Come As You Are with Gender Fluid Sex Toys

by Colleen G.

June 2, 2023


Who needs gender specificity to find the perfect, affordable sex toy? Not us, and definitely not the forward-thinking minds behind the Gender Fluid sex toy brand.

This product line leaves no gender identity or coupling behind with all sorts of styles of anal toys, dildos, and strap-on accessories. Gender Fluid’s packaging focuses on each toy’s use, without so much as a hint as who “should” or could be using it because there is no such concept. These sex toys are made for pleasure, and more importantly, they are made for everyone!

If you’re sick of overpaying for sex toy basics or need something outside the gender binary, these classic designs, re-imagined by the Gender Fluid brand, could be just the remedy for you.

Soft Packers

For anyone looking to gender-f*ck sexual stereotypes, or for Trans folks on a budget, Gender Fluid’s line of soft packers are ultra affordable and realistically molded.

Available in tan, brown, and dark brown skin tones, these TPE packers fit comfortably in tight-fitting briefs or any packer-accommodating underwear, like the Emex Fit Harness.

Gender Fluid’s 5-inch Soft Packers have a flat base for all-day coziness, and their TPE composition means they’ll warm to your body temperature.

They’re soft enough to create a life-like bulge, but may be a bit too soft for penetrative play (unless you really enjoy the squishiness of play and penetration with a flaccid dong, which we’d highly recommend for whoever might be into that). 

Enthrall Dildos

To take your date night from out-and-about with a wearable packer to getting down with something a bit more stiff, Gender Fluid’s line of black, silicone Enthrall dildos will fit just as nicely in your harness briefs or any strap-on apparatus you prefer.

The gently curved, slender Enthrall collection comes in lengths of 5.4 inches, 6.5 inches, and 7.8 inches, all with flat, strap-on friendly bases that can also suction to a flat, smooth surface.

Strap-On Harnesses & Revel Power Bullets

Need a place to pop those packers or dildos? Gender Fluid’s Johnnie and Skylar strap-on harnesses have got you covered (without covering up the parts you’d like to pleasure!).

The Skylar Strap-On is an adjustable harness that fits hips from 28 inches to 82 inches wide. Skylar has extra padding in front and back, and can be loosened or tightened with a simple pull.

The Johnnie Strap-On (pictured) features a stretchy, front pouch and O-ring to hold on to your plastic pleasure part of choice. Johnnie fits hips from 19 inches to 64 inches wide and has a crotchless design with space for a vibrating bullet. Sold separately, snap up one of Gender Fluid’s inexpensive, 10-speed powerful bullet vibes from the company’s Revel collection in aqua, purple or black to complete the strap-on experience.

Anal Vibes

Butt stuff is fun for everyone with a b-hole, which is why Gender Fluid couldn’t sensibly release a gender-neutral sex toy collection without a healthy helping of booty toys.

The brand’s line of slick, black anal vibrators has enough options to keep your butt hole from ever getting bored. All Gender Fluid anal vibes have 10 speeds of vibration and come with a remote control.

There’s the Enrapt, a prostate vibe that runs between the legs and encircles your stiff dick with a C-ring.

The Buzz features a wavy texture and a gentle curve that’s perfect for P or G spots.

Frission combines a curved head with a pair of rounded bumps.

Rumble (pictured) has a very beginner-friendly shape that’ll slide in gently and lightly stimulate prostates or G-spots.

Shake is stick-straight and reminds us of a small, rumble set of anal beads.

Excite Metal Gem Butt Plugs

Who doesn’t want a sparkling ass that defies the bounds of gender?

Gender Fluid has one of the largest collections of sparkling gem, body-safe metal butt plugs we’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something considering we’re Lover’s Lane and all.

We couldn’t help but list them all, because honestly, even we had a hard time choosing which one – or three – we’d want to take home.

The Excite Black Plug, Excite Rainbow Plug (pictured), Excite Rose Gold Plug, and Excite Silver Plug are your more traditional, smooth, and tear drop-shaped metal plugs with unique, colorful finishes and rainbow gem bases.

The Excite Flared Plug is similarly smooth and recommended for beginners with it’s tapered design. It’s just a little longer than the tear drop-style plugs for folks who enjoy slightly deeper anal play.

Texture lovers will dig the Ribbed Plug and Excite Beads, which both provide a bumpy ride during entry and exit.

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