Fun Places to Have Sex

by Former author

November 1, 2021



When it comes to fun places to have sex, the shower is easily one of our favorites. The Vibrating Mesh Sponge is an especially appropriate little toy for the occasion, but if you really want to up your shower sex game, you can do so much more. Get better angles with the Suction Foot Rest and better balance with the Suction Handle. Want to make things even kinkier? The Suction Handcuffs have you covered there, too.

Living Room

Admit it – you’ve sometimes wondered how much sexy action the couch you’re sitting on in a friend’s living room has seen. The answer is probably quite a bit, if the prevalence of Netflix and chill these days is any indication. But the thing about the living room is that a couch is different from a bed, so you will experience unique angles and be able to try different positions. It’s just too easy not to explore!

Laundry Room

The laundry room probably isn’t going to top anyone’s list of fun places to have sex… until you realize that washing machines are basically giant vibrators. We’re mostly kidding, but there is something a bit thrilling about the thought of having dirty sex on or near the machines we use to wash our things clean. If you want to try something unconventional without losing the comfort of your own home, the laundry room is for you – maybe you’ll even put that rumbling to good use, after all. (Or just use one of our vibrators instead.)

Hotel Room

Sure, hotel rooms are fun places to have sex when you’re on vacation. But sometimes you’re just feeling stuck in a rut in the middle of the week. Sex is feeling a little stale, but it’s not anyone’s fault. Yet you can’t just take a vacation every time you fall into a rut. What you can do instead is get a cheap hotel room not too far from home and roleplay the night away. The possibilities are endless and the novelty is sure to provide thrills of energy that will reverberate long after you’ve left the hotel.


The outdoors aren’t fun places to have sex for just anyone. But for those who want to try it, camping is the perfect opportunity. Inside the tent, you can enjoy the closeness and comfort of your own personal space with the exhilarating knowledge that for miles around you there’s nothing but beautiful wilderness and the expansive sky. Tap into the power of raw erotic instinct when you have sex in the great outdoors – just make sure to stick to the tent.

Having sex in a unique location is almost too easy of a way to spice things up – and yet how it works! Fun places to have sex are more numerous than ever before once you widen your imagination. From bringing in adult sex toys for extra vibrations to erotic lingerie for extra visuals, find the next way you’ll spice up the next fun place to have sex online or at a Lover’s Lane near you.

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