2023’s Top Toy Chest Picks

by Colleen G.

November 4, 2023


At Lover’s Lane, every year is a fantastic year for sex toys. From brand new innovations to re-makes of favored classics and everything in-between, recommending our top must-try toys is one of the best parts of our job as your expert adult retail source.

To celebrate National Sex Toy Day this November 4th, we’ve put together an eclectic list of pleasure products with a little something for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative, forget gendered stereotypes, and grab yourself a new bedroom accessory that’ll bring something totally new and exciting to your coupled or solo sex life.

Indulge Finger Vibrator

There’s nothing like a classic, slim silicone vibrator to round out your sex toy collection.

For slipping in-between bodies during intercourse or getting the job done when you’re in the mood for a quick masturbation session, a bullet-shaped slender vibe like the Indulge Finger Vibrator can go anywhere and do pretty much anything.

Le Wand Rechargeable Massager

Wand massagers have become the modern go-to in everyone’s toy box, regardless of gender identity or partner preference.

The Le Wand Rechargeable Massager has become a fan favorite over the years thanks to its promise of power, high quality, and cordless design.

Add dimension to your couples or solo play with a Le Wand attachment, like the Le Wand Stroke Silicone Penis Play Wand Attachment or the Le Wand Glider Weighted Silicone Wand Attachment.

Rosana Rose Suction Vibe

“The Rose” suction toy has risen to fame all over the internet, and if you’ve never tried a suction toy before, the Rosana Rose Suction Vibe is an affordable and easy-to-use intro to the world’s current, favorite sex toy category.

Press the Rosana’s round opening against your clitoris and click through the toy’s 10 patterns of heavenly suction.

Spinner 3000 Rotating And Vibrating Masturbator

Dubbed “the Rose for Men” by pleasure product influencers, this spinning and vibrating stroker has made a splash in sex toy retail this year.

The Spinner 3000 Rotating And Vibrating Masturbator performs exactly as the name promises. A silicone tunnel of squishy nobs spins with different rotational patterns while the vibrating motor buzzes through 5 settings.

Never Lonely Cumfetti Cake 7.75 Inch Dildo

A creative cross between a realistic dildo and a sweet rainbow work of silicone art, the Never Lonely Cumfetti Cake 7.75 Inch Dildo goes wherver you want. Stick it in a strap-on harness; suction it to the wall or shower; or pop it out of your sex toy drawer for body-safe, textured penetrative play for butts and vaginas alike.

Womanizer Wave Pleasure Shower Head

Perhaps the most creative toy design this year, the Womanizer Wave Pleasure Shower Head revolutionized one of the world’s favorite ways to masturbate.

The ol’ detatchable shower head trick for self-pleasure just took a leap into grown-ass adult territory. Womanizer’s Wave Pleasure shower head features multiple water pressure intensities and 3 unique types of water jet stimulation.

B-Vibe 360 Prostate Plug With Remote

Anal and prostate play is a must-try for men, and we love the B-Vibe 360 Prostate Plug With Remote, a butt vibrator that was made with P-spotting in mind.

The head of the toy rotates and the base vibrates, so one way or another, your anal area is going to pleasure town, whether you’re a butt stuff beginner or an anal expert!

Packer Gear FtM Stroker

Sex toys for Trans folks are finally becoming a major part of adult retail, and we’ve been here for it from the start.

One of our OG faves is this mini stroker for female-to-male Trans guys, the Packer Gear – Ftm Stroker. Built just like a regular stroker and lined with pleasure ridges, the FtM Stroker is mini-sized to fit and suction snugly over the genitals, so you can jerk it like the horny dude you are.

Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker

Sex tech is inventing new ways to stroke it by targeting often underrated point of pleasure, like the frenulum, the sensitve underside of the penis head.

The Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker applies vigorous pulses of air to the frenulum, which results in explosive orgasms without even touching the length of the penis. Isn’t sex tech magic?

LELO Dot Clitoral Stimulator

Pin-point stimulation is the next big thing in clitoral play, but you’ve gotta do it right.

The Lelo Dot Clitoral Stimulator has a flexible, soft, and bendable tip that sends 8 unique vibration settings straight to your clit, labia, nipples, or anywhere you want a zing of precise pleasure.

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