Great Date Night Ideas for a Sensual Weekend

by Colleen G.

August 5, 2023


Desperately in need of a little pick-me-up in your relationship? Piece together whatever time you can both grab in your busy schedules and plan a date night with a little extra sensual spice.

Your evening date doesn’t need to last into the early morning hours (because, you know, kids and work and all that jazz) or require a pricey restaurant or even activities outside your home. You can enjoy each other’s intimate company with a bit of assistance from your sexpert pals at Lover’s Lane. All you need are a few adult toys, a splash of sexy lingerie, and whatever fantasy has been brewing in your brain while running errands this week.

Let our favorite sex toys and sexy outfits help you create an easy, exciting scene as you look forward to a little time off this weekend with your partner…or just yourself. Self care, after all, should be a sacred date night activity, too!

Make a Plan to Pamper Your Vulva

Who would think to start out a date night-themed blog with a solo sex activity? Us inclusive folks at Lover’s Lane know how many single ladies are probably reading this right now, and we want you to know: date night is NOT just for couples.

The next time you’ve got an evening alone (or have a partner on hand who’d be happy to take the toy reigns), take all the time in the world to massage and explore your entire vulva.

The Never Lonely Clit-O-Rific Massager is an air-pulse powered toy that focuses sucking sensations wherever you place it’s round head.

Add vibration and broader suction across the outer lips of your vulva with the Double Tongue Stimulator, a 10-speed vibrator with a large, hard plastic suction cup that delivers 5 suction intensities.

Deep Clean the Bathroom Together

Ha, just kidding! Or are we?

Though you might indeed prefer a squeaky clean shower when hopping under the stream with your partner, you don’t need to break out the streak-free glass spray to enjoy this next activity.

The Womanizer Wave Pleasure Shower Head is specifically designed to do exactly what plenty of single and coupled gals have been doing since teen-hood: using their detachable shower head to self-pleasure.

Womanizer’s Wave attaches to most built-in shower head pipes with its included hose and creates a water jet pleasure experience like no other! The Wave features 3 different water jets and pressure intensities, and you can also change the water intensity using the intuitive slide adjuster on the handle. Explore it yourself all you want, or let your partner get their hands on it and learn how to make you scream with pleasure with just a stream of water.

Set the Scene for a Quality Quickie

We know date nights aren’t always easy to coordinate, especially if you’ve got kids or conflicting, busy schedules. But quickies don’t have to lack quality. You just need the right tools to get off, and fast.

Keep the Shegasm Mini 12X Silicone Clit Stimulator nearby and your quickies will never be the same. This adorable, tiny air-pulse suction toy fits over the tip of your finger and delivers 3 speeds and 4 patterns of suction.

Put on a Lingerie Fashion Show For Your Partner (or Just Your Mirror)

When there’s so much great lingerie out there, why settle for only one outfit on your special date night? Gather a collection of your favorite new pieces, set the lights low, and parade down the cat walk while your partner watches (or set up a mirror if you’re single and enjoy the hell out of your body all by your bad self).

Plus-sized babes will love some of our latest additions to the Lover’s Lane inventory, like the red, flowing Belladonna Embroidery Plus Size Babydoll; the seriously hot af Honeycomb Plus Size Bustier With Vinyl Trim; the pretty in purple Halter Plus Size Teddy With Caged Back And Restraints; and the feminine, plum-hued Open Cup Halter Plus Size Babydoll.

Our Lover’s Lane lingerie selection for sizes small through extra large is just as ravishing, with pieces like the super femme and flirty Eglantine 3-Piece Bra Set; the undeniably funky and unique Tangerine Dream Gown And Attached Bralette; the demure yet dominant Lydia Halter Teddy With Chains; and the deep, sensual red Belladonna Embroidery Garter Slip.

Please His Package with a Luxury Stroking Experience

If your partner has a penis, he’s already master of the self-stroke game. Now blow his mind by telling him to lay back and let your hands and sex tools do all the work.

Slather a thick lubricant all over his hard-on, like Le Wand Waterbased Lubricant or Pjur Infinity Water-Based Lubricant, and then slowly slide a squeezable stroker down the length of his dick.

Simple and sensual, we like strokers such as the Arcwave Ghost Pocket Stroker or the Zolo Girlfriend Pocket Stroker.

Take the experience up a notch or two with more realistic strokers, like the Lovergirl Sasha’s Squeezeable Pussy Stroker or the Main Squeeze Sasha Grey Pussy.

Hit Up Your Local Lover’s Lane for Our 1/2 Off Sale This Weekend

Yes, you read correctly. Walk your partner through the doors of any Lover’s Lane store this weekend (or just visit our website*) and you can buy anything off our shelves – yes, literally anything! – for 50% off the regular price!

This means this weekend, Saturday August 5th and Sunday August 6th, is a great time to grab that luxury toy you’ve been eyeing but couldn’t fit into your budget until now, like a Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand, a Le Wand Hoop or a Whipsmart Magic Carpet Ride Vibrator.

If you’ve been pining for a slightly pricier fan favorite like the Black Womanizer Premium 2, the Lelo Dot Clitoral Stimulator or a Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker, you really need to get your booty to Lover’s Lane THIS WEEKEND. This amazing sale only lasts for two days! While the shopping trip itself will make for an exciting date night, any of the amazing pleasure products you pick up will lead to many more future sensual dates.

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