Bridal Boudoir Looks for Wedding Belles

by Colleen G.

May 11, 2023


C’mon, who are you kidding with that white wedding dress? 😉 Alright sis, we know you’re actually a vixen in the sack and definitely not a virgin on your wedding night (because honestly, virginity is just a patriarchal construct and a part of sex-negative purity culture anyhow).

But we won’t deny that pretty much everyone looks gorgeous in white, and there’s something so juicily naughty about playing the role of the blushing bride who can’t wait to get back to her hotel room on her wedding night.

However your evening ends once the gorgeous white gown comes off, there’s no reason not to slip into something more comfortable (or at least something more lacy that shows off your fantastic ass). If you’re currently planning your big day, or dreaming of the sex-tastic after-party that will become your honeymoon, it’s about time you invested in some appropriately angelic lingerie to fit the wedding belle theme. Your hubs or wifey will almost forget they’ve seen you naked before!

Everlasting Gift Lace And Mesh Set

Even if you and your boo have already done the deed, you can still adore playing the role of a traditional bride. Nothing feels more classic than a 3-piece lingerie set, complete with white lace, a classic bikini panty, and a garter belt attached to a pair of thigh-high pantyhose.

The Everlasting Gift Lace And Mesh 3-Piece Set, which similarly stuns in a plus-sized version, captures the feel of a 1950’s pin-up bride with modern twists, like a cut-out in the back to emphasize your booty curves and a plunging neckline.

Don’t forget the white thigh-highs (or plus thigh-highs) to attach to that irresistible garter belt and complete the look!

Lapdance Sexy Fishnet Mini Dress

If, on the other hand, you’re just completely giving the middle finger to tradition on this special day, why not match your attitude to your lingerie?

The Lapdance Sexy Fishnet Mini Dress gives zero f*cks about your religious family members and what they might think of your wedding day plans. That’s exactly why this strip club-worthy stretch dress feels sexy and rebellious af for the sexy soiree happening after. For just the two of you. With the lights dimmed.

Squeeze those tiny cheeks or those plus-sized curves into this lascivious little number and your honey will get hard like it’s his first time.

Lily Lace Bralette And Pencil Skirt

For those who prefer a dash of feminine wedding bell tradition with a more modern design, a two-piece skirt and lace top carry the romantic white dress theme into the sexier part of your evening reception.

The beautiful but barely there Lily Lace Bralette And Pencil Skirt and its matching plus-size get-up look totally different from typical bridal lingerie, but we love that this skin-tight, bum-revealing skirt and stretchy top keep with the classic, formal white lace theme.

Ethereal Romance Underwire Top & Garter Belt Set

After a long day of dancing, socializing, and (let’s face it, probably) drinking your face off, you might want a lingerie look that does all the work for you.

Enter the effortlessly romantic Ethereal Romance 3-Piece Underwire Top And Garter Belt Set and its plus-sized counterpart. This ultra-modern design brings the heat with scantily sexy eyelash lace, a bra that shows off some serious under-boob, and skirt-like, see-thru garter belt that barely covers a tiny pair of thong undies.

Just slip into this little number and let the lace do the talking! (Just don’t forget the lacy white thigh-highs, bb.)

Zuri Embroidered Teddy

Dying to inject a little color after a full day in nothing but snow white? Spring for a light, bright floral piece that’s angelic, innocent, and a total turn-on. You can even carry a secret, sexy ‘something blue’ into your first evening of wedded bliss.

The Zuri Embroidered Teddy and plus-size teddy are like a breath of fresh air after wriggling out of your white dress. Blue lace lilies grace your nipples and drape down your bare torso, accented by sheer white mesh and detachable garters.

Pair this delightful one-piece with some Floral Lace Top Thigh Highs to complete this totally unique wedding night look.

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