Show Your Pride: Fashion & Accessories for ALL

by Colleen G.

June 16, 2023


One of our favorite months of the year is here, and we’re shouting it loud and proud. Every June, we get to celebrate the fabulous folks who have radically changed the history of human sexuality, and honor and support those who are still working tirelessly toward continued acceptance and equity for ALL humans, no matter who or how you love!

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month is so special to us at Lover’s Lane. We would not be where we are today, supporting and vindicating love and pleasure for all genders and sexual identities, without our amazing gay and queer customers. We honestly live for you folks and are inspired by all of you every day, in all that we do.

We’ve stocked our retail store and online shelves full of sexy outfits, sex toys, and accessories to keep your Pride party (and your bedroom pleasure party) raging all summer long. Our adoration of the LGBTQIA+ community doesn’t begin and end in June, but there’s no better time than the first official month of Hot Queer Summer to break out your rainbow collection.

Get Parade-Ready with All Things Rainbow

We love seeing gay and queer folks (and their loud & proud supportive allies) get bright and shiny for parade season, and damn, did we prepare in the lingerie and sexy outfits department this year.

Want something rainbow-themed to wear out?

We’ve got rainbow fishnet briefs and rainbow jock straps with a little extra room for dicks (whether yours is the flesh-and-blood kind or a silicone packer).

We’ve got peek-a-boo rainbow bodysuits (in plus size, too!) and rainbow bikinis that’ll double as parade and festival outfits and beach wear.

We’ve got outrageously sexy outfits that’ll stand out from the crowd at any local Pride Fest, like the Show Off Your True Colors 3Pc Set, Love Is Love Underboob Top And Cheeky Panty, and the Rainbow Jacquard Mini Dress.

Oh, and did we hear you say “Pride underwear?” We’ve got ALL the Pride underwear!

Thongs for They/Them, shorts for She/Her, and g-strings for He/Him are just a small sample of all the gender-affirming, queer-celebrating undies on our shelves.

Pride-Themed Sex Accessories for a Colorfully Queer Bedroom

However and whoever you like to f*ck, why not make the experience as gay as possible (besides, you know, the actual gay or queer sex part)?

Queer up your bedroom with fun and bright sex accessories, like the Avant Beauty dildo adorned with the lesbian pride flag, the Rainbow Ready Silicone Anal Trainer Set (pictured below). If these are too basic for you, get colorful with your kinkiness and let the iridescent Cosmo Bondage Ankle Cuffs and Cosmo Bondage Hogtie take your next BDSM play session over the rainbow!

Plenty of our top toys for June are choice picks because they work for pretty much everyone and they’re also just hella pretty, like the yummy orange Fun Factory Vim Weighted-Rumble Wand, the deep purple and light blue Femme Funn Volea Fluttering Tip Vibrator, and the pearlescent, teal green Gender X Lustrous Galaxy Glass Wand.

When it comes to enchanting hues and tones, we also can’t take our eyes off the hauntingly blue (and perfect for backdoor beginners) Gender X Beaded Pleasure Graduated Anal Beads, the trippy swirls of the Cheeky Tie-Dye Medium Butt Plug, or the in-your-face bright pink of the Tantus Pop Slim Squirting Dildo.

All That Extra Silly Rainbow Sh*t Because Why Not, It’s Frickin’ Pride Month

Ok, so we get a little hung up on sex toys and lingerie because we’re Lover’s Lane and all that good stuff. But Pride Month is also about laughing and being silly and weird af because plenty of LGBTQIA+ folks deal with a lot of heavy, painful things throughout the year.

We hope that in June, our gay and queer friends can feel more open to share themselves exactly as they are, and we already know ya’ll are funny as hell.

While Pride month certainly celebrates all genitals, we’re sensing a penis theme when it comes to the party décor and candy: Rainbow Pecker Straws, Rainbow Pecker Ring Toss, Super Fun Penis Party Candles, and even a damn Rainbow Pecker Party Confetti Gun. Even if you aren’t personally into penises, they’re still hilarious when turned into party favors.

Our rainbow-plastered #Pride Gift Bag would make a lovely exterior when gifting your queer pals with a Pride Pecker Rainbow Drip Candle, or maybe something with a little more substance, like the Big Pussy Energy tarot deck or a book on queer history called, literally, The Gay Agenda.

Whatever you do this June for Pride Month, we hope it’s full of – as one of our favorite book titles proclaims – Pleasure Activism.

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