Cheers to 30 Years of Romance & Pleasure

by Kristin T.

December 3, 2022


This weekend is a big milestone for everyone’s favorite Store for Lovers. That’s right…Lover’s Lane is celebrating its 30th year in business! That’s 30 awesome years of helping all lovers find the best products to help enhance their love lives and fulfil their bedroom fantasies. Read on to see how things have changed over the years, how our stores can help enhance your intimate life, and what we’re doing to celebrate our 30th anniversary (hint: we’re spreading the love around by sharing savings with you, our customers)!

The Past:

30 years ago, the first Lover’s Lane retail store opened its doors in Westland, Michigan. It was not a particularly large store, and the building also housed the entire corporate office and distribution center for the company for quite a few years! Once the store proved popular, more would soon follow. It turns out local lovers enjoyed having a one-stop shop for all their sexual and romantic gift needs. The next store opened in Clinton Township, Michigan in August of 1993, and as we say, the rest is history! The chain continued to grow throughout the Midwest, opening more Michigan stores, locations throughout Chicago and its suburbs, and then moved into Indianapolis.

Some stores wound up being more experimental than smash successes, and they aren’t all still around today, but they were fun while they lasted! We even tried branching out to the U.S. Virgin Islands, with a store location in St. Thomas that lasted a few years. I’ve volunteered to relocate and be the store manager there if we ever decide to try again. I’d also accept a stint in Hawaii. 😉

Another big early part of the Lover’s Lane business model was catalog sales and home parties. In the heyday of Tupperware parties and Avon Ladies, it only made sense to market our sensual lingerie and bedroom aids through direct sales representatives at in-home parties. Popular among groups of girlfriends and brides-to-be, lovers could shop for romance products in the comfort of a friend’s home over a wine cooler or four! If that still didn’t provide enough privacy, customers could also shop secretly from home using our gorgeous catalogs which were mailed to homes, and have even become prized collectibles to some folks! Full of sexy lingerie looks updated for each season, and the latest in (90s) sex toy tech, lovers could flip through the pages endlessly to shop for fun gifts to add to their bedroom routines.

Our catalogs were everyone’s favorite thing to see in the mail for years, but sadly they are no more!

The Present:

Things look quite different these days, but that’s a beautiful thing! The once-popular mail order & catalog sales of the past have evolved into our two internet retail sites,, where you can shop for all the hottest lingerie looks (more on that below), fun novelties for bachelorette parties and beyond, and unique romantic gifts that make Lover’s Lane famous, as well as, the even more grown-up site where you can shop our collections of high-tech sex toys, bondage and fetish gear, bedroom essentials, and erotic apparel.  These online shopping sites, along with our Lover’s Lane Podcast and yours truly, the Intimacy Advisor blog, have opened up the joys of Lover’s Lane to an audience well beyond the Midwest where our 38 current stores are located.

The most recent addition to the Lover’s Lane family is a chain in the Cleveland area formerly known as Ambiance. Ambiance stores have completed the transition into Lover’s Lane, and they have so far been very well received by the customers in that area. Lover’s Lane offers a lot more lingerie than Ambiance stores used to, and the selection is always changing and improving, especially with the offering of Web Exclusive looks! We’re always striving to keep things fresh and make new fans!  Lover’s Lane is for singles, couples…anyone who loves LOVE…and we can’t wait to welcome you in!

Our flagship store in Plymouth, Michigan continues the 30 year tradition of gifts for lovers in a boutique setting.

The Philosophy:

When Lover’s Lane first opened its doors 30 years ago today, it was a small, family-owned business with big dreams. The owners wanted a store where people could shop for beautiful lingerie and fun sex toys and adult novelties, but without the skeezy feeling those establishments can sometimes give off. The main thing that sets Lover’s Lane apart from the crowd is the luxurious, boutique shopping experience that awaits you in any of our stores. Our stores are bright, welcoming, well-lit, and clean.

The products we carry are hand-curated by our buyers to be perfect for a wide audience of lovers, and we have a little something for everyone…all you need to do is ask!  Our products are of the highest quality, too…we only source from reputable vendors and world famous brands like LELO and Pipedream, so you can rest assured that what you’re getting is safe, legitimate, and amazing!  

One of Lover’s Lane’s unwritten mottos is “If we don’t sell it, you don’t need it!”…we’re THAT confident that what we sell is the very best.  Whether you’re shopping for sexy lingerie (including curvy sizes) for a night in with your sweetie, or a couple’s toy to spice up your sex life, we can help you with that, no matter if it’s your first purchase or your 50th!  Products from Lover’s Lane make it easy to treat yourself or your lover to something luxurious and special that makes it easy to “Play Together, Stay Together”.

Our newly relocated and renovated store in Novi, MI embodies the Lover’s Lane difference.

The Future:

While no one can say for certain what the future holds, one certain thing is that Lover’s Lane will keep going strong…and growing whenever possible. The Lover’s Lane team refuses to sit still. We are always working hard to evolve with the times by keeping our marketing updated, purchasing the most innovative sexy products for our customers to choose from, and improving our websites and stores to make them even more beautiful and easier to shop from. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we continue to hire the best in the retail business as our friendly and service-oriented Romance Specialists. They are well trained in the science of sex & sensuality, knowledgeable about products, and sensitive to the needs and desires of all customers, even when selling what can be uncomfortable for some to talk about. We are always looking to continually improve and be the best in the industry so we remain a repeat shopping destination for all lovers!

We also strive to keep our prices competitive and affordable so all lovers can bring romantic gifts of love and bedroom toys into their homes and sex lives! On that note, Lover’s Lane is celebrating our 30th Anniversary with you, the customer, by offering 30% OFF EVERYTHING this weekend only! Saturday, December 3rd through Monday the 5th, every single thing we sell, in stores AND online, is 30% off! Come celebrate 30 years of love with us for a great deal, and spice up your weekend (and your sex life) in the process!

As Lover’s Lane celebrates 30 years in business, come see how we offer “More Romance, More Intimacy, More Often” year after year, and will continue to for many more years to come!

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