According to a Romance Specialist

by Christopher J.

May 29, 2023


There are many things that set Lover’s Lane stores apart from your other run-of-the-mill adult shops. The comfortable boutique feeling, bright lighting, beautiful layout, and massive selection of gorgeous lingerie are all wonderful features, but the aspect we are most proud of is our amazing Romance Specialists!

Because they have so much experience working closely with our customers and are deeply passionate about their roles at Lover’s Lane stores, we asked five of our Romance Specialists three key questions. We greatly appreciate their wise and thoughtful answers, and hope they can help YOU know what to expect and what to ask for help with on your next shopping trip…according to a Romance Specialist! Here’s what they said:

1) How can customers maximize their shopping experience at a Lover’s Lane store?

Chrysty H., Sales Associate, Maple Heights, OH: The best way to maximize an experience in our store is to have fun and ask questions. We as Romance Specialists truly enjoy the interaction and genuinely just want to help in any way we can.  There is no such thing as a dumb question, and we are always full of information and ideas. It can be embarrassing for some people and that’s ok. We aren’t here to judge anybody. Chances are we have a million ideas because of previous customers and experiences. By letting us go over the differences in products and letting people in on a few tips and tricks, we can ensure people are leaving with the best products for their specific needs.

Kelly B., Store Manager, Hobart/Merrillville, Northern IN: Be open minded to new experiences. Do not be afraid to ask questions, we are here to help you and trust me, there isn’t a question we haven’t heard. As Romance Specialists, we are here to educate the customer on our products and help you find what suits you best.

Jen B., Keyholder, Saginaw, MI: Know that we will provide knowledge on the products, and there is no need to be nervous. We’re professionals. We’re educated on the products with no judgment. Anything you feel is “weird” or ‘embarrassing’ is nothing for us to discuss, and we’ll find the right items for you to have a great experience with a partner or to self love.

Lauren G., Store Manager, Akron/Cuyahoga Falls, OH: Most people who come shop with us have a reason for coming in. Maybe a fun weekend away from the kids, an anniversary, or just exploring a new sensation. Being open with your Romance Specialist about what brings you in is the best way to maximize the experience. Our job is to help you get all the things you are searching for and show you all the things to help spice up the night!

Allison W., District Manager, Ohio Stores: Once you have everything for your special night, take a look around. Get some ideas for the future. Just because you’re done shopping, doesn’t mean you’re done planning. Don’t forget to ask questions. Any time I go into a store I like to ask the salespeople: “What’s the best, most reliable basic you sell?” Then I ask: “What’s the latest and greatest thing?” Finally. I want their pro-opinion: “What would you show your best friend?”

2) How can Romance Specialists and their knowledge & resources through Lover’s Lane help improve customers’ relationships and love lives? 

Jen: We are fortunate to have direct training from the product vendors regularly and from their podcasts. By listening to our customer’s needs and desires we know the best products to suggest. We have so much experience in all lifestyles and situations that we are able to think creatively to find multiple ways to explore products, plan special occasions, date nights, and to enhance the spice in their relationships.

Lauren: We are great people to talk with and help with those not-so-simple dilemmas. Many times, people feel very vulnerable or self-conscious about what they are shopping for. Having a safe space to open up about what’s going on or what they are trying to explore is so liberating for so many customers!

Allison: I believe in the “achievable fantasy.” You’ll never hear me tell someone to take a romantic bubble bath with their partner, unless they’re getting a Jacuzzi suite, because most people don’t have a bathtub big enough to comfortably fit two adults. We can definitely find a way to make a shower just as sensual and intimate as a bath. To get clean… you have to get dirty! Toss on some flavored body topping and chocolate body paint. Then when you hit that shower and steam, use our edible bath and shower gel. Use hands and mouths to get those bubbles from fingertips, to neck, to toes…See! Achievable Fantasy!

Great minds think alike! Let a Romance Specialist help you surprise your spouse with a sensuous and exciting Anniversary gift from Lover’s Lane…you never know, they might do the same for you!

3) Do you have any good, fun, positive stories about how you helped a customer explore something new or take a fresh approach to their romantic life? 

Chrysty: One couple that truly stood out to me was a lady and a gentleman who had been together for about 15 years and were starting to feel a little disconnected from each other due to everyday life. They became regulars and often came together to shop on their date nights. Those few small things they picked up ignited a flame that neither one of them had felt in a while. She came back a few weeks later and thanked me for all the help and filled me in on how things were going. She was absolutely glowing. It was a huge difference from the timid woman who seemed so unsure on her first visit.

Kelly: It’s fun helping customers that want to spice up their love lives and try new experiences in pleasure, whether they have a partner or are single. We have something for everyone. I’ve helped couples in their 80s keep that spark alive. I’ve helped some customers going through a break up who need to find new confidence. We are here for it all!  

Lauren: I have worked in this industry for 10 years and the reason for that is simple. The customers! It is so rewarding to have people come in that are feeling uncomfortable or maybe feeling judged and by the time they leave they have a smile on there face and are excited to go home and have fun. There is nothing better. You guys rock!!

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