Sexy Storytime: Choose Your Own Sex-venture

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


September is SEXtember here at Lover’s Lane, and we want our readers to have some fun with this one.  If you read & loved “Choose Your Own Adventure” books as a kid, this post is a nod to those…but definitely NOT for kids!  Read the opening paragraph, then “choose your path” by picking the basic description of what you want to do next, then simply scroll down to read (and do!) what it says in the matching color text!  This three-step bedroom adventure is meant to lead you through an evening (or daytime) of seductive, flirtatious fun for ALL lovers…the romantic suggestions and descriptions of sex acts you can engage in have been kept as generic and gender-neutral as possible, so you and your partner can play however works best for you!  Now, grab your lover, dim the lights, and read on to choose the course of your next great Sex-venture!  


You both return home after a long, tiring day.  It’s a chilly fall night and a fine mist hangs in the air, giving the moon and everything around you a soft romantic glow.  As much as you’ve been enjoying spending your evenings outside together lately, it’s too cold for that tonight.  This means that you and your lover finally have an evening of peace & quiet at home…indoors…alone.  It’s quite the rare opportunity these days, so you don’t want to waste it.  You both give each other a knowing glance. You seem to have simultaneously decided what to do, without talking…and you’re both very excited about those plans!  You don’t want to take things too fast, though, and you can tell you’re both in the same state of mind about how you want this night (and your foreplay) to go, so . . . what mood are you in?

We’re feeling like getting cozy!

~ or . . . ~

We’re feeling like getting frisky!

The cool breeze and foggy air outside has you both in the mood to get cozy and warm each other up.  Maybe you’ve changed into sweats and comfy T-shirts by now, but you know your lover finds that look incredibly sexy…and they’ll be taking those clothes off of you soon enough!  Turn off the bedroom lights and light a couple candles.  You start out in bed, under the covers.  Holding each other close, you kiss and caress all over their body.  You hit all the favorite spots, but don’t forget about those more unusual pleasure zones…kiss and touch your lover on the back of their neck, the small of their back, and just below their rib cage…it’ll send the good kind of chills right down their spine and leave them begging for more.  You start to venture your hands down their pants or up their shirt, and just do whatever little moves you can to bring them pleasure, while they return the favor.  This reminds you of your earliest days of being together, when every time felt new and a little risky.  Content with all this making out and heavy petting, you begin to take each other’s clothes off while looking into your lover’s eyes with anticipation.

You and your lover seriously can’t wait to get into each other’s pants, but you’re feeling frisky and want to have some fun first.  Start out in the kitchen.  Open the refrigerator and find whatever you can use to “flirt with food”…you’re going to have your lover for dessert!  Blindfold them for more sexy surprise, and feed them strawberries or grapes seductively, lick whipped cream or chocolate sauce off their body, or hold each other close while you sip wine together to help warm up the mood.  Go in for the sexy sensory power move and grab an ice cube to rub all over their body…remember, they can’t see, so you can surprise them with each new point you touch it to…don’t neglect their collarbone, shoulders, and even the backs of their knees.  Now that the little hair on the back of your lover’s neck is definitely standing on end, hoist them up on the counter top and start making out hot & heavy.  This change of scenery excites you, and you can’t wait for what comes next!

The foreplay has been fun, and you’re ready for what comes next.  Your bodies are ready and you can’t keep your hands off each other, so they only thing to do next is sex!  Remembering that you’re trying to make tonight unique, special, and memorable for you and your lover, what kind of sexual experience do you think the two of you will have the most fun with tonight?

Let’s keep things sweet and romantic.

~ or . . . ~

Let’s get a little kinky and naughty!

You both part ways for a brief moment to prepare for your tender, romantic lovemaking session, whatever getting ready may entail for you.  Grab your favorite lube (bonus if it’s flavored to lead to tastier oral favors!) to keep things smooth, freshen up, and maybe even slip into a sweet but sexy chemise & g-string or some hot new briefs to surprise your lover when they’re ready to join you.  You’re spicing things up with a change of scenery tonight, too.  Spread out a big, soft blanket on the living room floor, and dim the lights if you can, or do it by candlelight or the soft glow of a warm fireplace.  Lie down on the blanket and pretend you’re under the stars.  Embrace each other, then begin to pleasure your partner – first, with your hands, then with your mouth…then switch roles, and finally commit with your entire selves.  Nestle a couple’s toy between you if you have one for even more fun and erotic pleasure.  Communicate with little sighs and soft moans to lead the way as your lover pleasures you to your heart’s content, then enjoy the most memorable sex you’ve had in ages.

You want tonight’s sex to be memorable, so you’re going for making it anything but vanilla!  Prepare to head for the dark side during your kinky sex session…you can’t wait to get a little naughty and have someone take the lead.  Put on your favorite erotic fetish wear…anything black and strappy will do the trick, or dress for role playing a favorite fantasy.  Grab the props you’ll need…blindfolds, handcuffs, maybe even some bed restraints or a spanker so you really know who’s in control.  If this is new to you and you don’t have this gear, you can improvise with what you have around the house as well as you can…it’ll still be just as much fun!  Set the scene and make your safe word.  Decide who will be dominant and who will be submissive – you can always take turns if you both want a chance to wear the boss boots – then engage your darkest fantasies and play until you and your lover both squirm with delight and scream from ecstasy.  

Phew, that was fun!  You are both tired and sweaty in the best ways possible.  As you hold each other close and bask in the warm, romantic afterglow, you decide you both want to do one more sexy thing together before you call it a day; after all, you might not have this opportunity again for awhile.  So, how much energy do you have left for your final evening activity?

That fired us up! We wanna do all the things!

~ or . . . ~

That was amazing, but we’re ready for bed!

You have lots of energy left, so you want to have a fun, silly night cap with your lover…it’s time for sexy game night!  Make sure to get dressed again first, because you might wind up taking off your clothes again, one turn at a time!  Prepare popcorn or another game night snack you love.  Get out a favorite old board game you both love, but play it with a little striptease involved…strip Battleship, anyone!?  Try a classic like strip poker, or dig deep into those first co-ed party memories and adapt a just-for-two version of Spin the Bottle or Seven Minutes in Heaven.  If you have some Spicy Dice or a similar sex dice game, play a few rounds of that…you might wind up having a whole ‘nother sex session as an outcome!  A board game for lovers like Climaxxx might be lots of fun, too, and keep the night going in the right direction!  After your game night has concluded, take a sexy shower together, caressing your lover’s body as you wash them, then dry off and head to bed.  You’ll have sweet dreams of all the fun you’ve had tonight!    

Your romantic evening together has been incredible, but it has left you pretty tired.  You don’t want to end your special night too abruptly, but you’re definitely ready to relax.  Turn on a movie you’ve both seen 20 times…you want it to not matter if you fall asleep during it, or if you start making out or having sex again and miss half!  It’s time to wind down your evening with couple’s massages.  Spread a little massage oil on your hands, and begin to rub it into your lover’s back and shoulders.  Use firm but gentle pressure, and give a little extra love to any areas of tension or noticeable muscle knots.  Caress them while they breathe a sigh of relief as the stress melts from their body…then switch roles – this night is for both of you, after all.  Add a little fun to the mix by “writing” sweet messages on your partner’s back with your finger (or as a bonus, with chocolate body paint!), having them guess what message of love you spelled out for them.  After you’ve both had a soothing sensual massage and a little more kissing and cuddling, it’s time to get hot, wet, and naked!  Clean up with a sudsy bubble bath or steamy shower together.  Dry off and climb between the sheets, and bring your sex-venture to a close as you drift off to dreamland holding each other close and with a smile on your face.      

We hope you enjoyed your playtime, lovers, and we can’t wait to see you next time!  


~The Intimacy Advisor

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