The Best Aphrodisiacs to Set the Mood

by Erica G.

November 1, 2021


#1 Chocolate

Here’s romance 101: women love chocolate. While society and media tend to over this a lot, like a lot a lot, it’s true. However this doesn’t mean that simply getting her a box/assortment of chocolates for every special occasion puts you in her good graces. Chocolate is a great companion gift, but this isn’t a gift article; it’s an aphrodisiac article. We’ve sung the praises of body chocolate many times over, but I want to do it just one more time. I mean like seriously though, who wouldn’t want to lick melted chocolate off their lover’s naked body prior to sex? If that’s not hot, I don’t know what is.

But the fun doesn’t end with body paint, there’s still so much more. Ladies, you could wait till her gets home and just be sucking on this casually in the kitchen. Can you say instant-erection? Maybe you just need some clit play to get you going. This chocolate arousal oil will help you be more turned on to enjoy a sensual and passionate night with your lover. For all you mint chocolate chip fans out there, Intimate Earth is definitely thinking of ways to make your sex sweeter.

#2 Strawberries

Especially when paired with whipped cream, strawberries can be the hottest fruit out there. I mean, they’re juicy, tasty, and succulent. They’re a good fruit you can put halfway in your mouth and your partner can bite the rest off and you keep going from there. If you wanted to go to the next level, you could insert a strawberry into your vagina (depth up to you) and your partner would have to get it out using only their mouth, tongue, and teeth (if you’re into that, if not be sure to tell your partner).

#3 Cherries

Talk about a phallic food. Cherries should be up there with bananas, carrots, eggplant, hot dogs, peaches (butts), oranges (vaginas), coconuts, etc. It might just be me, but don’t cherries just look like balls? The thought of testicles isn’t really a turn on though; they’re pretty ugly in reality. Anyways, cherries taste great and they’re another food that works well with whipped cream. A little whipped cream around the breasts with a cherry on top will drive your man wild with desire.

#4 Watermelon

Watermelon is one of those aphrodisiacs that I don’t think a lot of people realize is an aphrodisiac. Have you ever heard someone say “Yeah man, it’s date night. I gotta go pick up some watermelon!” No, no one ever says that! If anything they’ve said chocolates, maybe strawberries, but watermelon is the most hydrating of everything on this list because it’s mostly water, and that’s important. This helps with her natural lubrication and hydration in general. If you’re having hot sweaty sex, and both of you cum, you’re losing a lot of fluids, and eating watermelon before and after is a good way to hydrate. If you really wanted to, you could take a piece and slowly move it along your partner’s skin and then eat it right in front of them. Now that’s how you do foreplay.

#5 Spicy Foods

These have a number of love-intensifying effects. Anything spicy gets your heart pumping which increases blood flow therefore warming you up and activates a lot of nerves so you feel more. It’s kind of like wax/temperature play except with food. Sriracha, hot sauce, a variety of peppers, and anything else spice is sure to heat things up in the bedroom, or wherever else you like to get down and dirty.

Honorable mentions include: bananas, grapes, cucumbers, ginger, and lavender.

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