Can Being a Book Lover Make You a Better Lover?

by Christopher J.

August 6, 2023


August 9th stands as one of the greatest yet lesser known of holidays for lovers: National Book Lovers Day. Book lovers celebrate books every day, but the national day of celebration allows bibliophiles to harness all of their adoration of books and reading into one focused commemoration.

But we have a very specific reason to more than just hope you will find time to curl up in bed or on some other plush and comfortable recliner or on a beach blanket with a book and your lover:

“Book lovers are great lovers,” states Mateja Petje clearly and definitively in her article “Ten Reasons Why Book Lovers Are Good Lovers” for LifeHack.

Someone who enjoys reading books, then, possesses a certain sensitivity, an awareness of what pleases or displeases them. That capability enables them to express their emotional and sexual needs with more ease and clarity, which leads to better communication. When lovers share the language of lovemaking with each other, they meld their thoughts, feelings and perceptions to unite, not separate.

“People who love art, including books, are more attuned to the nuances of love making and what makes a person ‘tick,’” she explains. “They have several characteristics that distinguish them from people that rarely pick up a book to read. Most of all, they are able to stay in the moment and be fully present as they are generally more introverted.”

Petje cites a couple of studies that indicate why scientists say readers are the preferred people to fall in love with.

“People that enjoy reading might be more compassionate and have more empathy,” she says of the psychologists’ study results. “The researchers used the term ‘theory of mind’ to describe empathy as the ability to respect other people’s opinions, beliefs, and interests. This quality also makes them better lovers.”

The ten characteristics that make book lovers superior lovemakers feature qualities like open-mindedness and willingness to learn new things, which includes “exploring new positions and new ways of relating to their lovers in a sensuous way.” In other words, they are “not afraid to explore uncharted territory.”

Additionally, book lovers are sensitive to their lover’s needs and are great listeners and communicators. They also take their time and don’t rush. If you’re going to enjoy reading a good book, you need to commit the time to it, reflect on what you are reading, and enjoy the delights of working your way through all of the characters, plots, settings and stories. All are ideal qualities that make thoughtful, voracious readers equally thoughtful, voracious lovers.

M. Esther Sherman, in her article for Romper, “13 Reasons Book Lovers Are Better In Bed, Because Imagination Goes So Far,” grabbed some fitting metaphors to explain what she means when she claims good lovers prefer to be embraced by book lovers.

“There’s nothing quite like diving into a really good story,” she wrote. “The best books wrap around you and don’t let go until the final climax. The best writers know how to penetrate the soul completely and leave you delicately hanging between elation and grief. That being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that book lovers know how to be great at sex.”

Another advantage of being a good lover who loves to read is you love to read books about sex that make you an even better lover. Just reading the titles of the books that are available can be a stimulating experience on its own. If you want to improve your skill and enhance your sex abilities, you can start with books like Guide to Getting It On, a colorfully illustrated “encyclopedia of sexual prowess that has won seven awards and sold more than a million copies. It has been used in college sexual education courses and contains a wealth of knowledge no matter what your curiosity is!”

If you’d like to stock your library with books that take a lighter approach, you can find adult word game books like Kama Sutra Mad Libs that offers 21 stories for you to titillate your imagination and fill in. There is also a full range of adult coloring books that are amazingly educational and informative while being completely engaging, interactive and fun. How can you go wrong with The Oral Sex Coloring Book that contains 24 original black-and-white illustrations for you (and your lover) to color. Try them out after you’ve finished coloring them in!

Or you might prefer to select The Men In Uniform to fire up your imagination while doing your adult coloring or find entertaining ways to get happy and motivated by tinting the drawings in The Cheer the F*CK Up Coloring Book.

If you would rather focus your reading time on romance and relationships, there is a wonderful selection of choices, including Everyday Romance: A Relationship Journal for couples so you can prioritize your connection, and it contains a year’s worth of ideas and activities to build your bond and inspiration to rekindle your spark; to A Year of You & Me interactive journal of 365 questions for partners to spark love and connection; to The Astrology of Love & Sex that covers the emotional, sensual, and romantic side of each zodiac sign as well as compatibility information between sun signs.

If you’re feeling lonely or just want some alone time, you can flip through the personal pick-me-up pages of the Sex Yourself Book that serves as a perfect guide to mastering masturbation and achieving powerful orgasms. Or you can slide into the sexy text of the Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex that will help you elevate what can be really good to really great with this arousing guide to getting it on with yourself.

People do a lot of poolside or beach time reading during the summer. We think any time is the right time for you and your lover to pick up a good book and let your minds wander while your fingers do the walking through the sexy, stimulating pages… and other intimate places.

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