On-Top Positions

by Former author

November 1, 2021


The Seducer

On-Top Positions

Start things off slowly but surely with the sexy whispers of The Seducer. A key component to on-top positions is the feeling of power conveyed with the sensation of being on top. But The Seducer makes it even kinkier by bending her legs backward and placing her arms behind her head. Take it to its natural dominating conclusion with some well-situated handcuffs.

The Whisper

On-Top Positions

It’s her turn to climb on top! Positions like The Whisper require a bit of a balancing act, but they make for supremely easy clitoris access. Naturally, that makes this position just the right form to incorporate your new favorite bedroom accessory: powerful yet petite clitoral vibrators. You could also share the vibrating wealth by exploring c-rings like the His and Hers Ultimate Rabbit, which features a clit stimulator for her and a ball tickler for him.

The Grip

On-Top Positions

In another spin on standard on-top positions, The Grip is an erotic maneuver you MUST try if you’ve been putting in the squats we called for in our guide to exercising for better sex. Another reason we like The Grip is that his arm positions on top put him in such obvious control. The only way to up the ante might be for her to cut off one of her senses by donning a soft, satin blindfold.


On-Top Positions

Looking for a slightly more ambitious version of The Grip? The Seashell is the sky-high-legs move for you. Putting him on top – along with those aforementioned legs! – this is not your everyday position. Try it out if you’re into acrobatic sex or simply up for an extra length erotic challenge. Well-placed restraints are our favorite ways to make on-top positions like this even kinkier.

Pretzel Dip

On-Top Positions

On the scale of on-top positions, The Pretzel Dip might be pushing it. But that’s exactly what we like about it: this unique position pushes the boundaries of leg placement during sex. It might seem a little difficult to visualize, but imagine you’re looking from behind. Her left leg is wrapped around his torso, while her right leg stabilizes the position from the other side. Now – that angle! Oh, what an angle!

Even if you’ve mastered all these on-top positions, new takes on classic moves are nothing more than slight adjustments of the body, incorporation of sex toys, and the willingness to expand sexual horizons together.

Explore even more sex positions, including our favorite kinky picks from behind, based on your mood, and hard ones worth getting hard for! When you’re ready to add adult sex toys and erotic lingerie to the mix, browse online or find a Lover’s Lane near you!

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