Plan a WOW-worthy Valentine’s Day Date

by Christopher J.

February 3, 2024


If you’re thinking about doing something truly remarkable and wow-worthy for your Valentine this year, keep thinking until you devise a celebration that is absolutely first-rate and most fitting for your beloved. You can always do something simple & traditional – red, lace-heart greeting card, heart-shaped box of chocolates, red roses, expensive dinner and a rom-com. Or you can plan an event that says, “There’s only one you, so we’re going to observe this day appropriately, my love!”

Ensuring that you acknowledge and celebrate important work victories, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays like Valentine’s Day is “a strategic celebration of one another and the life built together is a crucial component of a happy sexual and romantic life,” writes Kristen Mark, Ph.D., in her 2021 article “Why Valentine’s Day Is Good for Your Relationship” for Psychology Today. “The science supports this. Great sex lives and relationships don’t just happen; they are built based on the amount of effort and work we put into them.”

The closer two people grow, the more they share in interests and time spent together the better. For Mark, celebrating together represents an opportunity to enjoy quality time, cultivate empathetic joy, a chance to reflect upon the things you are grateful for, and demonstrate relationship investment.

Research has shown that we should use moments for celebration as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship,” she informs. “And this is likely to translate into the bedroom. By cultivating empathetic joy within your relationship, you’re likely to cultivate positive feelings toward your partner that will fuel sexual satisfaction and desire deep into long-term relationships.”

If you love your partner as deeply as we’re guessing you do, you’ve probably already cooked up something distinctive and memorable for your Valentine’s Day 2024 extravaganza. But if you’re still searching for a few good ideas to make this year’s V-Day doings one for the lover’s personal history books, we’re most happy to dangle a few indelible romantic adventures before you.

These thoughtful, heart-capturing ideas come from, of all places, a dental health site. Not a bad thing to think about keeping your teeth clean after all of that candy or a delicious dinner, whether you made a recipe at home or a reservation at a favorite culinary haunt.

But this year, think outside the box of candy and get creative! Start by considering what most turns your lover on. “Is your valentine into adventure? Do they like nature?,” asks the Compass Dental article. “Think about what makes your love happy and tailor their present to their preferences.” Here are three great V-Day ideas that they present:

1) Give your lover the gift of experience.

If your partner thrills at the opportunity to try new things, then one way to make their V-day a complete wow-worthy experience, they proffer, is to give them the gift of an experience they will enjoy that day and continue to treasure for years to come. It’s a gift and an impressive date night experience in one!

“An experience-related gift doesn’t have to be merely a travel destination,” they explain. “For example, you could give them the gift of a cooking class, a pottery class, or a spa day. Better yet, pick an activity you both would enjoy doing together! You’ll make memories that will last longer than any bouquet of flowers or box of sweet treats.”

2) Get crafty and give them a memory book.

In the era of cell phone selfies, you probably carry dozens of shots of you and your Valentine in a lovely variety of locations, fashions, and facial expressions. All of which give you the perfect fodder to create a fabulous memory book. It’s time to finally put them on paper!

“If you aren’t big on scrapbooking or creating the book yourself, there are services out there that help you export photos from your phone and turn them into breathtaking memory books that showcase all of the fun times you and your valentine have had together,” the site informs. “This is a great way to document your love story and to reminisce about the journey the two of you have taken.” Your photo book will be a tangible reminder of your love every time they hold it and flip through the beautiful pictures. And besides, it’s a lot easier to view these memories once they’re printed in a book instead of just living on your phone.

3) Dazzle them with a custom jewelry piece.

One cool, creative way to impress your Valentine and showcase your love, the site says, is to have an artist or a jeweler craft a custom piece of jewelry. Despite your long list of talents and skills, you probably need to hire a local artisan who has the ability to create a truly stunning, one-of-a-kind piece to match your one-of-a-kind partner.

“If your valentine will likely wear their custom jewelry often, consider choosing an item that is durable enough for everyday wear,” they recommend. “Try to show your jeweler inspiration photos so they can help capture your love’s personality and spirit in the piece they design for you.”

Sure, you can spend as much as you would like – and can reasonably afford – but you do not have to break the bank to provide your significant other a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift that they will long treasure.

“In fact, many people say they prefer gifts that come from the heart—gifts with meaning behind them and opportunities to make new memories with their loved ones,” the Compass site reminds. “Whatever you decide to gift your special someone with for Valentine’s Day, make sure it comes from the heart and captures their spirit.”

There are actually numerous fantastic ways to celebrate the Valentine’s Day holiday and your partner that are only limited by your imagination and willingness to be creative. Here’s one that would be fairly easy and fun to do – and just has a fantastic name: Make a Love Jar.

“Women love when men are expressive,” claims Carly Spindel, HuffPost contributor and matchmaker and dating expert, in her article “How to Wow Your Partner on Valentine’s Day.” “They always enjoy being adored and appreciated. Take a jar and fill it with notes all about why you love your partner. The more communicative you are, the better.”

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, make sure you share every moment together with your love. They are at the heart of it all, after all, and why we want to go out of our way to make these celebrations sweet and special.

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