The Sweetest Gifts for Sweetest Day

by Kristin T.

October 14, 2023


Since Sweetest Day originated with a candy company offering gifts of chocolates and sweets to children, the underprivileged, and their loved ones, we wanted to keep the candy theme going! This year’s Sweetest Day falls on Saturday, October 21st, but the way time has been flying, that will be here before you know it! Plan ahead with these sweet and sexy gift ideas for your partner based on their confection-based personality style. And let’s face it, whatever gift you choose, if it comes from Lover’s Lane, you’ll both get to enjoy the benefits!

Milk Chocolate: The Traditionalists

Milk Chocolate lovers are true classics. They gravitate toward the traditional and the tried & true. Some may call them “basic”, and they probably proudly admit that yes, they are basic AF! Milk chocolate is lovable and versatile, though, and mixes well with lots of different ingredients, so these people are usually popular & friendly. Their sex life may be pretty vanilla, but they can be persuaded to venture into the unknown. Here are some Sweetest Day gifts that may help them (pumpkin) spice things up in the bedroom:

The Fashion: Take the chocolate theme literally with the classically styled Chocolate Lace Bra Set, or rely on faithful racy red to turn up the heat. For him, you can’t find more of a comfy classic than the Bamboo Boxer Shorts from Male Power.

The Foreplay: What is more traditionally romantic than a couple’s massage? Not much! Treat your lover to a sensual touching session with some Erotic Massage Oil in Desire Vanilla, or Aromatherapy Massage Oil in Sensual. You won’t be able to keep your hands off each other…which is probably the point!

The Fun: Dive into the world of toys together with one handy set. The Mini Rabbit and Rabbit Love Ring Set has everything you need to tease and please your lover between the sheets. Or try the Sportsheets Love Me Gentle 3 pc. bondage kit for some kinkier sensual play that will have them melting in your arms.

Tart Fruit Candy:  Sweet but Sassy

Tart Fruit Candy lovers are flirty, funny, and fabulous. They keep their friends close and their partner closer. These lovers enjoy their comfort zone, but are also always ready for an adventure. They love new experiences, from traveling to trying new things in the bedroom. Fruit candy lovers are often kind, sweet, and demure, but they have a sassy side, too. If your quirky companion fits this profile, here are some ideas of how to sweeten their Sweetest Day:

The Fashion:  The Ombre Lace Teddy w/ Chain in a fusion of fruity colors and the darling teal Riley Babydoll are both sweet and innocent in the front but sensual and sexy in the back – perfect for a sweet-tart personality! For him, the candy-colored Manbuns Watermelon Briefs will let him feel like the sexy sweet treat he is.

The Foreplay:  Indulge in the sweet fruit flavors of Edible Body Play Paints. Paint sexy pictures or naughty notes on your lover’s body and lick them off for a delicious treat, on Sweetest Day or any time at all!

The Fun: Go all out with oral using the Wild Cherries or Fresh Strawberry flavored oral glide from Intimate Earth to keep things extra yummy.  Add in a BJ-assisting stroker or a buzzy flickering tongue-shaped toy when you get tired for a flavorful and fantastic sex session.

Dark Chocolate:  Decadent & Divine

Dark Chocolate lovers are those who like to lounge in the lap of luxury. They enjoy the finer things in life, and they’re not afraid to show it. Dark chocolate lovers love to treat themselves (because they have such good taste, duh!), but they still love to be treated to sumptuous gifts from their lover…and they deserve them! Mysterious and alluring, these lovers are amazing in bed and also make amazing intellectual companions. Indulge your lover with pleasure by giving these Sweetest Day gifts:

The Fashion: The rich jewel tones of royalty are a must for you, like the sapphire blue of the sumptuous Saskia Satin Robe. The black Provence Eyelash Lace Robe will also look stunning in the dim light of your bedroom during your Sweetest Day soiree. For him (or her!) give the gift of relaxation with the shiny, silky comfort of Satin Pants.

The Foreplay: Prepare for the Love Essentials Magnificent Wand to take your breath away! With a traditional rumbly wand bulb for external stimulation, plus a “handle” that doubles as an insertable g-spot vibe, you’ll never run out of fun ways to play with it.

The Fun:  Indulge in all the hot, messy, wet sex you want without soiling your sheets. The decadent plush material of the Fascinator Throw from Liberator will give you a sensually soft play space and keep the mess to a minimum, even if you want to get artsy with some Dark Chocolate Body Paint.

Bubble Gum: Always Poppin’

Bubble Gum lovers are on the cutting edge of everything new and trendy. They will buy things solely because, “it’s just so darn cute!!!”. Bright pinks, sky blues, and royal purples all speak to them. Bubble Gum lovers are usually social butterflies and enjoy being out on the town, but they’re just as happy to be at home snuggling with their lover or trying new adventures in the bedroom. Catch their eye like an influencer by giving them the latest & greatest Sweetest Day gifts:

The Fashion: Go for pretty in popular pink (with a side of sassy) in the Last Kiss 3pc. Bra Set, or the trendsetting teal Siren Lace Bustier and Crotchless Panty set. For a Bubble Gum bloke, the bestselling Wood Trunk in Purple Interlock will be the perfect fit.

The Foreplay: There’s fun for everyone in the Gender X Lustrous Galaxy Glass Wand! With one end slightly curved with a bulbous end and a triple-beaded end on the other, anyone can find new ways to play. Chill it in the fridge or heat it up in warm water for a truly out-of-this-world sensation experience.

The Fun:  Bring on some fabulous fun with a sexy anal adventure. If you’re new to that scene, embark slowly with the First Time Crystal Booty Kit plugs in gradually increasing sizes for safe play. Guys ready to venture further can get it popping with the Butt Banger Prostate Massager. The external arm stimulates your perineum and testicles and the snug c-ring can help you last longer, making it a great addition for partnered play.

Licorice: Quirky & Creative

Licorice lovers seem pretty simple and straightforward at first, but they have a dark and daring side. Definitely the edgiest personality type featured here, these fun-loving folks usually have some hideen fetishes and fantasies they would love to dive into with their lover. Licorice lovers march to the beat of their own drum, but they can make their own fun in any situation. These lovers’ quirks mean they definitely aren’t everyone’s taste, but those that are paired with one are lucky, indeed. Flex your sweetest day gifting prowess with these:

The Fashion: You know he finds you sexiest in his oversized shirts, so lounge in a sexy satin robe with serious menswear vibes that will be easy to slip off when things get too hot. The Cinch Me In Bra & Garter Set gives romantic lace a racy edge sure to your night started. Licorice lads will stun and seduce in the Cut4Men BoxAir. It’s innocent up front and brazen in the back…just like his personality.

The Foreplay:  Feed your dark and (wonderfully) twisted sense of excitement with some bold BDSM play. The red & black beauty of the Saffron collection from Sportsheets is a great place to start building your kinky collection, and will definitely get you in the mood for love.

The Fun:  See what kinds of sexy shapes you two can bend yourselves into with the help of the Whip Smart LoveBed Lounger.  A multifunctional wand with fun attachments will also provide endless twists to your lovemaking.

Remember, when it comes to Sweetest Day gifting, it doesn’t have to be much…just make it sweet!

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