Games Lovers Play – Part 2

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Valentine’s Day is on its way, and one of the most fun things you and your lover can do to celebrate is introduce a new game to your sexual routine!  There are so many different types of games meant for lovers to play together that we could only cover some of them last time…so here are the rest!  Any of these games are sure to help put the playfulness back in your love life, and make foreplay loads of fun.  Lover’s Lane carries everything you need to bring one of these great games into your bedroom.  But hey, if you don’t see something you like here, just be creative…change the rules to a favorite game you two already play together, and make sure to go out with a bang!  

Deal Me In!

Card Games

So many games for lovers are in the style of card games.  Most people love a good card game: they’re usually easy to learn and fairly quick to play, which is great if you want a game that’s going to help you get to the winner’s sexy celebration early!  Some card games that you can find at Lover’s Lane are meant to help you and your lover learn more about each other and grow your relationship closer, such as You & Me: A Game of Love and Intimacy.  This game starts out a bit like a Truth-or-Dare or Newlywed style game, with asking and answering questions about each other, but quickly evolves into you and your partner finding out exactly what the other likes and wants, and performing those “challenges” on each other!  Some card games are mostly meant to just have silly fun, but they can turn into a steamy sex session if you want them too.  Games like DTF can be played with a group and will have you building funny fantasies with sex emoji cards…however you may interpret them…and you can always act those fantasies out IRL later! Another fun card-based party game is Acts of Insanity – consider it Cards Against Humanity meets Charades on Steroids…very adult, very raunchy, and VERY crazy.  Showing off your sense of humor with these kinds of games can help endear you to your lover even more; many people will say that their partner’s sense of humor is their favorite thing about them, so getting to actively engage it through games, even in a group setting, is a great way to draw you closer together and keep the spark ignited until you can make your own fireworks!

Of course, the category of card games everyone really wants to hear about are the ones that are JUST there to help you get down to business faster, in new and fun ways that you may not come up with on your own! Dirty Deeds is a great one for this, with four different decks of cards to choose from depending on how dirty you want to play. Secret VII is another great card-based game that will keep you and your lover exchanging amazing foreplay activities until a winner can be declared after having all seven of their cards performed on them…and then you can go in for the finale!  There is also Lover’s Choice, and the title speaks for itself here.  Choose your favorite sexual favors from the cards, and have them done to you based on the roll of the HIM/HER cube that comes with it.  Want to play a sexy card game with your S.O. right now, zero prep?  All you need is a standard deck of playing cards and you can play Sexy Suits: Hearts are kisses, diamonds are a massage, clubs are naughty stimulation by hands, and spades are oral. Whichever number you draw equals the amount of seconds each act lasts.  Have fun, lovers!

Let’s Play Dress-up!

Role Playing Games

Your only limits here are your imagination, your comfort level, and your wildest fantasies.  Most role playing games are pretty open-ended and unstructured, and they can’t necessarily be bought in a box.  They usually use costumes and maybe some props you have around the house, or sexy accessories you can find at Lover’s Lane. They usually also have a theme or general plot idea to them:  Doctor & patient or doctor & nurse, firefighters, police officers & criminals, puppy or horse play, schoolgirl fantasies, lumberjack fantasies, spies & secret agents…you name it!  Have a discussion with your partner first about what you’re both interested in trying, then get ready to dress up and act out in the bedroom!  Role playing can be a great way to break away from your everyday persona and really shine without a script.  Not usually good at talking dirty?  The right role play scenario will give you plenty to talk about, from foreplay through the afterglow.  Treat it like an improv game and make sure you “Yes, and…” your lover…whatever they suggest, you take the scenario there and just keep building on it!  If you’re totally new to role playing, the board game Fantasy Affair can give you some great places to start.  Take turns taking the lead to change things up, and you’ll be acting your way into a night of amazing sex!    

Tie Me Up or Tie Me Down?

Erotic, Fetish, and Kinky Games

These are the most exciting of all the game types, meant for couples who are comfortable with each other and ready to take their bedroom play to the next level of naughtiness.  When people think of BDSM, Kink, or Fetish play, they don’t often make a connection to games, but a lot of it can easily start that way.  Erotic adult board games such as Orgasmixxx, Climaxxx, and Erotixxx lead you and your lover through all sorts of sexual activities, tasks, and positions that may be new to both of you!  A lot of these kinky games, such as Bondage Seductions, Aphrodisia and Domination serve as great “sampler platters” or starter kits if bondage play is new to you, and they even come with the all the tools of the trade that you will need to play out your darkest fantasies!  If you’ve always wanted to introduce BDSM activities into your sex sessions but don’t know where to start, these games will help introduce it in a fun and non-threatening way.  Light some candles, clear some space in the bedroom, get your gear, and let these games lead the way to the ultimate seductive night in!        

No matter which kinds of games you and your lover choose to play, everybody wins!  You can keep the fun going all year long, too, with ideas from books like Cosmo’s Little Big Book of Sex Games and 365 Naughty Nights.  The two of you will never get bored of each other, and that’s a great thing!  Remember, at Lover’s Lane, Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together.  We can’t wait to help you choose your next batch of fun and games soon in our stores!  Happy Valentine’s Day, and may the odds be ever in your (sexual) favor!


~The Intimacy Advisor

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