Wet n’ Wild Waterproof Toys for Summer Fun

by Colleen G.

July 21, 2023


There’s nothing like a refreshing swim in the middle of summer’s hottest month. Could it be more than a coincidence that a lot of sex toys look suspiciously like a pool toy or one of those colorful diving sticks you used to retrieve as a kid while snorkeling in the back yard?

Whether you’re fooling around in the privacy of your own pool or hot tub, or just taking a dip in your bath tub, water-proof sex toys allow you to experience the magic of buoyant orgasms. (But PS, because we care about your sexual health: Be careful around chlorinated water, as it can cause irritation, infections, and dryness if you get too much of it in your holes.)

If you dig sexy time in splashy situations, whether solo or partnered, we’ve rounded up a collection of vibrating toys that are happy to accompany you on an underwater adventure.

The Queen Bullet

The name of the splash-friendly game lies in the words ‘waterproof’ and ‘submersible.’ These key descriptors mean your toy can handle getting splashed in the shower and being dunked under water in the bath tub, Jacuzzi, or pool.

The Queen Bullet is small, powerful and versatile with 20 vibrating functions, and can handle whatever wet situation you can throw at it. The Queen features a slightly bulbous shape, slender neck, and flared base, so can keep it between your fingers when things get slippery.

We-Vibe Melt Massager

Air pulse clitoral stimulators don’t look or act like waterproof toys at first glance, but check the packaging before you buy, because plenty of them totally are – like the We-Vibe Melt Massager.

The We-Vibe Melt can also handle both splashing and dunking, aka submerging your sex toy, as long as you’re not attempting to take it scuba diving. We haven’t tested that one – yet.

Melt has 12 intensity levels of suction and can even connect to your smart phone (which, if it’s a newer model, is probably at least splash-proof, too).

Roq Rechargeable Ring

Bring your partner into the splash zone with a submersible couples’ ring like the Roq Rechargeable Ring.

Roq is pure silicone, so it’s compatible with penises and strap-ons, and you can experiment with underwater orgasms since Roq can be taken under the sea.

Nu Sensuelle Remote Control Mini Plug

The shower is a great place to explore some light booty play if you’re stressed about the possibility of a mess.

Lube up the Nu Sensuelle Remote Control Mini Plug with some water-based lubricant, like Pjur Backdoor Water-Based, or a water-silicone hybrid, like Sliquid Naturals Silk.

Nu Sensuelle’s plug is, of course, anal-safe due its flared base, and it’s slender, slim design is perfect for beginners, or anyone who doesn’t prefer a whole lot of girth up the bum.

The Nu Sensuelle butt plug is also 100% water-proof, so you can prep for clean, shower-friendly butt play with a muscle-relaxing buzz for your sphincter muscles.

Kinky Bunny Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit addicts, take note. There’s nothing like a blended orgasm while surrounded by water in the privacy of your bathroom (or while your partner watches in the same room, which we’d also highly recommend).

The Kinky Bunny Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator can do it all and take a dive into the tub. This little rabbit has 2 motors that can be turned up or down separately, so you can choose how and where to send its 12 vibration functions.

Spartacus Glass Double Ended Dildo

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in a a little temperature play with a glass dildo. You can stick it in the freezer for a few minutes or dunk it in a cup of ice water to cool it down, or let it soak in a cup of warm water for arousing & soothing heat.

We love the rosy peach colored Spartacus Glass Double Ended Dildo for its inherently splash-friendly capabilities and its dual textures. One end features a smooth, penis-shaped head and some light ribbing, and the other end is covered in undulating swirls for a unique sensation however you use it.

Enjoy the best of both worlds by rubbing the textured end across your clitoris and then inserting the penis-shaped end, or vice versa.

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