Kiss Your Mate Day: 12 Reasons to Love Locking Lips

by Erica G.

November 1, 2021


The act of kissing is extremely important to humans! However all too often, the first thing forgotten in a romantic relationship is this simple affectionate reminder. Luckily April 28th is Kiss Your Mate Day – the perfect excuse to get to smoochin’!  Here is a quick list of ideas to get you in the mood to lock lips with your lover, and the reasons kissing is so, so important!

1) Passionate kissing is HOT! Commit to at least one passionate 10-second kiss every single day and see where it goes!

2) Kissing is perfect for multi-taskers. With your lips occupied, your hands are free to roam as they please!

3) You can do it so many different ways: innocent pecks on the cheek, deeply seductive French kisses, light brushing of the lips against the neck. Get creative: Pick her up, spin & dip him, or even try the Spider-Man thing.  The Kama Sutra, in fact, includes over 30 kinds of kisses!

4) Kissing is literally good for the heart – the excitement of this intimate moment increases your heart rate, which can then lower your blood pressure.

5) A good kiss can make any situation memorable. Liven up your next trip to the grocery store together by planting a surprise passionate kiss on your partner in the pasta aisle (Or whichever one is most deserted).  PDA isn’t reserved just for teenagers, and you know better now than to be gross about it!

6) Which brings us to our next point… kissing is great because you can do it anywhere!  While most intimate acts are a no-no in many scenarios, no one will think twice if you give your partner a quick peck at a kid’s birthday party, or in your Great Aunt Mary’s living room on Thanksgiving.

7) Kissing can actually make you live longer: one study found that couples who kiss regularly live 5 years longer than those who don’t.

8) It’s a stupidly easy way to keep the spark alive. Kissing for at least 6 seconds stimulates oxytocin, the hormone that boosts feelings of closeness. The more you kiss, the more your bond is strengthened.

9) It’s a better way to make up than candy or flowers. (Well, maybe try all 3.) But seriously, research has shown that kissing reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol – just what you need after a fight!

10) Kissing can boost the immune system. Not only does it release bacteria-killing antibodies, but when we kiss, our saliva actually secretes natural antibiotics, too.

11) It’s our favorite way to communicate without actually speaking.  Remember to “tell” your partner how you feel through frequent & regular kisses.

12) Virtually no other animals kiss to show affection like humans do. We love kissing because, in a way, it makes us who we are!

Not that you need excuses to kiss more, but hopefully this list gives you some good ones!  Enjoy ‘Kiss Your Mate Day’ this year, and if you don’t have a mate, mark your calendar and let someone you are interested in know that kissing them is on your mind!  MWAH! 

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