7 Sexy Bedroom Games (Better Than the Big Game)

by Christopher J.

February 12, 2023


Winter in the Midwest can be as freezing as it is brutally boring, especially if you find yourself stuck inside trying to stay warm and dry. But if you try, it can also be a very exciting time for couples who learn how to maximize the fun, sexy and stimulating opportunities available to come together to heat up your winter nights. And on this Sunday (or any day of the year), while football may or may not be your thing, we guarantee these intimate games will actually hold your attention all night long!

Bedroom games represent a fantastic way to melt any ice or just spend more quality time together on frigid winter nights, ideally with piles of blankets (but minimal clothing) involved.

“Playing games as a couple can boost active engagement, intimacy, and spontaneity,” says Shelley Sommerfeldt, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist and relationship coach, in this article in prevention.com. She adds that couple games help cultivate feelings of closeness and connection and “can also increase your problem-solving skills, communication, and cognitive engagement. This allows couples to engage in a new and different way that fosters togetherness and creates a solid foundation in friendship.”

We thought you and your lover would enjoy checking out the following 7 sexy bedroom games. Most of them are newer and haven’t been prominently featured elsewhere in our blogs, while some are just the most popular and most well-reviewed boudoir entertainments that we’ve seen. 

Foreplay in a Row

A great way to launch a memorable romantic evening, Foreplay in a Row from Ball & Chain is similar to Connect 4 except it features naughty foreplay tasks for the winners. It is also a very, very adult version of the immensely popular children’s game of the same name.

In the Foreplay in a Row version, each chip has a foreplay activity printed on it. Just like the original game, players try to get four chips in a row to win. The winning player gets to have the foreplay activities performed on them by the loser. Though with consequences like that, no one is really a loser in this game!

Monogamy: A Hot Affair with your Partner

When you play Monogamy: A Hot Affair With Your Partner, you’ll enjoy two important benefits for couples: You will have erotic, sexy fun, and at the same time, you will improve your ability to communicate as a couple! The game gives you and your lover the chance to try new things together in a no-pressure environment. You’ll find yourselves laughing together and more important lusting over each other, while you strengthen your relationship and find out new things about your lover…and yourself!

The game includes: Playing Board, 65 Intimate Cards, 65 Steamy Cards, 50 Fantasy Cards, two Game Pieces, one Die, twelve Level Pieces, Rules Sheet.

Casino Boudoir Game

Here’s your ideal chance to create your own private Las Vegas in your bedroom, offering your choice of seductive, romantic games for couples. There may not be palm trees and desert vistas outside, but boy will it be hot and steamy inside! Once you’re set up, you two “players” will enjoy the thrills of casino gambling with your lover, combined with sex! The games included in Casino Boudoir from Kheper Games are similar to casino roulette, craps, blackjack and slot machine play BUT the rewards are MUCH, MUCH sexier! Earn sensual and sexual rewards during game play. Then redeem your chips at the end of the game for favorite sex positions that are printed directly on the chips. Viva LUST Vegas!

This game includes 20 standard casino chips with unique sex positions printed on them, 1 roulette wheel, 1 roulette betting table, 1 marble, 1 couple’s casino craps table, 2 standard craps dice, 1 red number marking chip, 1 custom BJ blackjack poker deck, 54 slot machine game cards, and easy-to-follow game rules. C’mon! Who doesn’t want to play with a BJ blackjack poker deck?!

Funishment. A Kink, Consent, and Communication Card Game

You don’t have to be especially daring to want to experience a little Funishment in your bedchamber. (Just sounds more Funishment-friendly than bedroom. Right?) This game is absolutely perfect if you and your paramour are new to BDSM and desperately seeking kinky play suggestions that will guide you in exploring your boundaries. The game also offers novel ideas to switches who want to try out different roles and power dynamics.

Funishment The Game provides a two-player date night game that guides players through the world of common kinks while encouraging communication and consent.  It includes the Main Deck and an X-Rated Expansion Pack for varying levels of intimacy. The game features non-gendered language, as well as simple and safe gameplay dynamics for accessible play time.

Please note: Some additional items are needed for play (miscellaneous objects such as coins, bowls and dice, and an impact toy [a hand or a belt is fine to start])


By entering the light and playful activities and sexy temptations contained within, this sex-filled couples board game will result in some rather intense foreplay for you and your partner. By the time you finish playing, you won’t want to stop playing. AND you’ll know each other better than ever before.

Sensations is the perfect couples game for lovers at any stage of a relationship looking to spice up a regular night at home. Connect with your partner and create a romantic setting with this board game made for couples to enhance lover communications while having fun.

The game comes with two tokens, one die, hourglass, blindfold, game board, two spinners, notepad and two pencils, 60 playing cards, stimulator (requires one AA battery, not included), bottle of massage oil, and instruction booklet.

ConSEXtration Card Game

A delightful concentration challenge for adults, this erotic memory game allows couples to learn a little about your partner, reveal a little about yourself, and enjoy each other in ways you could never imagine. Simply match the pairs and do what the cards state. You never know what sexual favor might turn up!

The game includes an enticing mix of question combined with reveal, sex position, and foreplay cards.

4Oral Sex Dice

How do you not want to play a game with your love partner that implores you to “Let the Oral Times Roll!”

And here’s another sextorical question: Who wants to roll snake eyes when you can anticipate seeing a variety of oral sex acts with each throw of the 4 Oral Sex Dice? Okay one more naughty inquiry: Why gamble on getting lucky when you’re guaranteed to win big with every toss? True sweethearts love those odds!

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