Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


Wedding season is fast approaching and one of the best (and most fun) parts of a wedding is the Bachelorette Party! You want to give the Bride the most memorable night of when she was single while also enjoying your last night of your bestie’s undivided single attention! There is a lot to be said for a traditional “Last Night Out” and that is what you’ll find at the top of our list. However, you and your girl’s aren’t typical so, why not add in one (or a few) of our not so typical Bachelorette Party ideas?


A favorite for decades, a wild Bachelorette party theme will make the Bride blush and her Bridesmaids roar with laughter. One of the easiest themes to shop for, a plethora of pecker shaped and decorated items in shades of pink abound! Look to the The Store For Lovers! Bachelorette section for things to wear, decorate your drinks and even serve drinks and snacks!

Lingerie Party

Help make your BFF the sexiest new wife on the block with a whole new lingerie wardrobe! Ask each of your guests to bring a cute piece of lingerie for the Bride to be. For a fun twist while she is opening her gifts, have her guess who each piece is from. If she guesses correctly, give her a small sexy gift she can use with her hubby! Of course you can also throw in a couple gag gifts like edible undies or a “sexy tip” book. Google a cocktail to serve with a lingerie inspired name and don’t forget to send each guest home with something special to use in her own bedroom!

Glamp it up

Love the outdoors but, not the dirt and bugs? Go “Glamping“, a more glamorous version of camping ! There are “Glamp Grounds” around the globe or, you can create your own in a back yard. Pack your coziest clothes, snacks, and some drinks to tell your scariest fireside Ex stories! If you end up choosing a backyard for your antics, have every attendee bring pictures or souvenirs from old relationships (or ones reminding them of past relationships of the bride). As they burn their item, they can tell a story about the person. This is a fantastic way to do an “emotional cleanse” and prepare the Bride for her new life with a clear head and heart! End the night with a fun Bachelorette inspired game.

Picture Perfect

Dress up as pin-up girls and hire a photographer to take photos of everyone. Think, Corsets, red lips and Veronica Lake waves in your hair! Create large prints for each girl to sign and have as a keepsake, and separate smaller prints to give to your significant others! Make sure to have a designated area decorated for your shoot and before the photographer arrives, have some drinks and do each others hair and make up!

Dance The Night Away

Pole Dancing is sexy, fun, and a major confidence booster! Anyone can pole dance and everyone will have a great time doing it! Not to mention you’ll all learn a new skill that will drive your partners wild for years to come! Many pole studios offer Bachelorette Party packages that include hour long private classes.  From all of us at Ambiance, here’s to a long life of Monogamy that’s not Monotonous!

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