Hit it From the Back: Top Toys for Prostate Pleasure

by Colleen G.

November 6, 2022


Anal play is for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual preference. However, if you were born with a penis, lucky you, you’ve also got a prostate.

The prostate gland sits just behind the bladder and can be most easily accessed by massaging the walnut-shaped, slightly bumpy area that lies inside the anus. Gently insert a well-lubed, clean finger inside your bum and you can likely feel this pleasure-primed organ for yourself.

The purpose of the prostate is to produce seminal fluid, which protects and helps to transport sperm during ejaculation. However, for the folks who really get into P-spot play, some can even orgasm just from stimulating the prostate alone – without even touching their dicks. It’s THAT chock-full of sensitive nerve endings.

Don’t worry, you needn’t achieve the highest of orgasmic heights to get down with your back door’s best kept secret. If your finger techniques just aren’t cutting it and you’re wondering what all the anal fuss is about, try out a prostate stimulating toy to put your P-spot in the mood.

Check out some of our favorite prostate toys to find out what you’ve been missing in the bedroom (especially if you’re a straight guy! Because PS: liking prostate stim doesn’t mean you’re not hot and heavy for the ladies).

Aneros Helix Syn V Prostate Massager

Aneros is the OG – and when we say OG, we mean OG – brand in prostate excellence. In fact, Aneros only manufactures prostate pleasure toys, so there’s no need to doubt that these guys (and gals) know their niche.

For the full P-spot experience that’s gentle enough for beginners with sex tech touches that advanced anal players will appreciate, go with the Aneros Helix Syn V Prostate Massager.

The Helix Syn V is slender and gentle, providing the perfect curve to hit the prostate. The toy’s generous, exterior handle makes it easy to insert and enjoy hands-free stimulation. Just turn on the Helix Syn V’s vibrator, which boasts of 8 unique modes, and gently squeeze your bum muscles to rub the Helix’s rounded tip against your prostate.

Strap-On-Me Snaky Dildo Plug

For a little extra girth without sacrificing comfort and flexibility, the Strap-On-Me Snaky Dildo Plug provides plenty of cushion for pushin.’

If vibration is a bit much for your b-hole, and you’d prefer a toy with more ‘give,’ the Snaky Dildo Plug is a small, silicone wonder that’s also strap-on compatible – so you can (safely, with condoms, please) share it between male and female partners.

The Snaky Dildo Plug bends with your every move without losing it’s P-spot-friendly, upward curve (which, by the way, can also hit the G-spot inside a vagina).

Intro To Prostate Kit

The sex toy world is one of the few places where you really can have it all for a super affordable price. Enter the Intro To Prostate Kit, a 4-piece set that’ll take you from brand-new, bum beginner to prostate aficionado.

Start things slowly with the smallest of the 4 piece, a non-vibrating, beaded plug. Once you’re accustomed to the feeling of your bum hole being gently penetrated, level up with the double-beaded, flame-tipped plug, which is just slightly larger for safe anal stretching.

When you’re prepped to add vibration to the mix, try out the vibrating prostate massager, a slim vibe with slight, upward curve to seek out your P-spot preferences.

Finish off your prostate pleasure lesson with the combination butt plug and C-ring, a bum toy that’s made to be inserted into your booty crack and then looped around the base of your penis. Your butt will feel a pleasant tug with every thrust during partnered sex or masturbation!

Hugo Remote Prostate Massager

Now that you’re well on your way to knowing and loving your prostate, it’s time to indulge in a little luxury.

The remote control, totally hands-free Hugo Remote Prostate Massager can massage your magic button from two angles. The Hugo’s insertable arm sends tantalizing vibrations directly to your P-spot through the sensitive, thin tissue of your rectum, while the outside arm massages your testicles and hits the P-spot externally by vibrating against the perinuem, aka the taint.

Once you’re well-acquainted with prostate orgasms, pop in the Hugo for partner sex and experience the awesomeness of having your penis and P-spot stimulated at the same time.

Vibrating Snug Plug

Once you pop (that prostate), the fun doesn’t stop! Are you ready to take your P-spot play out into the wild (discreetly, of course)?

Vibrating Snug Plugs – which you can find in the very-petite sized B-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug 1 or the medium-sized Vibrating Snug Plug 3 – are designed for long wear and sneaking into your dinner date.

These two silicone butt plugs are graduated with a slender, cone-type shape and a thin, long neck that’s tipped with a T-shape to anchor the plug outside the anus. In other words, Vibrating Snug Plugs have literally zero chance of crawling up inside your bum while you and your date take a walk in the park or sit down for dinner, and they’re both comfortable enough to add a sexual touch to whatever every-day activity in which you’re engaging. (Just, you know, try not to moan if you decide to wear one to the office.)

Each Vibrating Snug Plug applies gentle pressure to the prostate and offers the option of adding 6 speeds of vibration.

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