Top 10 Reasons to Have More Sex

by Former author

November 1, 2021


Sex improves sleep

A hormone that relaxes the body and mind, prolactin, is released during orgasm but there have bee a variety of studies to show that up to 400% more prolactin is released during intercourse rather than masturbation. Plus, you’re more likely to release even more prolactin if you’re in a committed relationship with the person you’re having sex with.Lube makes sex easier and better. So for better sleep, have more sex, but when you have more sex, use more lube.

Sex raises your immunity

Immunoglobulin A, one of the most important antibodies, is higher in people who have sex once or twice a week. This means those who have regular sex are significantly less likely to get the flu, cold, or other sicknesses because their immune system is stronger than those who do not have sex.Set yourself on the right path to a passionate night with some sexy lingerie maybe achemise or a body stocking.

Sex decreases risk of prostate cancer

According to a CNN article, a British Medical Journal published a study that said “men reporting 21 or more ejaculations a month were less likely to get prostate cancer than men who ejaculated four to seven times a month.” To put this into perspective, a man would have to consistently ejaculate at least five times a week for a month plus one additional time to ward off cancer. But that’s not a bad deal if all it takes to not get cancer is a little more alone time.

Sex builds trust & boosts intimacy

This is a no brainer. You’re probably thinking, “Intimacy Advisor is just trying to slap up content just to have something” this is not the case. While sex does often enhance intimacy immediately afterwards, did you know that a group of studies done in the US and Switzerland showed that couples who had consistently more sex despite having children or being past what is commonly called the “honeymoon stage” were visibly happier and more affectionate in their relationship months and months later? Do you want to give and receive more affection to/from your significant other? Then have more sex. Plus, the more sex you have, the sooner you get better at it ;)Sometimes you’re just not in the mood and it can be hard to get there. That’s why there’s Honey Bee Hard for her and for him.

Sex boosts your brain power

Believe it or not sex can make you a more eloquent speaker. Especially in the later years of life (50 and up) those who regularly engage in sexuality activity have higher cognitive function which helps them be better with numbers and words than their peers not having sex. If you want a sharper mind, sex can be a valuable tool.

Sex improves heart health

The New England Research Institute found a 45% decrease in the likelihood that men who have quality sex twice or more per week will have heart disease. Not to mention the increased blood flow which spreads oxygen to different parts of your body as well as regulating and releasing hormones.More sex for less heart disease sounds like a pretty good sounds like a pretty good trade off and role play can get it started.

Sex lowers high blood pressure

A large part of most people’s high blood pressure comes from their diet and stress. Sex, as you will find out in the next section, reduces stress and burns calories! While a healthy diet is important to overall health, regular sex helps burn calories that you probably aren’t burning otherwise.

Sex reduces stress/depression/pain

We know that if you’re experiencing any of the above three you’re probably not super horny and reaching for your condoms. However, sex can actually help reduce or even cure all three of the above. During and after sex your body releases corticosteroids and endorphins (relief/pleasure chemicals) while simultaneously reducing cortisol, the stress hormone.Sometimes it’s just a one woman/man show in which case you’ll want one of the following: vibrator, clit vibe, or strokers for guys.

Sex improves your physical fitness

Whether you think about it or not, sex is a workout, and probably the single most enjoyable one out there. While people don’t burn hundreds of calories, unless you’re going at it all day, the average love-making session burns about 100 for guys and 69 for women, seriously God does have a sense of humor. Not to mention all the stretching your muscles get depending on which position you and your partner are doing.

Sex makes life better

Serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins are all chemicals released during and/or after sex that make you happier. So life is generally better with sex, so why not make your life better on a long term basis? All you have to do is have regular sex, and hopefully it’s with a committed significant other.But don’t just have sex because it’s healthy and feels good, do it for everything surrounding sex. The foreplay, the cuddling afterwards, and your intimacy will sky rocket. Love kits also create more intimacy between your partner.

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