all their favorite “chores” or “care tasks”, and let them reward you for a job well done. Lots of sweet (or dirty) talk is encouraged here, too. Maybe even serve them breakfast in bed (as room service or their hospital meal) with a side of sex. Everyone gets to enjoy that nurturing, pleasurable high that can make whatever you choose to do within your role play scene more intimate than ever.

Imaginary Threesome

The whole object of role play is to fulfil fantasies, right? Well, one VERY common fantasy (among guys and girls alike) is to have a threesome. But what if that just doesn’t work for your agreed-upon monogamous relationship, or the thought of actually bringing another person into your bedroom fills you with jealousy, confusion, or dread? Try a three-way with just the two of you…all you need is your imagination (cue SpongeBob’s rainbow hand gesture).

Go on a date night – perhaps out to dinner at a restaurant with a nice open floor plan (you’ll see why that matters in a second). The person who is most threesome-hesitant looks around the room for the most attractive individual, preferably of the gender their partner wants to invite into the bedroom, even if it’s not who you are usually attracted to. This is who you want to bring home to join you in the bedroom to fulfill all your lover’s fantasies. Describe that hottie and all of their physical features you find delicious. Then, talk excitedly about all the seductive, sexy things you want to do to them – and what they will do to you and him – when they join you in the bedroom after dinner.

Go home from the restaurant – without your secret third person, unless you changed your mind and decided to actually invite them 😉 – and live out the fantasy, theatre of the mind style. Both you and your partner get to use your amazing powers of visualization and dirty talk to enact and describe what you are both doing to the imaginary third, or what the imaginary third is doing to you, cementing their role in your ménage à (almost) trois.

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