Ladies, Embrace Your Power with Femme Funn

by Colleen G.

March 9, 2024


Every sex toy brand has got their special something. We-Vibe reigns in the couples category, Womanizer shines for clitoral stimulation, and if you haven’t yet heard, Femme Funn is fantastic at crafting powerful, versatile bullet vibes.

For babes in need of serious power in small packages, Femme Funn delivers in spades with luxurious options for every budget. The brand’s vibe collection consists of modern, clean designs in attractive colors and body-safe, easy-to-clean materials. Their focus on, well, focused external stimulation allows them to pack tons of vibration levels and modes into their tiny motors.

Get acquainted with some of Femme Funn’s best sellers that you can snag from your local Lover’s Lane retail store or online shop.

Femme Funn Rechargeable Silicone Ultra Bullet

Start your collection and your sexual engines with Femme Funn’s most affordable, flexible bullet, the Femme Funn Rechargeable Silicone Ultra Bullet.

This finger-sized wonder flexes with your body’s movements and offers 20 modes of vibration to fit your every mood.

It’s also totally submersible, so you can take it in the bath or shower, and USB rechargeable for easy play prep.

Booster Bullet

Take the next step in functionality and power with the Booster Bullet, another small bullet vibe that’s perfect for solo or couples play.

The Booster Bullet also boasts of 20 vibration modes and submersibility with the added boost feature to bump up the power when you need it most. There’s even a memory feature that recalls the last setting you chose, so you can get right back to where you left off on your next pleasure session.

Femme Funn Dioni Finger Vibrator

It seems the folks at Femme Funn took the buzz term ‘finger vibe’ quite literally, and we are so here for it.

Available in both small and large sizes to accommodate you or your lover’s fingers, the Femme Funn Dioni Finger Vibrator slips right over your chosen digit like a smooth, silicone glove.

The Dioni stays snugly in place so you can drizzle on all that yummy, slippery lube without losing your grip. Dioni has 20 vibration modes and also plays well in the tub or shower.

Slip this baby on and turn into an instant fingering pro, no tired hands required.

Femme Funn Volea Fluttering Tip Vibrator

Ready for something completely different in the bedroom? Discover the many shapes of pleasure with the uniquely crafted Femme Funn Volea Fluttering Tip Vibrator.

Volea’s C-shaped, dual tips flutter with 10 different modes. Its versatility makes it perfect for all kinds of solo or coupled play.

Try Volea anywhere you enjoy being touched, like the vulva or nipples. Volea’s innovative shape provides indirect vibrations, which is perfect for more sensitive bodies. We also recommend running a lubed-up Volea across your partner’s penis and testicles.

Bougie Bullet With Rechargeable Case

It’s the crème de la crème of bullet vibes, and its name does this high-quality vibrator perfect justice.

The Bougie Bullet is on the higher end of the luxury toy price scale, but it’s all worth it for the smooth anodized aluminum finish, the included discreet charging case, and 20 vibration modes that’ll keep you entertained for as long as your toy’s rechargeable battery lasts.

For a truly luxurious self-love experience, dip the Bougie Bullet in a cup of warm water, slather on some lube, and thank us later.

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