Sex for the Ages: Exploring the Kama Sutra

“Honey, let’s change things up a little bit this weekend. We should buy the Kama Sutra and try some of those positions. They look pretty wild.” “Kama Sutra? Oh, no, I want to have hot sex. I don’t want to get turned into a human pretzel!” Been there, done that? A lot of couples are […]

Ask the Intimacy Advisor: Opening Up

Maybe you’re embarking on a brand new relationship with a lover who wants to try something you’ve never tried before. Or maybe you are looking for new ways to bring the sexual spark back into an ages old romance. Either way, the quest for sexual fulfilment can sometimes send us to the edge of our […]

Ask the Intimacy Advisor: Upgrade Your Orgasms

Welcome back to another edition of Ask the Intimacy Advisor, where I answer your most intimate questions honestly & openly…but anonymously!  No question is too silly or too serious, and if you’re thinking it, so is someone else, so lots of people can benefit from your questions!  While they may not seem like it at […]

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