Brand Spotlight: Dare to be Bare with Coochy Shave Cream

by Colleen G.

March 3, 2022


If you’ve ever shaved above the legs and below the waist, you’ve probably experienced the painful, itchy nightmare that is razor burn. Any gender can suffer this pimple-like affliction, caused by irritating the sensitive skin that’s home to the hair follicles that grow body hair, most notably of the pubic variety.

For totally unfair reasons, Mother Nature decided that hair removal, especially around the genitals, should almost always result in red bumps that only get worse the more you shave. Frankly, the whole situation makes you wonder why you even bothered shaving at all.

Skipping hair removal altogether is becoming more popular these days, as growing head-to-toe hair is literally one of the most normal things a human body can do. There is ZERO shame in showing off a natural pubic bush or letting your leg or armpit hair out for some fresh air. However, some of us just prefer the smoothness of being freshly shaved all over. If you’re taking a razor to the most rash-prone areas of your body, you’re going to need the right tools to protect yourself.

Coochy Cream, as the brand’s name not-so-subtly suggests, is a skincare line made just for shaving your so-called bikini area, but we also adore it as an all-over shave cream that’ll keep you free from irritation and redness. Oh yeah, and did we mention that because Coochy Cream is fortified with TONS of moisturizers, your shaved parts will feel their softest ever? Yep, Coochy Cream is THAT good, and it’s been popular for years for this reason.

Grab yourself a bottle (or five) of our favorite Coochy Cream scents and experience the most comfortable shave of your life (yes, seriously!).

Coochy Shave Cream in Au Natural

Want the best of Coochy Cream’s ultra soft, shave cream formulas? You can’t go wrong with Coochy Shave Cream in Au Natural.

Free of flowery fragrances, this scentless version of Coochy Cream’s famous shaving moisturizer is best for a full-body shave, especially if you’ve got a male partner who might want to sneak a little dab for his morning face routine.

With ingredients like Jojoba seed oil and keratin, Coochy Cream is so gentle on your skin, you won’t be able to resist touching yourself post-shave – in more ways than one!

Coochy Shave Creams in Peachy Keen, Island Paradise, and Sweet Nectar

Perfume-loving shavers will want to get their hands on Coochy Cream’s signature, soft formulas scented with sensual, romantic fragrances.

Upon application, these sensitive-skin creams soften body hair, making it easier to shave away without irritation. You can even use them to condition your locks after shampooing.

Coochy Shave Cream in Sweet Nectar smells of pear, wild berries, and apple blossom. Coochy Shave Cream in Island Paradise is infused with juicy acai berries and sensually sweet mangosteen. Coochy Shave Cream in Peachy Keen smells exactly like delicious fresh peaches, sugar cane, and fresh vanilla.

Coochy After Shave Protection Mist

Extra prone to post-shaving irritation? Coochy After Shave Protection Mist comes to your rescue!

Coochy’s hydrating, gentle after-shave is designed to protect newly shaven skin and prevent clothing irritation – because eventually you’re going to have to slip some undies over that baby-soft vulva.

Made with skin conditioning and soothing ingredients, Coochy After Shave closes the pores to protect against clogging bacteria and dead skin cells while sealing your skin from chafing.

Scented with botanicals, Coochy After Shave smells delightful as it heals with Green Tea Leaf extract, Chamomile Flower, and Lavender.

Coochy Fragrance Mists

Masters of perfumed creations, the Coochy Cream brand also sells their scents as fragrance body sprays.

Try Coochy Fragrance Mist in Frosted Cake or Coochy Fragrance Mist in Floral Haze for a sweet surprise that’ll keep you smelling gorgeous throughout the day.

Match your favorite Coochy Shave Cream and add a little extra scent power to your post-shave routine with Coochy Fragrance Mist in Sweet Nectar, Coochy Fragrance Mist in Island Paradise and Coochy Fragrance Mist in Peachy Keen.

Coochy Shave Cream Foil Packet Testers

Can’t decide which Coochy Shave Cream to try first? Now you can take all of Coochy Cream’s best-selling scents for a test run.

All of our Coochy Shave Creams are available in foil packet tester sizes, so there’s no need to decide between a big bottle of classic Peachy Keen or no-nonsense Au Natural until you’ve smelled them all.

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