Last-minute Looks & Gifts for a Sexy V-Day

by Colleen G.

February 12, 2023


Scrambling to grab a V-Day gift for your babe with only a couple days to spare? Or maybe you’re still searching for a little something for yourself, like the perfect, half-naked get-up to set your partner’s heart (and nether regions) on fire.

If you live in the Midwest, you may just be lucky enough to have a Lover’s Lane adult boutique within easy driving distance. Just pop into one of our shops (which you can find with our online store locator) and feast your eyes on our collection of brand-new lingerie, all the latest sex toys, and other gift-worthy goodies to set the scene for a lusty Valentine’s Day.

If you’re stressing over V-Day, Lover’s Lane has got your back. Everything on this list is available in one of our physical stores, as it might be just a tad too late to receive an online order by the 14th (and to be honest, our selection is WAY better than what’s on Amazon Prime).

Take a peek at what’s waiting for you at a Lover’s Lane store near you and make this Valentine’s Day a romantic adventure to remember.

Dress for the Theme in the Sweet As Raspberry Pie Lingerie Collection

What could be more V-Day than getting all dolled up in sultry shades of pink? The Sweet As Raspberry Pie collection of lingerie has something for all shapes and sizes.

Spring for a sweetly seductive look in the Sweet As Raspberry Pie Babydoll and Plus-Size Babydoll. The lacy, tight top creates some serious under-boob cleavage, and the swishy skirt just barely covers your butt cheeks.

And considering it’s basically National Sex Day, you might as well consider a crotchless piece, like the Sweet As Raspberry Pie Crotchless Teddy and Plus-Size Teddy. This totally see-through, all-lace teddy has an open back, a deep V-neck for killer cleavage, an attached garter belt, and a thong that shows off your entire ass. The whole outfit pretty much screams “Do me, like now.”

Do Something Different in Anything-But-Basic Black Lingerie

We know the whole pink-and-red, girly af theme isn’t for everyone on V-Day (or ever), so we rounded up some of our favorite sexy, black outfits that are pretty much anything but basic.

Surprise your lover with a Valentine’s strip tease while donning the Lapdance Bling Bling Halter Dress or Plus-Size Halter Dress. This strip club-worthy, nylon dress can hardly be called a dress since it covers literally nothing, but it’s super sexy and you won’t even have to take it off for sex.

Blend the dominating vibes of black lingerie with a touch of flowing, feminine fabric in the Ruffled Romance Babydoll and Plus-Size Babydoll. This transparent dress reveals your nipples while seductively hinting at your butt and thigh curves with layers of light, black ruffles. It’s sweet sexiness and demure dominance all in one.

Go F*ck Yourself (And Your Partner) with a Couple’s Sex Toy

It’s practically a crime to leave a Lover’s Lane store without a brand new vibrator, so why not take along a sex toy that does double duty?

Queer couples and anyone who’s into pegging need one of those newfangled, sex-techy strapless strap-ons, like the Strap-On-Me Multi Orgasm Bendable Strap-On. This baby does literally everything. For the wearer, it suctions against the vulva with air pulse stimulation and vibrates against the G-spot and clitoris with dual motors. The receiver is treated to vibrations in the tip of the shaft and a bulbous head.

If you and your partner have hands, you can find something fun to do with the Femme Fun Dioni Finger Vibrator, which also comes in a larger size for bigger fingers. Slip this little vibe over you or your partner’s finger and switch through the 20 vibration modes as you trace across every erogenous zone. This mini vibe is perfect for slipping between the legs for clit stim during intercourse, too.

The Love Essentials Calliope Silicone Vibrator is as versatile as it is comfortable and pleasurable. Share the vibrations during penetrative sex or wear this bad boy out to your dinner date and hand your partner the remote.

For anal play addicts, the Gender X True Blue Thrusting T-Shape Vibrator fits all butts, no gender identity required. Pop it it, turn on the thrusting and vibrating action, and then go to town on your partner’s penis or vulva for a double whammy of sexual stimulation.

Gift a Kit You Can Unwrap and Enjoy

On V-Day, why buy something you can’t immediately open and turn into a reason to play? Couples kits are our go-to on the official day of love.

The Essential Love Kit is a cylinder stocked full of lotions and potions to drizzle, rub, and massage onto your partner. You’ll have a full night ahead with everything this kit includes, like the Intense Clitoral Stimulating Serum, Discover G-Spot Stimulating Serum, Hydra Natural H2O Glide, Pussy Willow Silk Hybrid Glide, Fresh Strawberries Natural Flavors Glide, and Honey Almond Aromatherapy Massage Oil (which, as you can see, can also be purchased separately).

The Beloved Naked Date Night Gift Set is a modern, hip take on the classic lover’s gift kits of the 90s and early 2000s. As trendy as it is cozy and mild, this date night kit comes with the Luxurious Intimacy Serum & Personal Moisturizer, For Play Massage Creme for Couple, Couple’s Bubbles, Sexy Charcoal Bubble Bath, a Black Soy Wax Candle with Custom Matches, 2 Milk Chocolate Hearts, a How-To Naked Date Night Instructional Card, and a link to specially-curated Spotify playlists.

Dive into beginner’s-style and moderate kink play with one of our high-quality, safe BDSM kits.

The Sportsheets Learn The Ropes 4-Piece Bondage Kit shows newbies exactly how to get into sensual rope play with safety in mind.

Gift the whole entire world of kink in one fancy, expensive-looking suitcase with the Temptasia Safe Word Bondage Kit With Suitcase. Bow-adorned cuffs, a stylish-as-hell leash and ball gag, and a flexible paddle are all elegantly packaged in a code locked briefcase.

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