14 Days & Ways to Show Your Partner Love

by Kristin T.

February 2, 2022


“Show, don’t tell.” You may remember that little phrase from your grade school creative writing lessons. In that context, it simply means that a writer should use rich sensory details and build scenes the reader can visualize rather than just telling them what happens. “Show, don’t tell” applies to more than good writing, though. While regularly telling your partner you love them is sweet and very important, it’s also important to show them you love them on a daily basis.

“How do I do that?”, you may ask. It doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, or energy…just a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. With 14 days until Valentine’s Day, check out these 14 little ways you can remind your partner of your love for them. You can even try doing one a day and watch how your relationship blooms!

1. Tell your partner about a favorite memory from the day you met or your wedding day. Reminiscing about those glowing early days of your relationship will make how far you’ve come seem even more special.

2. Take a walk together holding hands. You can talk about anything and everything while you walk, or nothing at all.

3. Share your favorite photo of the two of you together and tell your partner what you love about it. They can share theirs with you, too!

4. Reminisce about the best trip you’ve taken with your partner over your favorite drinks.

5. Pay your partner some genuine compliments. Tell them one thing you love about their personality, and one physical trait or body feature that you’re crazy about.

6. Ask your partner if any part of their body is tense or hurting, then give them a gentle massage on those parts to help them relax and ease their pain.

7. Share a great picture or something amazing about your partner on your favorite social media platform.

8. Cuddle and watch a movie together…their choice of flick. Bonus points for getting their favorite snacks and a giant cozy blanket.

9. Have spontaneous sex. First thing in the morning is always a good time to try if the rest of your day gets stressful or tiring. What a way to start the day!

10. Send them a nice (or naughty) text message randomly during the day. They’ll love to see you’re thinking about them while you’re apart.

11. Leave them a sweet note. Write it on a sticky note or message board at home, or sneak a loving message into their purse or lunch bag.

12. Surprise your partner by sitting down with them to watch your wedding video, flip through photo albums of the two of you, or peruse other memories from a wonderful event in your past.

13. If you don’t already have this as a habit, begin to make your goodnight kiss an absolute must-do ritual. If you do already kiss each other goodnight every night, start another quick & simple meaningful habit to remind them of your love every day.

14. Show them you love them by doing something to honor their “love language”, or any other aspect of their personality. For someone who appreciates acts of service, do a load of dishes or laundry for them or surprise them with a clean house. If they love receiving gifts, give them a small and inexpensive gift for no reason at all, other than it made you think of them. If you don’t know your partner’s love language or your own, you can both take the quiz here.

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