Keeping Date Night Sacred: Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Couple Time

We get it…you’re busy. We all are! But it’s important to your health and the health of your relationship to quit using that as an excuse for why you’re not spending time with your significant other! Read on for some of the ways keeping a regular date night with your love can boost your intimacy, […]

Spicy Gifts for the Sweetest Day of the Year

Is Sweetest Day another one of those annoyingly romantic ‘Hallmark holidays?’ Honestly, yeah, probably. But who cares? You can always use another excuse to splurge on sex toys, lingerie, and spicy adult treats, or to spring for a new somethin’-somethin’ for your partner. Before Saturday, October 15th hits, stock your online shopping cart with an […]

Sweet & Spooky: Dual-wear Costumes for Sweetest Day and Halloween

It might be a coincidence that Sweetest Day happens to take place during the very start of Spooky Season, but for us at Lover’s Lane, we think this pairing couldn’t be any more perfect. What do Sweetest Day and Halloween have in common, besides a fondness for candy? They both require something devilishly revealing to […]

The Origin & Evolution of Sweetest Day

From a corporate philanthropic marketing event to a Midwestern mini-Valentine’s Day, learn how Sweetest Day started and how it has changed over the years.  Now a special day to remind someone you’re sweet on them, get some ideas for sweet and sexy ways to celebrate on October 15th! Picture yourself in a business meeting 99 […]