Seven Sexy Things To Do When You Have an Extra Hour

by Kristin T.

November 12, 2021


If you live somewhere that observes Daylight Saving Time, it ends overnight on Saturday, 11/6/21.  You know the drill…it’s time to “fall back”. Setting those clocks back an hour before you hit the hay always feels somewhat refreshing, like you’re getting an “extra” hour to do whatever you want with! Even if we only feel the benefits of the time change for a few days, make the most of it with these sensational, sexy ideas for what to do with your spare time! Use these tips today, tomorrow, or any time you find yourself with an extra hour for romance.

1. Make Dinnertime Playtime

Everyone needs to eat, so when you have a little extra time on your hands, why not make it fun? Whether it’s just a couple’s thing or you get the whole family involved, use an extra hour to make an occasion out of dinner. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, either. Try loading up on your favorite toppings and make an epic nacho bar or build-your-own pizza night. Make sandwiches and salads, throw down a blanket, and have a picnic in your living room. Share the kitchen and each cook a course, or put on your own mini cooking competition. The possibilities are endless when you find flirty ways to play with your food.

Want to really turn up the heat? Enjoy your private dinner with the added side dish of a remote-controlled panty vibe, like the Hookup Panties Remote Bow-Tie G-string, or the app-controlled Love Distance Span Vibrating Panty. Put your lover in control with the remote, and let them tease and please you all the way through dinner. There’s no way this meal isn’t ending with hot-as-hell kitchen counter or table sex. Bon apetit!

2. Put Your Love in Writing

Have an hour to spare and feeling extra romantic?  Time to sit down with your partner and write love letters! Sure, you can type them on a computer if that’s all you have access to, but it feels more personal if you can hand-write your note, especially if you use some pretty paper or special stationery and pens.

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable, ideally outdoors if it’s a nice day…something about nature is soothing for the soul. Sit with your thoughts for a bit and write down your deepest feelings and darkest desires that you want to share with your lover. A stream-of-consciousness brain dump is fine; they don’t have to be Shakespearean sonnets; just write to your lover in a way that reminds them of the many reasons you love them. When you’re both finished, exchange love letters and read them, whether out loud or silently. Your special notes will no doubt trigger laughter, tears, or both…and a rekindled sense of romance. It’s good to be reminded of those meaningful memories, and those amazing feelings from when you first got together.

Want an even sexier way to get your most wanton wants down on paper? Either cooperatively or independently, you and your partner should write out a “sexual bucket list”. Jot down every idea you can think of, no matter how bizarre, for things you’d really like to try with your partner in the realm of sex and romance. Come together, share, and discuss what you both came up with. Then there’s nothing left to do but start checking some off the list together!

3. Get your Game On!

Instead of your usual date night sitting around and watching Netflix, clear off that cluttered dining room table and choose a game to play together. Sure, there are all sorts of bedroom board games to help get you in the mood for love, but you can save those for later. I’m talking about good old-fashioned board or card games here. Whether you’re playing classics like checkers or chess, two-player childhood favorites like Battleship or Guess Who, or a super fun murder mystery or escape room game, you’ll both be engaging your brains and engaged with each other. Games can help get couples talking in a way passive forms of entertainment can’t. The cleverness and cooperation you cultivate while playing games together may even help you be more in sync in the bedroom. Hopefully you can make game night a weekly tradition!

4. Play Dress-Up (or dress-down)

When you have an extra hour to make sexy time a special occasion, a little role play can be the perfect way to fit the bill. Discuss your scene and characters, get your outfits squared away, then dive into the moment and see where it takes you. Pretending to be someone you’re not can help you explore and enjoy your sensuality in ways you may not have discovered before.

While your clothes and costumes will most likely wind up coming off at the end of a role play scenario, you can also flip the script and make taking off your clothes the whole point. Put on a sexy striptease show for your lover, complete with music to set the mood and your greatest moves. While stripteases are often portrayed as the girl stripping for the guy, it can (and should) easily go the other way sometimes, too. Don’t forget to have some sexy men’s wear in your top drawer for the big reveal. If you’re on the shy side, playing a game that will help tell you what to take off may be a fun way to go, too.

5. Take Each Other Dancing

We know it’s still kind of Covid-y out in many areas, so you don’t have to go anywhere special…just scooch some furniture aside and spend an hour dancing in your living room! Dancing is one of the only forms of exercise that engages the whole brain, so it releases a lot of the same happy hormones as love and sex! Some studies have shown that engaging in dance-based fitness programs regularly can even help stave off dementia.

It doesn’t all have to be fancy, professional quality ballroom dancing to get those sexy juices flowing, either. Taking dance lessons with your love may be fun, but you can replicate the benefits of dancing together at home. Play a dance-based video game together, put on your favorite club mix and fast-dance like you’re out on the town, or just throw on a clip from Dancing with the Stars and try to recreate a favorite tango or foxtrot routine. No matter how you do it, engage in “the vertical expression of horizontal desires” with your lover today, and see if it leads you right between the sheets.

6. Break out that Toy Box

When you have an extra hour to “play” with, there’s no need to restrict your lovemaking to a before-bed quickie…especially if you can both sleep in the next day. Why not make your sexy session extra-special by tossing a toy or two into the mix?

If you’re new to using toys together, a finger vibe or a vibrating cock ring can be a great way to go. Communicate with your partner and begin to learn what they like…then do more of that! If you don’t want something interfering with what’s going on between your legs, nipple toys may be a fun way to add a fun twist. Or, if you’re looking for a way to torture and tease your lover into the ultimate orgasm, you really can’t beat a wand for adding knee-buckling, spine-tingling power to your play.

7. Go Stargazing

The late fall/early winter is the PERFECT time to get your sky-watching on! Plus, since it gets dark so much earlier now, you don’t have to stay out super late to enjoy the best views of the cosmos. Sure, it’s a little chilly out, but that just gives you more of an excuse to cuddle closer once you come in from the cold! And really, I can think of few things more romantic than holding your lover in the dark while you ponder the beauty & vastness of the universe together.

Pack blankets and some thermoses of herbal tea or hot cocoa (or wine, we don’t judge!), dress in cozy layers, and find a nice dark area to stargaze from. The further from the light pollution of cities and suburbs, the better. You can take a telescope if you have one, but it’s not totally necessary. There are also a lot of great phone apps you can download beforehand that will tell you what you’re looking at. Just snuggle up, stay in the moment, and enjoy the breathtaking views. And if you don’t have ideal access to the real thing, a date night to a planetarium show can be just as romantic!

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