The Dirty Details: Tips & Tricks for His Pleasure

by Former author

November 1, 2021


Strip Tease

Men get aroused most often by sight. They’re visually focused, which means a strip tease, or simply stripping is a great way to get him in the mood. Besides, he likes you, so why not let him see you, all of you. There are actually eight parts to any good strip tease, but we’ll only be discussing four in this article. If you want to read more check out our How to do a Strip Tease: Sexy Tips to Drive Him Wild article. The four steps we’ll talk about are: strut your stuff, touch yourself, be creative, you’re in no rush.

1) Strut Your Stuff

When you’ve got your man right where you want him and you’re finally wearing in that super cute bra set or other lingerie, show it off! You’re beautiful in it, and he’s probably drooling over you by now. Dance around, get low, work those hips and he’ll have a rough time staying seated.

2) Touch Yourself

Let your fingertips graze over your body, especially your shoulders, breasts, hips, butt, maybe even sink your hands into your panties and rub yourself while starring at him. That’s sure to drive him mad with desire.

3) Be Creative

Don’t feel confined to certain moves or dances. You can totally shake it up and do whatever you think your man will like the most. That being said, there are two traditional parts of the strip tease that are almost guaranteed to get him going. When you go to take off your bra, face away from him but look back as you unclasp it. Then look forward as you remove it and you can even toss it aside if you want to. Turn around and face him while holding your breasts in your hands. When you go to take off your panties, face away from him and play with them slowly and then bend down keeping your butt in the air to give him a good view. Go even slower when standing back up and stepping out of them. Toss them aside with your bra.

4) You’re in No Rush

Give yourself sometime to really get into everything. Relish in touching yourself. Let your beauty overwhelm him. But the show doesn’t end there, you’re just getting started.

The Right Tools

To get a job done, you need to be using the right tools. Men often miss out on a lot of pleasure because they’re too close minded to try something with the fear that it won’t work or it’ll make them less of a man. This is especially the case with prostate vibes & pegging, but also happens with cock rings which help your man stay hard longer by keeping the blood in the penis.Coming in three different sizes the Ram Ultra Cock Swellers is a top notch cock ring you’ll fall in love with. As for prostate toys, we recommend the Duke Prostate Stimulator, mostly because it’s a fan favorite with 19 different 5 out of 5 reviews.

Playing with Balls

Blowjobs and handjobs get the job done but how about bringing him into a whole new level of passionate pleasure? Don’t get me wrong, they’re still great but you can complement them by paying a little more attention to you man’s balls. There are a couple was to go about this. First, you could suck on them while twirling about with your tongue (but be careful with your teeth), and simultaneously give him a handjob. You could also play with the super sensitive area between the testicles commonly called the seam. Whether you want to stroke it or lick it, he’s sure to enjoy it either way. If you really want to ramp things up, try using some oral gels like Intimate Earth’s line of oral pleasure glides or the penis play cream from Crazy girl, available in a delicious cake flavor.

The Best Workouts

We left the best for last, sex. The positions that give men full control of penetration often yield far more pleasure for him than those that don’t. While there are many positions that do this, we just wanted to highlight three of them: doggy style, lap dance, and cowgirl.1) Doggy style- She gets on her hands and knees and he kneels down right behind her. This puts him in just the right spot to control the pace with his thrusting and also gives him the ability to pull her hips back towards him while also putting him in the perfect position for penetration. Not to mention he has a great view of her, and you’re still able to stimulate her breasts, clitoris, or other body parts since your hands are free.2) Lap dance- He sits down down on a chair or couch, a chair may work better because she can either sit facing away from him or facing him for a closer more intimate experience. Then she approaches him slowly so he can enjoy the view before the show really begins. She straddles him and starts bouncing up and down. He’s now able to heighten the intimacy by touching her anywhere.3) Cowgirl- He’s laying down and she climbs on top. Both people have some control, him with thrusting and pulling her down closer to him, and her with positioning and pace. You can even change it up some. Instead of her essentially lying over him, she could sit up and bounce up and down which would give her more control and he gets an amazing view. She can also face away and ride him like there’s no tomorrow ;)There’s so many other positions and fun sexy activities though, so don’t be afraid to branch out and experiment. Here are some great books with a lot of good tips.

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