Celebrate Cocktoberfest with Fun Factory

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


When October arrives, you can bet we’ll be double-fisting it over at Lover’s Lane. In one hand, we’re wielding a beer in celebration of Oktoberfest, and in the other, we’ve got a German-engineered vibrator from Fun Factory.

Designed and approved by a team of German sex-tech geniuses, Fun Factory sex toys are nothing like the tacky-novelty, Americanized beer festivals you’ll likely find around town during October (though we’ve got nothing against cheap beer).

No matter which Fun Factory toy you choose, you can bet it’s got a high-quality motor to match medical-grade silicone and the latest innovations in sex toy design. If you find yourself doing a little late-night, beer-influenced shopping this October, you won’t be soberly disappointed when a Fun Factory vibe arrives at your door.

Lover’s Lane has hand-picked some Fun Factory favorites to start your Deutsch-inspired collection.

Manta Men’s Vibrator

When Fun Factory describes the Manta Men’s Vibrator as a ‘game changer,’ they aren’t kidding. This wondrously unique pleasure toy for penises is a stroker that neither looks nor acts like your typical masturbator.

Drizzle a plentiful amount of lubricant betwixt the ‘wings’ of the Manta and then stroke your member as 6 speeds of vibration and 6 tantalizing patterns transport you to new sensations. Touted by consumer reviews and sex bloggers alike, the Manta targets the sensitive underside of the penis, namely the frenulum, aka that hot spot your partner hits just-right with their tongue.

For partner play, just position the Manta between the base of the penis and your partner’s clitoris or anus for shared pleasure that vibrates balls-deep.

Volta Vibrator

We’re 100% on board with Fun Factory when it comes (pun intended) to the Volta Vibrator. ‘Power to the Clit,’ indeed!

The Volta’s signature slogan lives up to its name with a flexible pair of fluttering tips that tap and tickle the clitoris with 6 speed and 6 pattern options, each unique and adjustable from gentle to strong.

Vulva and clit-stim lovers will fall hard for Volta, though this blue-hued beauty can also be used to please the entrance to the vagina for some ultra-fancy foreplay.

Stronic G Vibrator

It’s the sex toy that’s moved mountains in innovation, design and ultimate pleasure. The Stronic G Vibrator is so much more than what its name suggests – and SO much more than just a vibrator.

Actually, the Stronic G is a pulsator; instead of vibrating, it thrusts and pulses back and forth, similar to traditional, in-and-out vaginal sex. But with its G-spot curve, 7 speeds and 3 patterns, the Stronic G goes above and beyond missionary (unless that’s what you’re digging).

Lay back in your bed, position the Stronic G inside the vagina, and let the thrusting action rock you into a deep climax. You can also hand Stronic G to a partner and engage in a 2-person ‘threesome’ that adds effortless penetration to oral sex or clitoral stroking.

Nos Cock Ring

Sick of the same old couples ring designs? Fun Factory just upped the game with the Nos Cock Ring.

Cleverly designed to hug the clitoris instead of smashing straight against it, the Nos stretches snugly around the penis just prior to penetration, making it the perfect partner for vaginal sex. Nos vibrates with 4 speeds and 1 surprise pattern, and features a shape that simulates the feeling of 2 fingers sliding around the head of your clit.

Ladies who prefer indirect clitoral stimulation, or are simply seeking a new kind of shared, blended orgasm, will love the Nos Cock Ring’s 2 strong motors. Slip the Nos off your partner’s penis and use it as a solo vulva stimulator or dildo accessory when you’re all alone.

Fun Factory Menstrual Cup

Leave it to a European sex toy brand to totally kill it in the menstruation department. The Fun Factory Menstrual Cup isn’t exactly a pleasure product, though it’ll bring pleasure (to your wallet) and peace-of-mind every month when you’re not scrambling for tampons.

Skip the drive to the drugstore when your period starts and try out Fun Factory’s take on the newly popular menstrual cup. When your flow begins, just pop a squat over a toilet, squish the cup between your fingers, and gently insert it into your vagina; just like you would with an applicator-free tampon.

The catch here is an awesome one: you’ll never have to buy menstrual products again! Fun Factory’s Menstrual Cup is washable, so when it’s filled up, gently pull it out of your vagina while sitting over the toilet and then wash it in the sink, shower or bath tub with warm water. Made of flexible, body-safe silicone, you can use this squishy, little life saver every month – and pretty much for the rest of your life!

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