How to Improve Your Life: Sex Magic

by Former author

November 1, 2021


Before diving into what sex magic is, I wanted to tell you what sex magic is not. It isn’t some voodoo practice or hippie love exercise. Sex magic is not a spell to control your lover. However, it is a belief that through consistent intentional actions you can get better at the numerous acts of love, and use your abundant sexual energy to get one step closer to your goals.Sexual energy is powerful, and that power should be directed somewhere. I mean, no one decides to run a power plant and then not use the energy. Sex magic utilizes your sexual energy by pulling it closer to a pinpointed visualized goal or aspiration you have and brings the two together. The important part of this is your visualized goal. Research has shown that your brain can’t distinguish between the internal visualization of you achieving a goal and it happening in real life. So if you continually picture yourself realizing a certain dream then you’re significantly more likely to attain that dream because your brain has already accepted it as true.In other words, sex magic couples the power of sex which already has massive effect on your brain and actually molds your neural-pathways all on its own, with the incredible process of visualization, creating a extraordinary strong first step in achieving whatever you want in life. One of the problems is that most people miss out on the arguably the greatest part of sex magic: getting to know yourself more.

A lot of people focus on the orgasm, and that’s great. Orgasms can be amazing to say the least and they have tons of health benefits, but they aren’t the only star of the show like they’re made out to be. The best part of the journey can easily be the journey itself. You may have heard cliches like “it’s not about the destination but the journey” or “the joy is in the travel not the arrival.” The majority of sex magic takes place in getting to climax. Celebrate the pleasure from the very beginning till after orgasm, but especially the climb up to climax and you’ll see results down the road.Now it’s time to talk about the best tools for the job. Most sex magicians prefer to use a wand in their magic rituals. Some of the more popular ones are: both the silver and red Doxy wands, the Shibari Deluxe Mega Wireless, and the Noje W3 Mini.The good thing is you don’t have to limit yourself to just wands. You can expand your magical arsenal with a multitude of tools at your disposal, some more realistic than others. Then for everyone ready to upgrade their sex magic there’s an amazing combination technique that not many people ever try. It involves the use of multiple wands and/or tools simultaneously for a far more erotic time than ever before. Step into the world of stimulation and never look back.

Before we wrap up and send you on your way to begin your mastery of sex magic, here’s an example of a typical sex magic ritual.1. Prepare your space – Whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom, or any other room in your house, make sure you have everything you want for the ritual. Set the lighting, burn some incense or maybe light some candles.2. Prepare your mind – Close your eyes and visualize you accomplishing your biggest dream or any goal you have. Want to lose some weight? Picture yourself skinnier and at the gym. Want to retire? Picture how happy you’ll be on your last day of work and how great it’ll feel to walk out those doors for the very last time.3. Prepare yourself – Start touching yourself slowly, but start with your face then slowly work your way down your body while stripping. Feel free to rub yourself, squeeze and massage different body parts. Be sure to spend extra time on the area around pleasure centers to really get the blood flowing. Then lay down on your bed or in the bathtub. Some people prefer just to be sitting down.4. The Energy Climb – This is where a lot of the pleasure happens as you build up sexual energy, but don’t rush toward climax. You may venture into edging, the process of approaching orgasm but stopping and using a different form of stimulation to build up more energy. Then with your dream visualized, when you just can’t hold it in any longer, climax!5. The After Party – Breathe and enjoy being alone with yourself or with your partner. This is prime cuddling time.

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