Big Ticket Bangers, Blowers, and More!

by Colleen G.

January 26, 2024


Want to break the bank with your next bang? At Lover’s Lane, we pride ourselves on offering affordable luxury and insanely expensive sex toys, all of which will satisfy your kinks and cravings, regardless of your budget.

But you’ve gotta admit, when the sky’s the monetary limit for your pleasure product purchases, your options start to get pretty wild. From 360-thrusting sex machines to pricey furniture made specifically for bending over or getting bound to, you can turn your bedroom into a sex paradise with some of our most outrageous big-ticket toys.

If you’ve got money to blow (or would like to be blown by what money can buy), check out some of our most pricey pleasure products that’ll bring new meaning to the phrase “more bang for your buck.”

Lovebotz Matrix Multi-Angle Sex Machine

Now THIS is what you call a truly gender-inclusive pleasure product that’ll leave you solo and satisfied or crazy with desire during your couples’ play.

Get fucked (literally, and in the best way) with the Lovebotz Matrix Multi-Angle Sex Machine, a thrusting machine with multiple attachments that can bend like an acrobat. We dare you to find a sex position this ravenous robot can’t accommodate!

The Lovebotz Matrix features several attachments to fill all of your love holes, and there’s even a special, double dong dock (try saying that three times fast!) for dual penetrative fun.

Bedroom Bliss Love Couch With Restraint Points

Make some space in your bedroom (or, if you’re child-free and shameless, clear a spot in the living room!) for a soft, cushioned lounge that’s anything but a lazy boy.

Explore new positions or get all tied up in the Bedroom Bliss Love Couch With Restraint Points, a curvy work of furniture art.

This love couch is covered in 26 metal rings, so you can attach all of your kinky accessories, however you can dream up. Discover new ways to bend and twist your bodies along the couch’s S-shaped curve, or pop the included, extra pad into the middle to create a flat play surface that’s perfect for putting a dirtier spin on missionary or doggy style.

Zolo Blowstation Masturbator

In 2024, this ain’t your regular, old jerk session with an old, wrinkled Playboy magazine. Go all the way with your self-love stroking with a BJ machine that puts the moves on your penis while providing simultaneous, erotic entertainment.

Pull up your favorite porno, pop your smart phone into the handy attachment, and let the Zolo Blowstation Masturbator do all the work on your D.

While your eyes feast on adult video, treat your hard-on to the Blowstation’s 10 vibration patterns and 8 thrusting modes. It’s (almost) better than the real thing!

Luvdollz Remote Control Fuck Buddy

It’s time to break up with your 5-fingered lover and meet the plastic lady of your dreams.

The all-silicone, remote control Luvdollz Remote Control Fuck Buddy is made to please your penis’s every preference, from top-tier titty-f*cking to vibrating vag or anal sex.

The Luvdollz Fuck Buddy has a body like a brick house and a pair of ribbed, textured tunnels to squeeze your stiffy. Insert the included, double bullet vibrators to make your dream girl rumble with pleasure.

Womanizer Next 3D Pleasure Air In Sage

Everyone’s favorite air-pulse clitoral stimulator is back with new features, refined technology, and a gorgeously green, sage tone.

Long-time fans and new-comers alike, meet the Womanizer Next 3D Pleasure Air in Sage.

Choose from 14 whisper-quiet intensity levels, which won’t even turn on until the toy is touching your skin, or let the Womanizer take control with 3 pre-set intensity journeys in Auto Pilot mode. The Afterglow function adjusts the toy to the lowest setting once you’ve climaxed, so your oversensitive clit can chill after coming.

Fuck Me Silly Dude Mega Masturbator

Oh, so you thought love dolls were only for straight dudes? It’s about time the ladies and gay guys got a shot at the deliciously kinky experience of doing a silicone doll that never goes soft.

The Fuck Me Silly Dude Mega Masturbator is the ultimate hot guy with chiseled abs, a drool-worthy, muscle-bound chest, and a rock-hard cock that can last for hours.

As an added bonus, you can even play with his butt. Ride his hard-on and then finish in his tight ass (or practice your pegging game, ladies).

Lelo Soraya Wave

Who in their right mind would spend nearly $300 on a vibrator? You would, you classy babe!

Procure the ultimate in triple pleasure with the Lelo Soraya Wave, a rabbit-style vibrator that buzzes, flexes, and robotically bends to stroke your internal spots.

The Soraya’s super flexible, clitoral vibrator has a soft arm that’ll ensure the vibe makes contact with your vulva. Soraya’s internal arm gently waves back and forth to reach your G and A-spots while simultaneously vibrating.

With 8 vibration settings and a whisper-quiet motor, Soraya provides the full luxury vibrator experience, down to it’s thoughtfully designed, high-end packaging.

Master Series Obedience Chair with Sex Machine

Getting down on your knees to serve your master is so 2023. Spread your love slave’s legs wide and let the Master Series Obedience Chair and Sex Machine penetrate with punishing pleasure.

This sturdy, cushioned BDSM chair takes all the heaving work out of dominace. The Obedience Chair straps down your sub’s torso so you can easily slip and strap their lower limbs into the leg rests. The back rest also includes two D-rings to attach cuffs or other kink accessories.

Once your lover is fit to be tied, turn on the attached sex machine, which delivers a quivering 195 thrusts per minute on the high setting. You can even detatch the sex machine from the chair and use it however your willing love slave deserves.

If you’ve been saving up and are ready to splurge on some serious sex toys, this weekend is the perfect time to do it! Saturday & Sunday, January 27-28, everyone can clean up with our pre-Valentine’s Big Spender Special. The more you spend, the more you save…up to $150 off if you spend $400 or more! So pop into your nearest Lover’s Lane store or hop online at to pony up for these or any other big ticket boudoir bonuses for a great deal!

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