Slippery When Wet

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Friction and dryness are the enemies of great, long-lasting sex.  Toys are great fun, too, but they can’t take the time to turn you on and get you ready quite like a lover can, so they need a little extra help to be the most comfortable right from the start.  Drugstore varieties are fine in a pinch, but many contain ingredients that may irritate your skin or throw your pH balance out of whack over time.  Cheaper lubes are more likely to turn sticky, too.  Ew!  Read on to learn about the different varieties of high-quality lube on offer at Lover’s Lane, and why they will be your new best friend in the bedroom (if you’re not a seasoned user already!).  Get ready for smooth sailing!  

The Basics:  Water-based or Silicone-based?

Most intimate lubricants you will find, including the specialty categories we’ll get into later fall into two basic categories: Water-based lubes or silicone-based lubes.  They both have their merits and things they are better for.

Water-based lubes:

Every couple and/or toy user should have at least one kind of water-based lube at the ready.  Water-based lubes are amazing for foreplay and sex, and they are your go-to lube for your bedroom toys as well.  Most bedroom toys are made of silicone, and using silicone-based lube can interact with and break down the silicone in the toy over time.  Water-based lubes are safe with all condoms as well…just apply them to the outside of the condom; not the inside…you don’t want it to slip off!  Water-based lubes provide a smooth and slippery sensation, and they just make penetration that much easier.  They often don’t last quite as long as silicone-based lubes, but it’s nothing a quick reapplication won’t fix.  If you feel things getting drier than you prefer, just add a little more!  A quality water-based lube should never get sticky; it will just dry up with time and friction.  Water-based lubes are ideal for those with sensitive skin, too.  Most of them have very few ingredients, so there is little chance for irritation.  Some of our best-selling water based lubes are Hydra Water Based Glide from Intimate Earth, Pjur Aqua, and H2O from System JO.  

Silicone-based lubes:

Silicone-based lubes are ideal for long-lasting sexual encounters.  They are slippery and smooth, help to transfer warmth and sensations between you and your partner, and are less likely to dry out or get tacky over time, so you won’t need to reapply much at all.  As mentioned before, silicone lubes are not ideal for most toys, but they ARE safe for use with condoms.  Uberlube is one of our most popular silicone-based lubes (fun fact:  it can also be used as a lightweight hair de-frizzing serum and by athletes to prevent chafing!).  Other great silicone lubes include Pjur Med Premium Glide (bonus: super gentle and great for sensitive skin) and System JO All-in-One Warming Massage Glide, which can be used as a massage oil (without the oil) for sensual foreplay, and take you right into using it as a gently warming lube.  

Hybrid lubes:

The best of both worlds exists in the form of hybrid lubes.  Composed of a water and silicone base, these lubes are made to be smooth, long-lasting, and help you and your partner keep the action going without interruption.  They are good for sensitive skin, and many of them contain so little silicone that they are toy-safe as well, but check with the instructions from your toy manufacturer first.  Some of our best hybrid lubes are Wicked Hybrid and Sensuva Ultra-thick Hybrid Formula.   Stop in to your nearest Lover’s Lane store to have a Romance Specialist let you try our different selections of lube so you can find what’s best for you!  No store near you?  Many of our lubes are also available in handy foil packs, which are great for travel, and also so you can try a small amount before you commit!

The Specialties: Anal Lube, CBD Lube, and Flavored Lube

Anal lubes:

If you are accustomed to anal play, either with a partner or with toys, you probably already know all about the importance of lube before anything can enter back there!  The skin is very delicate and produces almost no natural lubricant, so you need to help it out! There are several anal lubes on the market designed specially to make back door entry and smooth and as safe as possible, with added ingredients to contribute to your comfort.  All of the Pjur Back Door lubes are very popular, and they come in waterbased and silicone based. Intimate Earth’s Anal Ease Glide is another great choice, especially if you are new to anal play.  

CBD lubes:

CBD lubes are the latest thing in the market.  They contain CBD oil, which is derived from the Cannabis Hemp plant, but does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound which is found in marijuana.  So it won’t get you high, but it IS designed to help you relax, stay aroused, and really enjoy the sensations of your sexual encounters.  CBD oil is fat-soluble and is absorbed well through the skin and mucous membranes, so lotions and sexual lubricants are perfect products to put it in!  Lover’s Lane is adding more new varieties of CBD lube on the regular, but we are currently loving GoLove CBD Intimate Lubricant and Vibed CBD Water-Based Intimate Moisturizer.  Bella makes a couple beautiful CBD lubes as well, and they have both a water-based and a silicone-based variety.

Flavored lubes:

Flavored lubes are a fun and interesting addition to the bedroom, as they are designed to make oral sex more pleasurable for everyone.  Not everyone finds the giving end of oral sex the most palatable place to be, and flavored lubes can help fix that.  They come in all sorts of flavors, from fresh fruits to sweets and favorite comforting drinks, and they have all the flavor you could want, but no ingredients you DON’T want down there, namely sugar!  Try a bunch of popular flavors with our Wicked Teasers Sampler Packs, or find a favorite and go with it!  I personally love anything tropical or citrus flavored, so the bright, natural flavor of  Intimate Earth’s Naughty Nectarines is a favorite, along with the cute Liquor Lube Pillow Packs, which remind me of drinking umbrella drinks on the beach!

Whichever varieties of lube you choose, they will help you and your lover glide along and explore each other long into the night.  Make sure to use the type of lube that is right and safe for your intended use.  Warm lubes up in your hands a little before applying to prevent an uncomfortable chilly shock!  And even with the non-irritating varieties, it’s a good idea to wash them off after sex…just be careful in the shower, because they do tend to make EVERYTHING slippery!  Store your lubes in a cool, dark place, and if they start to take on an odd texture, color, or smell, it’s probably time to toss them…fewer artificial ingredients and preservatives are better for you and for your sex, but it does mean some products have a shorter shelf life once opened.  Come in to a Lover’s Lane store soon to view all the varieties, or shop the lube collection at (Note:  Selections online may vary due to stock availability. All provided links were available at time of publishing, but if something runs out, be sure to check back later!)  Stay slick, lovers!


~The Intimacy Advisor <3

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