It’s High Time to Get High on Love!

by Colleen G.

February 4, 2022


Sex and cannabis are officially BFFs. Whether you regularly light up a J, imbibe via chocolates and candies, or steer clear of this green plant altogether, there’s something for everyone in the wide world of cannabis & hemp extracts made especially for enhancing sexual pleasure.

Over the last decade, the legal marijuana industry has turned its focus to providing superior climaxes and total body relaxation with CBD, a chemical compound of cannabis that provides medical-grade benefits without the psychoactive ‘high’ you might feel from hitting a bong or eating a ‘special’ brownie.

Oils, creams and lubricants are generally the products of choice for delivering healthy, safe doses of CBD right where you need it – between your legs! When applied directly to the erogenous zones, CBD and the natural cannabis compounds from hemp seed oil help relax the muscles, reduce pain and inflammation, and increase blood flow for greater sensitivity.

High on Love is one of the most celebrated and sensual legal cannabis brands on the market. They’re our top choice for slowly exploring mild to moderate cannabis-infused products, especially for first timers. If you happen to be a big cannabis enthusiast, however, we hear that CBD does double duty when combined with your choice of smokeable or edible marijuana products, if it’s legal where you live! Anyone & everyone can enjoy the sensual enhancements, from High on Love, though. At least when it comes to your sexual pleasure, pink & rose gold are the new green!

High On Love Water-Based 200Mg CBD Lubricant

Nothing starts a sensual cannabis collection like a CBD-infused, water-based lube. It’s an absolute must-have that transitions seamlessly from superior self-love sessions to partner play.

The High On Love Water-Based 200Mg CBD Lubricant is a silky smooth lube that’s compatible with all sex toys and condoms, and body-safe for all orifices. Try it with your favorite sex toy for extra clitoral and vulva stimulation, or slather it on a dildo or your partner’s penis or strap-on for internal, G-spot delights.

This CBD lubricant is infused with 200 milligrams of the highest grade of pure, distilled full-spectrum CBD, the maximum amount necessary for total body absorption, allowing you to reap the full benefits of CBD’s relaxing, pleasure-enhancing properties.

High On Love Stimulating O Oil

For an even slower and more sensuous approach to CBD, nothing feels more luxurious than a hemp-infused oil.

Created with pain relief and pleasure enhancement in mind, High On Love Stimulating O Oil works orgasmic wonders as a clitoral massage oil or internal lubricant for toy or partner play.

A sensuous fusion of all-natural oils and hemp seed oil, High on Love’s Stimulating O Oil increases blood flow to help you achieve bigger, better and longer orgasms. Made using premium 100% natural ingredients in small batches to guarantee the highest quality, this oil is exceptionally transformative for women in menopause or anyone who feels pain during intercourse.

High On Love Objects Of Pleasure Kit

Wondering how to get the most out of your sex toys? Anoint your vibrator with a CBD-infused gel and you’ll never want to masturbate without cannabis again.

Get the best of both worlds in one convenient package with the High On Love Objects Of Pleasure Kit.

This twosome kit arrives with the HOL exclusive color Pavé Marilyn vibrator from luxury sex toy brand Jopen. Pavé Marilyn is a USB rechargeable and waterproof luxury vibe adorned with crystals. She boasts 7 different settings and 5 speeds in a dual-stim, rabbit-style vibe design.

Accompanying this gorgeous, pink pleasure toy is High on Love’s water-based Stimulating O Gel, a sensual fusion of all natural oils and premium hemp seed oil. Just a little dab of Stimulating O Gel under the clitoral hood and massaged around the labia is all you need to open up new worlds of pleasure you never dreamed possible.

High on Love Sensual Massage Oils

The CBD sex experience is all about slowing down and relishing every last touch. Start your next solo evening or partner date night right with a massage that feels as good as it smells (and tastes).

Treat your partner or yourself to one of High on Love’s Sensual Massage Oils. Delicious scents like Strawberries & Champagne, Decadent White Chocolate and Lychee Martini are paired with a fusion of all-natural ingredients including premium grade hemp seed oil.

Sensual Massage Oils from High on Love are edible and nourish the skin, prepping your body for a deliciously sexy experience.

The Minis Pleasure Collection

If you can’t decide where to begin your High on Love journey, think small. The Minis Pleasure Collection is full of little delights that deliver the best in sex toys and cannabis seed oil products.

Draw a warm bath with the Lavender & Honey Sensual Bath Oil. Then towel off and head to the bedroom for a massage with the Strawberries & Champagne Sensual Massage Oil. Lean in and tease your partner with a kiss while wearing the plumping Lip Gloss for Couples.

Turn up your foreplay with the High on Love Stimulating Oil for clitoral massage, and then work your way into pure pleasure with the CalExotics® Mini Wand™ silicone bullet vibe, a USB-rechargeable clitoral toy with 10 delicious speeds of vibration.

Overall, when sex and CBD come together, beautiful things happen! Check out all of our High on Love favorites for pairing pleasure products with sensation-enhancing hemp seed oil and cannabis extracts.

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