7 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Extra Romantic

by Kristin T.

June 1, 2024


Whether you’re in the early planning stages of your wedding and honeymoon or your nuptials are just around the corner, it’s time to turn on the romance switch! Read on for some sensual, sexy tips for making your honeymoon – no matter how simple or how extravagant – as magical as your love for each other.

If you’re in any stage of planning a wedding right now, first off, congratulations! Marriage is such an exciting occasion for celebrating your love, and such a fun thing to prepare for. It’s also A LOT. A lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of logistics, effort, phone calls and emails, setbacks, and lost sleep. Did we mention it’s a lot of money? And now we have the audacity to swoop in here and remind you…oh shoot…you have to plan a honeymoon, too?!?! Shut the front door!

The good news is, the honeymoon is usually the easy part. It should be all about you as a couple and reflect exactly what you want. You can go where you want, do what you want, and see what you want. And there’s no rules saying you have to do things ‘by the book’ traditionally, either. Wherever you go for your honeymoon, though, and whenever you take it relative to your wedding day, you do want it to be memorable and romantic. Check out these ideas that anyone can adapt and apply to their dream vision for their honeymoon:

1. Pack some romantic room décor.

While some hotels, resorts, and cruise ships will put some special touches in your room for free, the all-out honeymoon decoration packages they offer can be pretty expensive. Go ahead and splurge for the champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, but take care of the ambiance yourself.

Leave a little room in your suitcase for some faux rose petals to scatter on the bed; just make sure to clean them up after you’re done…it can be a good cool-down activity after your hot naked pillow fight. Bring a romantic glow into your space with tiny battery-operated tea lights or even a strand of LED fairy lights. These are a safer bet than real candles, since many lodgings frown on the use of open flames, for very understandable reasons. And hey, if you’re not staying somewhere that they’ll make them for you, you can even learn to make your own towel animals! YouTube has a bajillion videos to show you how. This will be a sweet and silly surprise your lover is sure to remember.

2. R&R first, always.

While it can be tempting to want to fit in ALL THE THINGS, don’t overpack your schedule, either. Your honeymoon is definitely a trip where you want to let the mood in the moment steer your activities. Plan a couple special things you can only do at your destination, and that’s it. Nick Pulley for Selective Asia says it best in this post at Honeymoons 101:

“Take your time. For honeymooners wanting to see a lot of their chosen destination, there is a temptation to move too fast. Remember you’ll be exhausted after the build up to the wedding and the big day itself, not to mention the jet lag, so be sure to build in extra days ‘at leisure’ in your first few destinations to allow you to recover and soak up all that has taken place over the past days and weeks.”

Just like some of the best sex, it’s good to take it slow. Leave plenty of unstructured time for rest, relaxation, bedroom activities, and just enjoying each other’s company as newlyweds.

Many couples wait several weeks or even months after their wedding day to take their honeymoon. Whether it’s because you choose to buck tradition, or just because that’s what works with your schedules, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this plan. You’ll both be a lot more rested & refreshed than you would right after your big day. This makes for calmer heads and less crankiness on travel days so you can both get your vacation off to a smooth and memorable start. Embrace the delay!

3. Let your hotel know you’re celebrating.

As mentioned above, resorts at some popular honeymoon destinations will offer various honeymoon packages. Telling your hotel you’ll be on your honeymoon is a good way to find out about these offers. More importantly, many places will go above and beyond to make sure your newly-wedded stay is truly blissful. Letting them know in advance may score you room upgrades, a better location or service level than what you booked, or free or discounted romantic meals (candlelit beachside dinner, anyone??) or spa services.

Even many B&Bs, small boutique hotels, or less luxurious chain hotels are still happy to put flowers & chocolates or other special little touches in your room. Anything to make sure their guests have an extra enjoyable, extra romantic honeymoon.

4. Have breakfast in bed…at least once.

Your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to break routines and do things you don’t do every day, so treat yourself! Life usually moves too fast for you to enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed together, but not when you’re on honeymoon time! Sleep in, order breakfast or brunch through room service or a delivery service, and just lounge in bed while you enjoy it together. Drink mimosas or whatever is the most frou-frou coffee drink the local café offers. Talk about your trip so far and your hopes for the rest of it. Boop their nose with whipped cream and lick it off. And hey, no harm no foul if you eat so much you fall back asleep. Rest is important, especially to prepare for all the busy nights you’ll have ahead! 😉

5. Get a couple’s massage…or give each other one.

There’s really no better way to relax than getting a massage together during your honeymoon. Many hotels, resorts, day spas, and cruise ships offer luxurious options for getting kneaded by trained and licensed massage therapists. The stunning atmosphere and service in many of these destination massage spas is second to none, and you will both walk out feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready for romance.

That being said, a full-on professional couple’s massage session at most of these locations will run you at least a few hundred dollars, plus gratuity. If that’s just not in your budget (or you didn’t get enough on your Honeyfund), don’t fret. Just give each other a massage!

For only the price of a bottle of massage oil or a tube of massage lotion (please, pack either in a Ziploc bag for travel), you and your lover can enjoy your own private intimate massage sessions. Set the mood, warm up your hands, and prepare to explore their body with your hands like you never have before. Try applying some extra pressure to any knots or areas of tension you find; you don’t have to be a pro. Other than that, just focus on helping them unwind.

Once you’ve both had your turn getting a relaxing rub-down, switch gears to a romantic rub-up. It’s time to turn on the sensual seduction. Begin kissing and caressing their erogenous zones, wrapping your bodies around one another, holding tightly, and breathing deeply. Feel every sexy sensation, every little spark of arousal and pleasure, and let it overtake your mind. We’re sure you can figure out where to take it from there! Hell, this option might be even better than the expensive beachside spa one…you can’t just start going at it like rabbits during that one!

6. Sneak in some sexy surprises for each other.

Sure, you may have given each other a sweet, possibly extravagant gift on your wedding day. Fancy watches, necklaces, perfumes, or cuff links are all popular things for the about-to-be-weds to exchange the day of. Who says you shouldn’t give a gift on your honeymoon, too? Don’t worry…this one is more sexy than spendy.

If there’s still plenty of room in your budget, you’ll knock your partner’s socks off with a couple’s toy from We-Vibe, like the Pivot Rechargeable C-Ring or the We-Vibe Chorus. If your bank account is looking more like you can only afford Ring Pops after buying ‘the rings’, fear not. You’ll both have just as much fun and provide just as much pleasure with a budget toy like the Play Together Caped Crusader C-ring or the Playtime Fused Couple’s Remote Toy.

Just keep the basic travel tips for sex toys in mind, and you should be able to keep your seductive little secret until you’re all settled in at the hotel and ready to give the gift of orgasms.

7. Do something unforgettable.

We talked about the dangers of overplanning, but you don’t want to underplan, either. Make sure to schedule at least one must-do, once-in-a-lifetime experience at your destination. Most couples choose their honeymoon locale because there is something amazing they want to see or do there. Do it. Look at your options and discuss what sounds like it will give you both the most incredible experience possible. Hike up the volcano, swim with the dolphins, take a cooking class with a chef from an indigenous culture, get a professional photo shoot on a yacht (just watch out for orcas…lol)…whatever you’re into. Sure, many of these activities have a hefty price tag, but those memories will last a lifetime and make it 100% worth every penny.

This is your honeymoon, after all. You (probably, with this person, anyway,) only have one, so make it count. Book the most important experiences that fit who you are as a couple. Leave plenty of time for rest and relaxation. Splurge for some little luxuries if you can, and just make the most out of whatever you do. More than anything, your honeymoon should be about bonding as a couple, intimacy, and just enjoying your first days of what is sure to be an incredible married life.

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