Can Good Luck Charms Really Help You Get Lucky?

by Kristin T.

March 16, 2024


As we approach the holiday of Leprechauns & Lucky Charms and spring is starting to sprout, odds are you may be staring at the ground hoping to spot a four leaf clover. Are you hoping it can help bring you luck in love? These little leaves have been believed to be lucky for centuries now, so they are a well-known good luck charm. People might have little objects they carry or jewelry they wear on job interviews or when they go to the casino. What about sex & romance, though? Is there any kind of lucky charm that can help make you even luckier in love?

Do you have a good luck charm? Many people all over the world do. Objects, articles of clothing, numbers, or even perfumes have the privilege of being considered lucky by their doting believers. Maybe you wouldn’t be caught dead going to a job interview without wearing your lucky socks. What about touching your lucky teddy bear before a romantic prospect comes over for the first time? If you’re hoping to get lucky in life or love, can a simple superstition like this help you out? It turns out, it just might!

What are some common good luck charms?

Wondering what some of the most popular lucky charms are? Curious if yours is “typical” or not – not that it matters? A 2023 study by The Independent revealed the following as the most common lucky charms in the UK:

Top 10 lucky charms in the UK:

  1. Lucky number
  2. Bracelet
  3. Four leaf clover
  4. Coins
  5. Ring
  6. Underwear
  7. Horseshoe
  8. Dice
  9. Goldfish
  10. Socks
Richard Jenkins for The Independent, UK

This list feels pretty similar to what might be reported if the same study was done in the US. The article also compared them to the top charms in Ireland, where people more frequently reported feeling especially lucky or blessed. It’s a good read for this time of year – perhaps the Luck o’ the Irish is a real thing!

People across many different countries, cultures, and religions have various objects & symbols they view similarly to lucky charms. National Geographic looks into some of the most well-known ones in their article From evil eyes to sacred hearts, a look at lucky charms around the world. Many of these multicultural talismans are believed to bring a person their version of “luck”, usually by either attracting positive energy or keeping bad or evil energy (or spirits) away. Just like the belief in the four-leaf clover being lucky, the ideas have spread. Many people all around the world have adopted belief in these traditional good luck charms from other cultures and display them in their homes, cars, or on jewelry.

How do they work?

While scientists may dismiss a belief in a lucky charm as superstition or irrational thinking, many people believe pretty strongly that their good luck charms really do help them out in life. So, can a good luck charm really help you attract your crush, have more/better sex, or score future dates with that hottie from the bar? The easy answer is yes…if you believe it can. There are a few primary mechanisms believers feel (and psychologists agree with) that lucky charms work through:

As a grounding object or through sensory input:

Beyond portability, there’s a good reason good luck charms tend to be small objects, and often ones with interesting textures. Polished gemstones, rabbit’s feet, coins, and dice are easy to conceal in a pocket or purse. When a believer is anxious or uncomfortable, or just feels like they need a little extra luck, they can touch or manipulate the object in their hands to help ground or center themselves on and calm down. Almost like a simple fidget toy, the charm acts as something for them to focus on other than how nervous they are on their date. If the date goes well once they have zenned out by touching their lucky charm, it further reinforces the belief that the object is lucky.

Rather than physical objects to touch, many some people may have other sensory things they feel bring them luck. Do you always listen to the same song before a big game or a job interview? What about a signature scent? Whether you always use the same shower gel before important meetings at work, or spritz on the same pheromone perfume before date night, smelling those scents or hearing that music affects your brain to put you in the zone. It boosts your mood which helps you set positive expectations so luck will come your way. Chances are, they became your lucky thing because you had a good experience with them in the past. And why risk ruining a good thing, right?

The power of belief:

Studies have shown that people who believe they have luck on their side feel a greater sense of self-efficacy, writes Gretchen Rubin for Psychology Today. Self-efficacy is the belief that we are capable of doing what we set out to do. Basically, as long as you believe your object or ritual is lucky, you will feel lucky. She reports that “in one study, people who were told that a golf ball “has turned out to be a lucky ball” did better at putting than people who weren’t told that.” While the concept of “luck” as some supernatural force affecting our lives doesn’t stand up to most science, our brains have a pretty powerful influence that can help belief take over, making us feel lucky.

To help with manifesting.

Manifesting is a practice popularized by books and self-help programs like The Secret and The Law of Attraction. Basically, it involves channeling only positive thoughts and energies into making your dreams a reality. Followers try and manifest everything from love to money to travel opportunities by speaking about these future unknowns as absolute certainties. Good luck charms can contribute to a manifesting practice. As you speak your desires into the universe, believing that some of those positive energies are stored by or attracted to the charm may help you hold that dream happen until it comes true.

In the bedroom, though?

Why not? Whether you recognize it or not, simply being in possession of your good luck charm helps make you more confident. When you feel more confident, you let your best self shine. Those around you will recognize that swagger…including your romantic partner or the object of your desire. Radiating confidence can make you feel and even look more beautiful. Realizing you have that glow (and hearing all the compliments about it) puts any thoughts of low self esteem or negative body image in the dumpster. So whether it’s a shiny stone you put in your pocket before a date, or a pair of underwear or boxers that make you feel lucky in love, your good luck charm genuinely can help you feel more attractive and perform more confidently in bed.

If there’s a certain sexual or romantic pot of gold at the end of your proverbial rainbow, why not see if your good luck charm (or a new one you choose to designate for this purpose) can give you a little boost towards getting lucky?

The bottom line?

Like most superstitions, religions, or other individual belief systems, good luck charms are basically as helpful as you believe them to be. Even with no scientific basis behind them, there is a lot of evidence of why we feel lucky charms “work” for psychological & emotional reasons. If you have a favorite object that you feel brings you good luck, then it does, simple as that! Carrying or wearing a good luck charm isn’t harmful to anyone, and it typically isn’t even noticeable; no need to feel silly. So, if it makes you feel more confident, it helps you put good vibes out into the universe. This helps you attract the best things (and people) for you, which in turn helps you “make your own luck”.

Whether it’s related to work, money, travel, love, or sex (you can even do more research on sex-based charms here), if your favorite charm helps you up your charm factor or manifest your dreams, continue to use it and let it work its magic!

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