Penis Perils?

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


Are you a man that’s over 30 and have asked yourself “What’s goin’ on down there?!” Or maybe you are a woman that has asked yourself that question silently about the man that you love? Well, fear not! You are not alone and we are going to answer you!  

It’s normal for men’s testosterone levels to start dropping in their late 20’s. After 40, testosterone levels drop a little more but, your body starts producing a larger amount of the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG does just that – it binds to testosterone which lowers the amount your body is able to use. When this occurs, you may start to notice changes that can effect penis size, shape, or function.  

The size probably hasn’t changed at all. You may just be storing a little extra fat in your pubic area that’s creating the illusion of a smaller penis.  If you feel like your penis isn’t as straight as it used to be, Peyronie’s disease might be to blame. When the penis endures trauma (most often during sex), scar tissue begins to form along the tunica albuginea which acts as a sheath to the spongy tissue that fills with blood when you have an erection. The area where scar tissue has formed is unable to expand, creating a curved erection.  

You do often lose sensitivity of the nerves in your penis as you age. You may “need a little more” to get aroused than you used to. It also may take longer for you to climax. Even if you are able to have sex you may not be fully erect – This can be due to the muscle in your penis not being strong enough to support and hold the blood in that causes harder erections.  Your testicles and scrotum also have their fair share of changes with age. Your testicles purpose is to make sperm. Since your body produces less testosterone, sperm production slows down which causes testicles to shrink. The muscle in the scrotum tightens to bring your testes closer to your body to keep them warm when you’re cold and releases to drop them away from your body if you are hot. Just as other muscles in the body don’t perform as they used to and skin loses elasticity over time, your scrotum will end up somewhat saggy.  

Finally, pubic hair thins and can turn grey just like the rest of the hair on your body.  All of these things are a completely normal part of aging and nothing to worry about. There are medications and/ or surgeries to treat everything we’ve mentioned here, pubic hair aside of course! So if you are concerned and would like to know your options, speak with your Doctor.  The Store For Lovers! also offers many different forms of male sexual enhancement to keep your love life rockin’ at any age!


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