Games Lovers Play

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


One of the sad parts about being an adult is that you usually don’t get to play as much as you did when you were a kid.  Playfulness is an important contributor to overall happiness, and all humans have an innate drive to seek pleasure through play.  When that need to play is forgotten or ignored for too long, it can contribute to feelings of depression or apathy.  Wake up your inner child and renew your sense of play by finding new ways to play with your partner.  Utilizing games in the bedroom can amp up the fun factor to your sexual encounters, provide you with ideas for new positions or sex acts you’ve never even heard of, and increase feelings of love and closeness between you and your partner!  Read on for more ideas of how to spice up your sexy time with game time!

Take it off!

Stripping Games

One fun way to play a game with each other but still get down to business pretty quickly involves taking turns taking off your clothes!  There are several basic ways to do this that harken back to co-ed days for many…think strip poker, quarters, or strip trivia (remember Billy Madison’s strip tutoring sessions?).  Spice it up a little, though…there are so many more games out there and so many possibilities!  “Sorry” if this ruins any of your favorite childhood games, but give strip Battleship, strip Connect Four, or strip Jenga a try!  Have a pool table at home?  Why not play strip billiards? Every time you don’t sink one of your own colored balls, take off a piece of clothing; sink your opponent’s ball and take off two!  The rummy-style card game ‘Take it Off’ will give you a whole new way to play, and can even be used in a larger group if you have some adventurous friends (don’t worry, you can stop at your comfort level)!  If you’re looking for a sexy way to “cheat” at your stripping game, wearing a sexy lingerie set will give you more pieces to take off and will make the fun last longer! Whatever version of a stripping game you choose, the anticipation of gradually seeing your lover more and more naked will make the after-party that much more exciting!  Naked Twister is another fun one if you want to cut right to the chase:  you both start out naked, spin the wheel, and do what it says.  One player will have to be allowed to remove a hand to operate the spinner, but it will have you tangled into a sexy knot on the floor in no time, and what you do there is up to you!      

Couple’s Game Night

Board Games

Lover’s Lane is THE place to go for fun and sexy board games meant just for couples!  The creators of these games understand that even great relationships can grow stale over time, and playing these games together helps reignite the sparks between you two!  Any time we engage in solving puzzles or competing with someone, our brain releases feel-good serotonin and energizing norepinephrine, and our body’s reward system associates all of those good feelings with the one we’re playing with, making us feel closer and more connected then ever!  Monogamy is one of our most popular and best reviewed board games: players take turns reading cards or completing adventurous activities that will help them learn more about their partner’s biggest turn-ons in novel and exciting ways.  Who knows what sexual secrets you’ll uncover about your lover?  The Glow-in-the-Dark Sex Game is another fun one, and will be totally different every time you play…the foreplay actions suggested on the board change in the light and in the dark! My favorite games from our collection include ‘Mind, Body, Soul’ and ‘Intimacy: The Sex Game for Any Couple’.  Some commercially available sex games, especially ones that suggest positions or performing certain sexual favors with your lover, are only designed for male/female couples, whereas these two games are inclusive of all couples!  In both, you move around the board and ask your partner intimate questions to collect tokens, with the winner getting to chose what actions they want to be rewarded with in bed. It’s a great, fun way to really get to know your partner and talk about the things you don’t usually get to talk about.  While some of these games are competitive and may have a “winner” and a “loser” as the outcome, I would argue that everyone wins when amazing sex is the endgame!  

Let the Good Times Roll

Dice Games

A lot of games meant to encourage new kinds of foreplay and fun in the bedroom involve letting a roll of the dice determine what you get to do to each other.  There are so many varieties of this style of game.  You can read more about the game play and instructions for each game on our website or in Lover’s Lane stores to see which one is best for the sexual adventure you want to have!  Many of these dice games give you ideas of where to touch or what to do, and you don’t get to actually have sex until you get a certain roll…lucky you!  Some of these games are great for learning and trying new positions, too, and who knows what you’ll land on that the two of you will love!? You might want to collect ALL of the ‘Sexy 6’ Dice Games…there’s one for foreplay, one for sex, and one just for kinky erotic play.  Switch them up or combine them and you’ll never get bored in the bedroom!  A blindfold, like the one included with the Secret Kisses set, will make any sex dice game night more fun.  Take turns wearing it, and you won’t know what…or who…will be coming next! And hey, if any of these games are dragging on a little too long for your tastes, you can quit playing whenever you’re ready and get down to the winner’s celebration, if you get my drift!  

So, when the Big Game is over and your company leaves, and once you’ve digested your chili dogs and buffalo chicken dip (hopefully you didn’t hit the beer too hard – it can kill your libido!), dim the lights and get ready to make your own touchdown with these games!  Pull up a coffee table, slide between the sheets, and set your own rules or no rules at all!  Having fun, having great sex, and getting closer as a couple are your only goals!  Tune in next time for Part Two of “Games Lovers Play” for more new categories (yes, there are more!) of sexy, intriguing games for lovers!  Happy Game Day (and night!)!


~The Intimacy Advisor

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