Celebrate Your Love

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Happy National Spouses Day – January 26, 2020

It seems like there’s a “National Day” for everything these days.  Ice cream, cats, bobbleheads (Yes, really…it was on January 6th), pizza…you name it!  There are also the more major holidays we celebrate to show our love and appreciation for the most important people in our lives…Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, and even Children’s Day.  There’s one more very important relationship left out of all these, though, and that is the love between spouses.  Valentine’s Day is great for celebrating love and romance, and Sweetest Day is great for sharing our loving feelings for our significant other or anyone else special in our lives. But there IS one day of the year set aside just to remind you to show your other half that they make your life whole, and it’s today!   If you two have let wedding bells ring, it’s time to do your thing!

Studies and surveys have shown that spouses feeling appreciated by one another is one of the major contributing factors to a lasting, happy marriage.  Yet so often, we get inundated by the hustle and bustle of life and start to take our spouse for granted, even though we know we are super lucky to be married to them!  Below are three ideas for how you can use today or any day to simply remind your life partner that you appreciate them, and that you are glad to be on this journey called life with them.  Whether you have been married for decades or are still writing your wedding thank you notes, read on for some tips to show your hubby or wifey that you’re still smitten with them and can’t wait for your next adventure together.    

1 ) Write Each Other Love Letters

The art of the love letter has taken a hit because of technology, but it’s never too late to revive an old classic.  To make this an activity you can do as a couple, sit down in a room together with your own fancy paper or stationery and your favorite pen.  Agree on a time frame; maybe 30 minutes.  Also agree on a format, if you desire:  Maybe you both want to write a list of the reasons why you love your partner, or your favorite things about them.  Maybe you just want to keep it an open narrative about your life together, or all the things you want to make sure they know, but you haven’t told them lately.  Then, sit together in silence and write your letters.  When time is up and you’ve both put the finishing touches on, exchange your letters.  It’s up to you whether you read them silently or out loud to each other, but either way, it seems pretty likely that someone will cry, and it will be lovely!  This is a great, quick way to make sure to tell your spouse how highly you think of them, and they will feel deeply loved and appreciated by you and your words from the heart.  A small but thoughtful gift can be a nice accompaniment to this gesture as well.  My favorite is the Love Club Coupon Book, because in addition to amazing discount coupons you can use at Lover’s Lane stores or online, there are also fun coupons you can redeem with each other for certain sexual favors or new experiences you’d like to have with them.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!      

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2) Plan Some Special Time Together

If this is your first time hearing about National Spouses Day, you may not be able to drop everything and make this one happen TODAY, but you can definitely start to get a plan in the works.  It is so important for married couples to spend time with just each other periodically.  You can go out for a day together and do things that you both love – sports games, museums, restaurants, parks – the sky is the limit.  Maybe you want to plan a weekend getaway to a romantic cabin in the woods with a great view and a hot tub.  Maybe you want to send the kids to the grandparents for a weekend and just stay home and binge-watch Netflix, eat pizza, and play a board game.  Your special time together doesn’t have to cost much or anything at all, so the only obstacle is making sure you schedule it together and stick to that plan.  The details are up to you! Get a sitter for a night and go out for dinner and a movie. Or make it a local staycation…get in the car, go to a nearby hotel and enjoy the pool and the privacy of your room, and just enjoy!  Cap off your romantic day together with great sex with a couple’s toy or fun hints from how the dice fall, and you two will be glowing from the happily married couple vibes for days!      

3) Make Bedtime Special

One of the best parts of being married is going to bed next to your love every night and waking up with them every morning.  Make tonight (or another night soon if you need more time to plan) extra special in honor of National Spouses Day.  It’s just another way to show your spouse you appreciate them!  First, do a special activity together just before bed.  Maybe turn your bedroom into a private dance floor and play your wedding song to dance to while you hold each other close.  The horizontal mambo is always a good choice, too! Next, set a warm and inviting mood in your room.  Light a softly scented candle (which doubles as massage oil for later!) or some of the amazing incense which is only sold in our stores.  Sprinkle some rose petals on the bed so you both know it’s a special night.  Next, get yourselves ready for bed in a silky, sexy babydoll or chemise and some smooth (or silly) men’s boxers.  Go for something a little beyond your usual routine, but don’t worry…you likely won’t have it on for long!  Then, take turns giving each other a sensual massage.  They will melt into the mattress and forget that there is anyone else in the world other than you.  Just enjoy this time showing your spouse your gratitude for a lifetime of happiness with them. Time to drift off to dreamland in the arms of your favorite person, and you get to wake up with them tomorrow and every day after…lucky!          

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